Can You Wear Swarovski Every Day? – Detailed Answer by Jeweler

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Swarovski is known for its wide range of high-quality and stunning pieces of jewelry that promise to stand out.

Their options of jewelry also match pretty much every wearer’s style and style preference. You may be wondering, however, if this means that you can wear that stunning set of Swarovski jewelry daily.

Well, the answer to that question is pretty simple – Yes. Yes, you can wear your Swarovski jewelry every day, especially if the jewelry matches your style.

Can You Wear Swarovski Everyday

The best part is that there is a Swarovski piece of jewelry for just about every occasion, and you can have the earrings and necklaces that you could wear to work daily or even have them on through the weekend, but also a great pair that will stun during that fun evening event planned out.

The rest of this article explores what you need to know about Swarovski jewelry, how to wear and take care of them, and which of the Swarovski jewelry is ideal for everyday wear.

So, let’s get to all that!


Can you wear a Swarovski necklace every day?

Absolutely. Swarovski is considered one of the most popular and also a favorite jeweler among jewelry lovers.

This is because of the stunning designs of their jewelry, along with the fact that you can actually wear Swarovski jewelry every day if you so choose.

Can You Wear Swarovski Everyday

The only catch is that the Swarovski crystals, just like diamonds are not indestructible, and the biggest issue would be the fact that the crystals incorporated into the necklace’s pendant, for example, would lose their shine after some time, especially if you choose to wear the necklace every day.

But in terms of the style of the necklace and it’s being suitable for everyday work and casual events, Swarovski is designed to give you the freedom to enjoy wearing that accessory on a daily basis.

If you love your Swarovski necklace too much and find it to be extra comfortable and just the perfect design for daily wear, you might want to clean it regularly. You could also choose to wipe it using baby wipes regularly.

Can You Wear Swarovski Everyday

The best part about Swarovski’s jewelry is that the pieces are made of high-quality materials that leave you with pieces that will last a long time.

And with a little extra care, the crystals will retain their sparkle for a significantly long period. The durability of their crystals is largely unmatched, which is why you can wear your Swarovski necklace daily.


Can you wear a Swarovski bracelet every day?

Swarovski bracelets are stunning pieces that boast the highest and best level of sparkle that will last a long time, as long as you are not careless with the jewelry.

Can You Wear Swarovski Everyday

Thanks to these construction features, Swarovski bracelets are durable, and you can wear the bracelet daily, as long as your day doesn’t involve having your arms in harsh conditions.

And also, if you are not worried about the bracelet making too much noise or being a source of distraction when you’re typing away at work.

And speaking of accessorizing with Swarovski bracelets to work, you may want to think of getting the bracelets that are not too bright or sparkly – the toned-down options are more ideal for work.

If you work in an industry that lauds creativity, then you can wear the louder bracelets to work comfortably.

Can you wear a Swarovski bracelet every day

Otherwise, the statement bracelet pieces are more ideal for casual events or dressing up for an evening event or cocktails.

We also recommend wearing the statement bracelet options with toned-down earrings or necklaces to create balance and also for the bracelet to steal the show. Too many stunning statement pieces tend to be confusing and overwhelming.


Can you wear a Swarovski ring every day?

While you could wear your Swarovski ring every day, especially with ring designs that match your style and blend well on different occasions, there is more to Swarovski rings, and not all rings by Swarovski can be worn daily.


Generally, you could wear Swarovski rings daily, even around the house, thanks to the fact that they boast an excellent and durable construction.

Though the rings are mostly gold-plated, most of them are made of palladium as a whole or as the base metal, which means that the rings are made to withstand forces of wear and tear.

The only problem is that you’d have to keep the ring away from being in water constantly because the crystals would lose their luster. So, you should consider removing the ring beforehand if you’re planning to protect the ring and to make sure it lasts a long time.


The good news is that you can retain the shine and sparkle of the crystals by washing them in lukewarm water with mild detergent.

If you want a Swarovski ring that you can wear to work daily, opt for a ring whose overall design is more toned and what would be considered to be appropriate. Choose the more polished and refined styles.

You will be happy to know that there is a Swarovski ring design for pretty much every occasion and style, which also means that you will always find your perfect Swarovski Ring.


Can you take a shower with Swarovski?

Can You Wear Swarovski Everyday

It might be accidental, but overall, it’s not a good idea to shower with your Swarovski jewelry on. Shower soaps, water, conditioners, shampoos, and all other body care products will damage the crystals, which is why you shouldn’t shower with your Swarovski jewelry.


How long does Swarovski Jewelry last?

As long as yours is genuine Swarovski jewelry, you will be happy to know that even with very low maintenance or care of the pieces, they will last for 5-7 years. And if you take great care of the jewelry, they will definitely last many more years, even a lifetime.

Can You Wear Swarovski Everyday

Tips for storing your Swarovski Properly

  • Store the jewelry in a dry, airtight pouch or jewelry box to preserve it and keep it from tarnishing
  • Store your Swarovski jewelry away from sunlight
  • Always keep the jewelry in the original Swarovski packaging that the jewelry came in.
  • Store the pieces separately to avoid Scratching
  • Wear them and wipe them down carefully before you put them away.



And there you have it – if you have a set of Swarovski and you need to know more about care and how to wear the jewelry, this article has shared all the important insights you needed.

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