Can You Wear Red Lipstick to a Wedding?-Read Our Tips

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Weddings are colorful, happy events. Everyone attending a wedding wants to look their best. The ultimate pressure is usually on the bride. It goes without saying that the bride must come off as the most attractive.

If you are a bride and looking forward to putting on red lipstick at your wedding, this article is for you. As a wedding guest, you do not want to attract better attention than the bride.

This article provides tips on the best lipstick colors for wedding guests too.


Can You Wear Red Lipstick to Your Own Wedding? Why and Why Not?

can you wear red lipstick to a wedding

Do you know what would make you an unforgettable bride? Wearing perfect red lips to your wedding! Red lips will draw attention to you, allowing you to make a bold beauty statement on your wedding day. Women who wear red lipstick come off as confident, bold, charismatic, and sensual.

The classic red lips are timeless. Brides wearing red lipstick to their wedding has recently gained popularity. While everyone can wear red lipstick, you need to be confident. Most importantly, it would help to choose a red hue that perfectly matches your skin tone.

If you wish to wear red lipstick to your wedding, go ahead. Whether you wear bright or dark red lipstick, it does not matter. You only get to celebrate your wedding once! So make it count.


Tips for Wearing Red Lipstick on Your Wedding Day

Have you always dreamt of wearing red lips to your wedding? Here is the number one tip that you must never forget – own it. Wearing bright lipstick to your wedding is a bold move. You will automatically draw attention.

can you wear red lipstick to a wedding

You do not want to come off as over-glammed. Whether you settle for matte or glossy red lips, wear the look with absolute confidence. The red lips will blend with your personality, and everyone will feel your presence.

The popular saying goes, ‘One man’s meat is another man’s poison. A shade that worked for another bride may not work for you. There are red hues and shades to choose from.

These range from pink-based, orange-based, scarlet, or wine red. For instance, blue-based red lipsticks give your beholders a whiter-teeth impression. Whatever shade you settle for, make sure it complements your complexion. If you find the colors confusing, consult a professional makeup artist.

Having smudged lips is one of the most embarrassing things that could ever happen to a bride. Everyone wishes to have everything looking perfect on their wedding day.

Before doing your lips, make sure to prep and prime your lips. Also, line your lips with an invisible liner or one that matches the lipstick shade you wear.

can you wear red lipstick to a wedding

Weddings and photos go hand in hand. These photos are a treasure that you keep for years as a reminder of one of the best days. You do not want to mess up any of those photos.

Your lips and smile should be perfect in all the photos- this is why you need to touch up during the wedding frequently. As you dance and eat cake, your lipstick may come off. Be prepared with your lip liner, brush, and lipstick to fix your lipstick.

Your lips play a huge role in lipstick application. Lipstick does not apply well to cracked, uneven, or dry lips. You need to make sure your lips are prepped before applying lipstick. Use a lip exfoliating scrub to remove any dead skin.

Next, apply a moisturizing lip balm or lip mask and let it stay on your lips for some time. You can prep your lips the night before your wedding for even better results. Apply an overnight lip mask and wake up to soft and supple lips – ready for lipstick application.

can you wear red lipstick to a wedding

Are you worried that if you wear red lipstick, it may accidentally transfer, maybe on your wedding dress? Wearing matte red lipstick is the solution to your concern. Matte lipstick is budge-proof and will stay in place for an extended period.

The best choice is liquid matte lipsticks. However, traditional matte red lipsticks can be improved by applying a red lip liner as an outline to your lips. Next, apply one layer of lipstick and make sure to blot.

Follow this with a touch of powder, and add the second layer of lipstick. Do the final blot and add the last layer of powder. These few steps will guarantee that your matte lipstick lasts longer.


Can You Wear Red Lipstick to a Wedding as a Guest? Why and Why not?

can you wear red lipstick to a wedding

Every wedding guest wants to look their best, but never to appear like they are trying to outdo the bride. Will red lips make a guest stand out too much? Finding the best wedding guest makeup is tough.

However, it would be best to look good, as you will appear in multiple photos. Although the focus is on the bride and the groom, it is okay to allow yourself to look pretty too.

While it is important to show up at weddings in style, you must find the right balance. For instance, wearing bright red lipstick may be disrespectful to the hosts.

Although this entirely depends on the couple in question, settling for softer shades of red will ensure you look great without attracting too much attention to yourself.


Tips for Choosing Lipstick to a wedding as a Guest

can you wear red lipstick to a wedding

Do not wear dark lip color unless you want attention to shift from the bride to you. Instead, settle for subtle colors like pink or peach. These are an awesome way to make a statement as a guest without shouting it. Remember to carry the lipstick in your purse for touch-ups during the wedding.

Your lipstick needs not to be too bold or bland as a wedding guest. Settle for soft color, with a touch of shine for perfect wedding guest lips. Make sure the color you choose matches your outfit.

 If you are not a fan of colored lipstick, you can settle for a nude lipstick. Nude lips will pair well with any outfit you put on for the wedding. Nude lips are the ultimate flex for wedding guests. You can attain the look of your choice by adding lip liner or lip gloss.

can you wear red lipstick to a wedding

If you do not want to wear lipstick that easily comes off, matte liquid lipstick is your best shot. An additional touch of lip powder and lip liner will guarantee that your lipstick lasts longer. Also, avoid covering your entire lips with gloss, making your lipstick wear faster.



Weddings are important events, and everyone must look the part- both the bride and guests. This article provides valuable information on who should wear red lipstick to a wedding and how to wear it.

Whether you are a bride or a guest at a wedding, you will find useful tips on what lipstick to wear in this article.

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