Can You Wear Prayer Beads As a Necklace?

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Would you like to wear a prayer bead that doubles up as a necklace?

There are various stylish designs for prayer beads that form perfect necklaces, but can you wear prayer beads as a necklace? 

Yes, you can wear prayer beads as a necklace. I used to feel guilty when I used my prayer beads for ornamental purposes.

The first feeling was that it was forbidden, I did not honor the prayer beads, and that it could hinder my prayers.

I was compelled to visit my religious leader to understand the issue.

The first reaction of my prayer leader was heartful laughter, after which he asked, “why do you think beautiful beads and not stones are used?” beads are beautiful, and if they enhance your appearance, there is no problem.

In this post, you will learn if prayer beads work, whether you can wear them as a necklace and how to best wear them.   


About the prayer beads

Can You Wear Prayer Beads As a Necklace

Prayer beads are common in religions such as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Beads are among the earliest known human ornaments and have been used for prayers for a long time. The term bead was derived from the word bede, which means prayers.

Beads were made of clay, stones, and shells but evolved to include other materials. The earliest use of beads in prayers is linked to Hinduism in India and was later adopted by Buddhists.

Beads were mainly used as a tool for maximizing attention in prayers. Prayer in most religious beliefs is different and follows a specific sequence.

Can You Wear Prayer Beads As a Necklace

Believers must keep track of their prayers to avoid forgetting to make particular prayers. Therefore, beads helped individuals keep count of the prayers they had made without paying much attention to counting but instead entirely focusing on prayers.

Additionally, the beads act as religious symbols. For instance, the Anglican prayer bead of the protestant Episcopal church in the United States developed 33 prayer beads representing the 33 years in which Christ lived on earth. Finally, prayer beads are used for meditation.


What are prayer beads made of?

Can You Wear Prayer Beads As a Necklace

Each religious group has a unique material used for making prayer beads. The most common prayer beads materials include berries, shells, bone, pits, ivory, seeds, stones, wood, gem, and plastic.

The Subha Islamic prayer beads are made of round gemstone, amber, plastic, wood, and glass, and the beads are connected with silk, nylon, or a cotton cord. They are made of several designs and colors.

Catholic prayer beads are referred to as rosery. They are commonly made of gold, pearl, glass, lavender, black onyx, crystal, rose quartz, amethyst, or glass. The rosary must consist of a crucifix. The beads have different colors, shapes, and designs.

Can You Wear Prayer Beads As a Necklace

The Hindu prayer beads are known as Malas, Japamalas, or yoga beads and are 108 in number. The traditional Mala beads are made of rudraksha seeds produced by certain tree species associated with Shiva, a Hindu deity. Additionally, the beads can be made from Ocimum tenuiflorum stems.

The material for making prayer beads have continually evolved, and most religious groups are not strict on the materials used in making the beads. Most prayer beads are made from materials used in making ornamental necklaces.     


Do prayer beads work?

Can You Wear Prayer Beads As a Necklace

Yes, prayer beads work, but before focusing on how prayer beads work, it is essential to understand why they are used. The most significant use of prayer beads across religious beliefs is to keep count of prayers made. There are many forms of prayers in every religion.

Since most prayers are recited, one can lose count of the prayers one has already made. Therefore, the prayer beads assist you in keeping count of the prayers, and hence you can’t miss any prayer.

Additionally, the prayer beads assist you in focusing on the prayers rather than counting and keeping track of how many prayers you have made.

Can You Wear Prayer Beads As a Necklace

When praying, you should focus on the prayers and avoid any distractions. Keeping count of the prayers is a significant distraction. Prayer beads help you focus on prayer without fearing losing count.

Finally, prayer beads are a reminder of the need to pray. It is easy to get busy and forget to pray. Since prayer beads are carried in the pockets or hung on the neck, they are a constant reminder of the need to play.

Based on my own experience, prayer beads work. I can effortlessly keep track of my prayers and focus better on worship rather than counting; they are an excellent reminder that I need to pray.  


Can you wear prayer beads as a necklace?

Can You Wear Prayer Beads As a Necklace

Yes, you can wear prayer beads as a necklace. Many religious groups have not strictly forbidden wearing prayer beads as a necklace.

For instance, among Catholics, the rosary is meant to be carried in your pocket or handbag; some religious leaders believe it is inappropriate to wear it as a necklace.

However, no rule forbids a person from wearing it. Some religious leaders think it is a good idea to wear it as a necklace to show your religious belief.

Additionally, Muslim prayer beads such as tasbeeh can be worn as a necklace since there is no restriction. The beads have a perfect length, making them easy to wear on your neck.

Can You Wear Prayer Beads As a Necklace

You are, however, cautioned not only to wear them but to remember to use them in your prayers. Finally, the mala prayer bead is meant for prayers and wear.

There are no restrictions on wearing the prayer beads; therefore, you can wear them however you please. The beads can be worn both as a necklace and a bracelet.


Tips for wearing prayer beads as a necklace

Can You Wear Prayer Beads As a Necklace

There are several factors to consider before wearing a prayer bead necklace. First, your need to decide which prayer beads you want to wear.

For instance, if you wear a rosary as a necklace, you need to decide the material, the length, bead size, design, and color of the rosary.



Can You Wear Prayer Beads As a Necklace

It is essential to consider a length that will comfortably fit around your neck. Really small size may be uncomfortable because it will choke or leave marks on your neck.

Conversely, a long prayer bead will hang and will not enhance your look.


Size and design

Can You Wear Prayer Beads As a Necklace

The bead size significantly depends on the type of occasion or clothes you have put on. For instance, big beads perfectly complement a traditional attire and look, while tiny beads are perfect for a more formal look.

The design of the bead is also an important consideration. Most prayer beads are round-shaped, but you can consider a diamond or square shape to attain a unique look.



Can You Wear Prayer Beads As a Necklace

There are two crucial aspects of materials that you need to consider: the value and the weight. The value of the material contributes to its aesthetic value.

For instance, a prayer bead made of gold has excellent aesthetic beauty and value, while a plastic prayer bead is not considered to have a great aesthetic value.

Secondly, the material determines the weight of the necklace. For instance, a prayer bead made of steel is heavy and uncomfortable, while that made of plastic is light and has a nice feel on the neck.




You need to wear a color that matches your clothes for an optimum look.   



Wearing prayer beads as a necklace is not forbidden in any religion.

People often fail to wear them as necklaces because of guilt stemming from the thought that they are misusing the prayer beads.

If you want to optimize your look, it is important to consider the prayer beads’ color, material, length, size, and design.  

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!