Can You Wear Platinum and White Gold Together?

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People have been mix-matching jewelry for decades, and for the most part, it feels like something anyone can do.

For the longest time, people from all over the world have been wearing jewelry made of different materials without questions, but as we all know, some metals just don’t mix well.

Today, we look at platinum and white gold, and whether you should mix-match these two metals or not.


Can you comfortably wear platinum and white gold jewelry together?

Can You Wear Platinum and White Gold Together

While most metal combinations work great, some just don’t. And if you have platinum jewelry and you’ve fallen in love with white gold, you can only wear one and not the other.

White gold doesn’t pair well with platinum. Yes, they might look almost similar, but these two metals are quite different, both in their appearance and physical and chemical properties.

For starters, platinum and white gold both look very different for them not to look right if they are to be worn together. While platinum tends to be duller and greyer, a finish that becomes stronger with time, not to mention the patina finish that develops after some time, 14K or 18K white gold is shinier and brighter. With these glaring differences, mixing platinum with white gold wouldn’t be the best idea, and we recommend against it.

Besides the differences in appearance, the other reason why it wouldn’t be a great idea to wear platinum and white gold jewelry together is that these two metals will wear differently over time, with the patina finish on the platinum piece making the platinum look a lot different from the white gold piece.  White gold, on the other hand, will develop a yellowish tinge with time, which means that you will have two opposite pieces of jewelry that look nothing close to appealing.


But isn’t replating an option?

Can You Wear Platinum and White Gold Together

Well, re-plating appears to be one of the go-to options for most wearers of white gold jewelry.

The unfortunate bit is that even with your love for white gold and the fact that it will look great for years, especially if you re-replate it – this item of jewelry will not match the platinum piece after replating.

Every replating process for white gold leaves the jewelry piece looking newer, glossier, and shinier, but that won’t be the case with platinum.

Platinum’s grey patina, a feature that makes it look more elegant with time, will not match the shine on the newly replated white gold piece.


Quality and prices.

Can You Wear Platinum and White Gold Together

The other important consideration that you must keep in mind is the price and quality and the fact that platinum jewelry is today just as expensive as white gold.

Platinum ages well, and it looks elegant years down the line, unlike white gold, which though expensive, tends to lose its luster with time.

So, if you are looking for an option that will last decades, looking good all along, platinum might be a great option.

If you have a platinum engagement ring and need a new wedding ring to match the engagement piece, your best bet will be another platinum ring.

Don’t forget that platinum boasts a wonderful antique finish, and it will be in excellent shape with less risk of damage, years down the line.

With the small price differences between platinum and gold, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to get another platinum piece.


They will rub against each other.

Can You Wear Platinum and White Gold Together

It might not be a great idea to wear platinum and gold together because platinum is denser than white gold, and platinum will start wearing out the white gold ring thin with time.

Platinum will, however, look better with wear.



If you have sensitive skin, avoid mixing white gold with platinum.

Platinum is hypoallergenic, but the same cannot be said of white gold – white gold alloys often contain nickel, which is the biggest cause of skin sensitivity reactions.


Tips and advice for wearing platinum and white gold together

Can You Wear Platinum and White Gold Together

If you have to wear platinum and white gold together, there are considerations that you must keep in mind. The tips and tricks below will help keep you stylish and happy.

  • For the best effect, wear the same karat materials for a more elegant look. In this case, 18K platinum would look great with 18K white gold.
  • Get white gold for the engagement ring and platinum for the wedding ring.
  • Opt for yellow or rose gold with platinum if you are the daring type



Platinum develops a patina finish when scratched, and the scratches give it an antique finish.

This hard-wearing metal is one of the hardest metals known to last forever (pretty much), and it’s always a good investment – you might have to polish it occasionally.

On the other hand, white gold is a soft metal, and it gets scratched, with each scratch resulting in the loss of some gold. To ensure that the white gold jewelry maintains its natural shine/ gloss, you will have to replate it every few months.

So, unless you are willing to go through the extra trouble with white gold jewelry, it wouldn’t be a great idea to mix-match platinum and white gold jewelry.

For more useful tips, visit this page for more or visit our learning center for more. 

Hey! I finally find the Answer!