Can You Wear Magnetic Bracelets All the Time? (Updated in 2024)

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Can You Wear Magnetic Bracelets all the Time? Or can you wear magnetic bracelets in the water? Will it affect your watch? You may ask. Magnetic bracelets are worn by those opting for alternative medicine to improve existing conditions and their overall health.

Magnet therapy is yet to get enough scientific support behind it, but so far, there are testimonials from tons of people that attest to its benefits.

There are questions about how to wear magnetic bracelets; that’s what we’re going to look at here. Many want to be sure that they are wearing it right so they can adequately harness the benefits.

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Can you wear magnetic bracelets all the time?

One thing to know about magnetic bracelets is how you wear them is mostly a personal preference. Even with that, there are suggestions about which hand to wear and when.

When wearing a magnetic bracelet, it’s recommended that you leave space for a finger or two to fit between the wrist and bracelet. That’s because it’s said that small movements are more beneficial than an unmoving magnet on the skin.

One of those queries is whether you can wear magnetic bracelets all the time. For some people, that is what they prefer to do, and they do it.

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However, the question of practicality comes in based on the material that the bracelet is made from. If you’re always getting into contact with water or even visiting a sauna or mineral bath, then you want to get a non-reactive mental, for example, surgical stainless steel.

Even so, there are instances that these metals will get impacted by the elements they are exposed to. For example, if you have a magnetic gold bracelet, you should take it off during a shower. You don’t want to corrode the metal due to the chemicals it comes into contact with. Wearing your magnetic bracelet round the clock would mean that you also have to spend more time cleaning it so that it can remain esthetically pleasing.

If you’re not too bothered by how it looks and you’re more concerned about the magnet therapy, then you can wear your magnetic bracelet all the time. However, if you want to keep it looking newer for longer, then take it off when you have to reconsider the times to have it on or off. Let’s explore that further in the next session.


Can you wear magnetic bracelets in the water?

Magnetic bracelets tend to be water-resistant but not waterproof. Plated bracelets, whether gold or silver, will not stand up well to constant exposure from water, and depending on the metal underneath, it and the magnet could potentially begin to rust. Even if you get a bracelet with a capped magnet and coated in resin, after months or years of water exposure, the water will affect the magnet.

What erodes the bracelet quite fast is salty water and chlorine water. Even bracelets made from stainless steel and titanium will not last long from constant exposure to pool water.

Therefore, it is best if you take off the bracelet when going swimming. Some choose to wear their bracelets in the shower still. It will not corrode the metal or magnet as fast, but depending on the material, you’ll begin to see the impact in a few months or years.


Can I wear the bracelet 24/7 and in the shower?

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Yes, it is perfectly ok to wear the bracelet 24/7 and also in the shower. We just recommend you rinse the bracelet and dry it off with a towel after your shower. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions.Sophie from The Luxar Company

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Can you sleep with a magnetic bracelet on?

Magnets are said to improve melatonin production in the body, the hormone responsible for the sleep-wake cycle.

Therefore, instead of opting for over the counter drugs, you can choose to wear a magnetic bracelet when you go to sleep. You’ll fall asleep faster and also have a night of quality sleep. The other aspect of these bracelets is they cause magnetic waves to pass through the body.

As a result, the body lengthens and relaxes the soft tissues in the body. Since magnetic bracelets enhance the healthy state of your body, every part of you will feel relaxed.

Note: brands have different recommendations, so check what they have to say about sleeping with a bracelet first.


Will a magnetic bracelet affect my Apple, Fitbit, or regular watch?

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 One warning that manufacturers of magnetic bracelets give is not to wear a magnetic bracelet next to a watch. The reason for that is some bracelets have magnets that are strong enough to affect mechanical parts of watches. As a result, you’ll find that the watches and clocks tend to slow down.

However, if your watch has non-magnetic parts, they can resist magnetic fields and thus remain unaffected.

However, since it’s not sure if there is an effect, you’re better off not wearing the magnets on the same hand as your Apple or Fitbit watch as you’re not sure if the strength of magnets you have on can affect the watch.

So, our answer is NO.



Overall, while not recommended in all contexts, wearing magnetic bracelets in water is a personal choice. You should follow manufacturer advice when wearing their products as well.

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