Can You Wear Gold Vermeil Jewelry Every Day? – (With Storing Tips)

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What is gold vermeil jewelry, and can you wear this kind of jewelry daily?

To answer this question and all other questions that relate to the gold vermeil jewelry, keep reading.


About gold vermeil jewelry

Can You Wear Gold Vermeil Jewelry Every Day

As the prices of gold and solid gold jewelry pieces keep rising, and with more men and women into jewelry looking for more reasonably priced and good quality jewelry options, an alternative kind of gold jewelry stands out as a great alternative.

We are talking about the gold vermeils. This type of jewelry isn’t new in the jewelry world, but its popularity has recently been growing. And if you are reading this, you may be looking for much more information about gold vermeil jewelry.

Well, gold vermeils represent one of the most beautiful jewelry styles that is made of premium quality gold-plated material, and thanks to the thickness of the gold plated on the base metal, this style of gold jewelry lasts several years.

Can You Wear Gold Vermeil Jewelry Every Day

Other than the plated thick layer of gold, the other thing that makes the gold vermeils stand out is that this jewelry style is made with sterling silver as the base metal, which means that gold vermeils are much more valuable than the cheaper gold-plated varieties.

And thanks to the thick layer of gold over sterling silver, gold vermeil jewelry does not flake off, and the quality of the metals is also reasonably high.

As mentioned above, gold vermeils have been around for a long time, but did you know that this jewelry style dates back to the Victorian Era and has gained numerous fans?

Can You Wear Gold Vermeil Jewelry Every Day

Gold vermeil jewelry is not made of pure gold, but it’s plated with different types of gold alloys, including 14k, 18k, and 24k gold. 24k gold used in the gold vermeil is quite soft, as is the 18k gold.

The base for the gold vermeil jewelry is good quality solid sterling silver, and this base metal is then coated carefully with a very thick layer of real, solid gold.

For the jewelry to be categorized as vermeil, it must be made with at least 10k gold. The gold coating should be at least 2.5microns thick – and thanks to this standardized limit, the quality of the gold vermeil jewelry is high, and the result of the vermeil creation is a beautiful and durable piece of gold jewelry.

Can You Wear Gold Vermeil Jewelry Every Day

And though gold vermeils are mostly made of yellow gold, there are other options for you to choose from, like rose gold. There is also an excellent style option for everyone.

Essentially, gold-plated jewelry is not gold vermeil – gold-plated pieces use different metals as metal bases, but for the vermeils, the base metal can only be 925 sterling silver.

As a result, the gold vermeils have a specific stamp on them, notably, the 925 sterling silver stamp representing the 92.5% pure silver alloyed with 7.5% copper.

Can You Wear Gold Vermeil Jewelry Every Day

And though the plated layer of gold can be anything from 10k gold, the most common gold used to create gold vermeils is either 14k or 18k gold. And thanks to the design features of this jewelry, it is quite durable.

The thick layer of gold plated over sterling silver means that you end up with jewelry that is essentially tarnished and fade-free. It also won’t wear off in the same way as the cheaper gold-plated jewelry options.


Can you wear gold vermeil every day?

Can You Wear Gold Vermeil Jewelry Every Day

If you are looking for affordable jewelry that you can comfortably wear pretty much on a daily basis, then gold vermeil jewelry would be the ideal type of jewelry for you to try out.

This jewelry design is durable, versatile, and stylish, and there is something for everyone. Also, this type of jewelry will last a very long time, and all you would have to do would be to make sure that you clean the jewelry well and also to keep the jewelry away from situations or spaces that may cause damage to the jewelry.

But there is one caveat: this jewelry style always looks amazing, but the catch is that it will not always look bright and highly polished; after some time, it will show signs of wear and tarnishing.


Can you sleep in gold vermeil?

Can You Wear Gold Vermeil Jewelry Every Day

Essentially, you could wear your gold vermeil jewelry every day. In the case of smaller, more comfortable jewelry pieces like huggie earrings and small stud earrings, you will be able to sleep with the earrings quite effortlessly.

Although you may forget to take the earrings off quite often and may end up going to bed with the earrings more nights than you’d want, we recommend taking off your gold vermeil jewelry before you sleep.

You should also remember that your gold vermeil jewelry is not 100% unreactive and with will be damaged by different chemicals it is exposed to over time.

So, even if you don’t sleep in your makeup, your perfume, body oils, and moisturizers, not to mention your skin’s natural oils, may all cause damage to the jewelry eventually.

So, you may want to take your gold vermeil jewelry pieces before bed. Also, remember that while the damage will not happen overnight, the changes will happen gradually, and you will notice changes after some weeks.


Does gold vermeil tarnish with sweat? Why?

Can You Wear Gold Vermeil Jewelry Every Day

While the layer of gold plated onto the sterling silver base keeps the sterling silver from the elements, the gold layer will interact with the environment, and after some time, it will show signs of wear, which for most people is just tarnishing.

The tarnishing doesn’t happen overnight, as mentioned above, and the pieces will tarnish after some time. The tarnished layer often looks like dirt, and the yellow gold or rose gold layer will look a little faded and dirty after some time.

Aside from its environmental exposure, the gold vermeil jewelry would also be tarnished when it interacts and reacts with sweat and body oils.

Can You Wear Gold Vermeil Jewelry Every Day

This is the case because the body’s sweat and oils have chemicals and compounds that react with the metals that the jewelry is made of, hence a color change that is depicted as tarnishing.

One of the common signs of tarnish where the gold vermeil jewelry is concerned is the appearance of a green discoloration.

In most cases, the jewelry will develop green spots after months or even years, and you will notice these changes when the green deposits discolor your skin.

But this doesn’t just happen to the gold but when the base, sterling silver, is exposed and the copper in it reacts to form a greenish salt that is seen as the green discoloration on the skin or even on your clothes.


Can you wear gold vermeil in the shower? Why?

Can You Wear Gold Vermeil Jewelry Every Day

You could shower with your gold vermeil jewelry, especially if you use pure water and a gentle body wash or shower gel. But to ensure that the jewelry lasts long, you shouldn’t make it a habit to keep the jewelry on in the shower.

So, while showering will not cause tarnishing per se, it will increase its rate of wear because of the constant exposure to water.

Most of the chemicals in the shower gels will slowly cause tarnishing, so you should take the jewelry off before showering as often as possible. However, in pure water, the gold vermeil jewelry will not tarnish.


How long does gold vermeil jewelry last?

Can You Wear Gold Vermeil Jewelry Every Day

With proper care, good quality gold vermeil jewelry will last anywhere from 10 to 30 years.

This is often made possible because the thick layer of gold offers a strong and durable veil of protection that ensures its longevity.


How to wear gold Vermeil jewelry every day

Can You Wear Gold Vermeil Jewelry Every Day

  • Take the jewelry off before showering or sleeping
  • Clean the jewelry regularly
  • Store the jewelry pieces in an airtight container
  • Always wear the jewelry last after applying lotion, body oil, makeup, and perfume.

Tips for storing your gold Vermeil jewelry

Can You Wear Gold Vermeil Jewelry Every Day

  • Store the jewelry in an airtight safety box to prevent exposure to sweat, chemicals, sunlight, and moisture; all these would eventually taint the surface of the jewelry.
  • If storing the pieces in a jewelry box, make sure the pieces sit separately and on a surface lined with velvet or soft-lined material to avoid scratching.
  • Don’t put the jewelry on surfaces that will expose the jewelry to heat or direct sunlight.


With proper care, regular cleaning, and correct storage, the jewelry will last a long time, and the best part is that you would still be able to wear the jewelry daily.

And the best part is that the jewelry will last for at least 10 years to as many as 30 years or even longer.

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