Can You Wear Diamond Earrings Every Day?(Detailed Answer)

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So, you recently got your hands on this elegant and stunning pair of diamond earrings, and for the love of God, you cannot imagine ever taking them off. But there is also this nudging thought at the back of your mind that keeps asking you to maybe take them off sometimes and that maybe you shouldn’t wear the earrings every day.

What do you then? Are you even supposed to wear you diamond earring every day? Is there anything potentially wrong with having the same diamond earrings on each day of the week? Can you and should you be sleeping in your diamond earrings? Keep reading for important insights.


Can you wear diamond earrings every day?

Can You Wear Diamond Earrings Every Day

With some people noting that diamond earrings are just too precious and others noting that these are just too hard to style or even pretentious, you may find yourself at crossroads, unable to decide on a styling option or routine for the earrings. But that shouldn’t be the case. So, to help you settle this debate, we’ll be sharing with you some of the important considerations you need to keep in mind to be able to determine if the earrings are suitable for everyday wear or occasional use.


  • The size of the diamonds

If you are unable to settle on when to wear the diamond earrings or how often you should have them on, first take into account the size of the diamonds. Not all diamond earrings feature huge sparkling stones, and if your earrings are small stud earrings with small stones, then you can wear the earrings on a daily basis quite easily.

For diamond earrings that you’d be able to wear daily, opt for the smallest diamond earrings you can find. The smaller they are and daintier they look, the more perfect the earrings are for everyday wear. The best pair of diamond earrings ideal for daily wear are often delicate enough that they easily slip under the radar and not easily noticeable, but also strong and elegant enough for them to make the right statement, especially when the diamonds catch the light.

Now, if you have multiple ear piercings and like wearing earrings on most, if not all the piercings, you may want to try to layer the earrings. Layering creates a nice megawatt effect, but the earrings will still be subtle and quiet enough for you to maintain the look at the office.

Can You Wear Diamond Earrings Every Day

  • Are you getting the real deal?

The biggest misfortune around diamond jewelry is that many people have been duped, and what they believe is a diamond could easily be cubic zirconia (CZ). Unfortunately, CZ stones tend to wear out soon, and though brilliant, they are not real.

So, to get your money’s worth and actually have the best of stunning fine jewelry for everyday wear, you should take time to research and make sure that you are buying earrings made of actual diamonds.

You can tell real diamonds by looking at how they hold up on the metals that they are set on. In the case of real diamonds, you will notice that they are often set on genuine white or yellow gold because the diamonds look great on these metals, and they also hold up very well. Therefore, the quality of the earrings will make them the perfect set of earrings that double as your go-to. The quality and the durability of the genuine pieces often allow you to have the best jewelry options that turn into valuable and memorable family heirlooms.


  • Get diamond earrings that can be worn in the evenings too.

The best diamond earrings can be powered up for evening cocktails and dinners. You only need to carefully choose the earrings to make sure that the earrings are subtle, elegant, and stunning for that easy, fresh look. Also, know that the best pair of your diamond-accented earrings are flexible, and the subtle pieces worn during the day could be transformed into dangling earrings easily. It’s all about balance and versatility, but you should also remember that your ability to wear elegant diamond earrings daily lies in the simplicity of the diamonds and the fact that the diamonds will easily elevate everything you wear, from your bold suits to slip dresses.

Can You Wear Diamond Earrings Every Day

Can you wear your diamond stud earrings to sleep?

Although your diamond stud earrings are small, dainty, and you don’t always notice them on your ears, you really shouldn’t go to bed with the earrings.

While we’ll all agree that these earrings are quite comfortable and you could have gone to bed with them countless times over the past, the truth is that there is always a risk of losing the earrings while sleeping. Yes, most of them have the best and the more secure backs, but a natural sense of insecurity often creeps in when it comes to such pricey pieces of jewelry.

Also, some people argue that the earrings/ stones would lose some sparkle when you sleep with the earrings every night. This will not happen overnight, it happens gradually, but the sparkle of the diamonds will dim over time, meaning you have to clean them more frequently or get them polished.

So, to keep them safe, clean, and sparkling throughout, we recommend taking the earrings before going to bed. Don’t let the super-comfortable screwbacks lie to you; the earrings will last longer and look great for much longer (albeit between cleanings) if you take them out before bed.

Can You Wear Diamond Earrings Every Day

Can you wear diamond earrings in the shower?

Most people are guilty of going to bed with their stud diamond earrings. The same people have also gone to shower with the earrings on. Yet, you should not do either of these things. Don’t wear your diamond earrings in the shower because the soaps and water and the chemicals that might be present in the mix will create a film (over time), and this will dull the diamond’s shine, forcing you to clean the diamonds more often than necessary.


Tips for wearing your diamond stud earrings

  • Know about the different types of diamond earrings

The first thing you should do when it comes to wearing diamond earrings correctly is to understand that the earrings come in different types, the common ones being the diamond studs which are the classics, the drop/chandelier earring hanging gracefully from your ears, and the hoop earrings that give off more of a modern vibe thanks to the rows of diamonds that are set on the hoop made of gold, sterling silver, or platinum.

Can You Wear Diamond Earrings Every Day

  • Wearing the earrings at the right time (and place)

Stud earrings boast a high level of versatility, and you could wear them for any occasion. The Diamond hoop and drop earrings are also versatile, but this is capped off by the size of the diamonds. Smaller sizes of the hoop or drop diamond earrings can be worn every day to different occasions, but this isn’t the case with the bigger earrings that’d be more suitable for special occasions.

  • Pair your diamond earrings correctly.

Diamonds can be paired with other gemstones easily, but you must be extra careful not to overdo things. When it comes to diamonds and gemstones or jewelry in general, you have to keep in mind that minimalism is often key. Don’t wear many different gemstones, especially if they are colored differently, and remember that your earrings should be the center of attention.

  • Right Outfits

Most diamonds look great with darker outfits and all-blacks, but you could add some color to create contrast and add some sense of style while creating some extra sparkle.

  • Your hairstyle

To highlight the earrings, choose your hairstyle carefully. Often, a slick-up or back do will work great. But if you don’t want to draw attention by curling your hair and holding it back with a pin, you could always let your hair down.



There are no hard rules regarding diamond earrings, but you shouldn’t over-accessorize when wearing diamond earrings. Also, don’t wear them to bed or shower, even when you wear the same earrings every day.

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