Can You Wear Dangly Earrings to Bed?(Check Our Tips)

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You probably have had your favourite dangly earrings in for the entire day and as you’re preparing for bed, you don’t feel like taking them off.

You are wondering if it is safe to sleep with the earrings in and if it is, will they affect your sleep and how you can make sure you’re comfortable.

Or maybe, you’re just curious if it is okay to sleep with your dangling earrings. Either way, we’ll answer all the questions you have about wearing your dangling earrings to bed. To learn more, keep reading.


About dangly earrings

Can You Wear Dangly Earrings to Bed

Dangly earrings are the earrings which hang below the ear lobe and swing anytime you walk or move your head. They are often confused with drop earrings.

Both kinds hang below the ear lobes but the dangly earrings move and the drop earrings are stationary. Dangly earrings can be secured either with post-backs or some have a shepherd hook, therefore, can be worn without extra backing.

The dangly earrings’ popularity started in the 80s and now, they can be worn by anyone.


Can you wear dangly earrings to bed? Is it safe?

Can You Wear Dangly Earrings to Bed

Typically, it is not a good idea to wear dangly earrings to bed. This does not mean that it is extremely dangerous. It means that wearing dangly earrings to bed is risky.

Some people wear their dangly earrings to bed effortlessly, others find it uncomfortable. You can wear the earrings to bed but you’ll be susceptible to the following;

Stretching out your holes on the ear lobe. Although this doesn’t happen to everyone, some people who have gone to bed with their dangly earrings in, have experienced stretched earring holes.

Catching an infection or having allergic reactions. This is especially common among people who sweat heavily at night. Since the earrings are made with metals, it is possible to react to them or get an infection due to prolonged wear and lack of cleaning.

Can You Wear Dangly Earrings to Bed

Waking up with sore ear lobes. The friction produced as you toss and turn in your sleep may cause soreness around your earlobes if you had earrings in during your sleep.

It is advisable to keep your earrings on the bedside table if you have one or in a “drop cup” if you tend to lose them. It is recommended by medical doctors to take your earrings off and clean them before going to bed and you can put them back on in the morning.

Wearing dangly earrings to bed is not only risky for you, but also your earrings. You risk tarnishing, breaking or losing your earrings.


Can a dangly earring affect your sleep?

Can You Wear Dangly Earrings to Bed

Dangly earrings have the possibility of affecting the quality of sleep you get. The sharp ends of the earrings may poke and scratch you in your sleep which can then wake you up.

The soreness and irritation caused due to friction between your ears and the earrings as you sleep may cause discomfort thus disrupting your sleep.

The earrings may catch your bedding and pull your earlobes which can be painful, causing you to wake up. As opposed to heavy sleepers, light sleepers are more prone to discomfort during sleep as they can feel every scratch, poke and pull made by the earrings.


Tips for wearing dangly earrings to bed

Can You Wear Dangly Earrings to Bed

If you want to wear a pair of dangly earrings to bed or you’re too tired to take them off, then make sure to always clean them regularly to reduce the chances of infections. Make sure the earrings aren’t too big, to avoid discomfort.

It is wise to tie your hair up and cover it, to prevent it from getting tangled in the earrings and pulling on your earlobes causing tears and sagging on the lobes.

It is recommended to buy special backings that are meant to protect your ears from the sharp ends of the earrings. There are different backings on the market, so make sure to choose one that is comfortable for you.

Try sleeping on your back to avoid the sharp ends of the earrings from jabbing and poking your skin.

Can You Wear Dangly Earrings to Bed

Invest in a specialized pillow. Some of the pillows you can get are; the pillow with ear holes, which will enable you to sleep on your sides comfortably, the U-shaped pillow that will support your neck nicely while eliminating contact between your ears and the bedding and the ear infection pillow.

Always consult your piercer if you have concerns.



It is not forbidden to go to bed with your dangly earrings in. If you choose to go to bed with them, it is vital to follow the tips provided above to avoid getting hurt or destroying your earrings.

At the end of the day, it is advised you choose the option that you feel comfortable with as there are no strict rules about wearing dangly earrings to bed.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!