Can You Wear Clip-On Earrings If You Have Pierced Ears?

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In the traditional sense, the clip-on earrings are worn by individuals who have not had their ears pierced, either because they don’t like the pain and the struggle around the healing of the piercing or just because they are not into piercings.

But does this mean that individuals with piercings shouldn’t wear clip-on earrings?

We look at all that and more in this article. So, keep reading.


Are clip-on earrings bad for your ears?

can you wear clip on earrings if you have pierced ears

The clip-on earrings are, without a doubt, some of the best styles of earrings, and they are essentially the best option for anyone looking for a larger style of earrings.

That said, wearing the heavier clip-on earrings for a prolonged period is not ideal because the extra weight of the earrings can be damaging to the earlobe. In some cases, these earrings would stretch out the ear lobe, which is why you should choose the lightweight clip-on earrings if you must.

So, to enjoy the best of your clip-on earrings and to go against the belief that the clip-on earrings often hurt the ears, you may want to find well-made and lightweight clip-on earrings.

And to ensure maximum comfort when wearing your clip-on earrings, you may want to work on adjusting the tension of the clip-on earrings. Since incorrect tension is what makes many people dislike the clip-on earrings, adjust the tension of the earrings.

can you wear clip on earrings if you have pierced ears

All you need is a flat-bladed screwdriver to loosen the tension and make them clip-ons more comfortable.

To avoid putting tension on the ears, it would be ideal for you to wear the clip-ons, but don’t do it daily.

Note that if you prefer swapping the clip-on earrings and the pierced earrings, then the tissue in the lobes will be much softened and even liable to tearing. So, consider taking them off for some time or days at a time to prevent harm to the ears.


Why do your clip-on earrings hurt?

can you wear clip on earrings if you have pierced ears

Often, the clip-on earrings will hurt your ears, but only if they are too heavy or if there is too much tension on the ear lobe.

So, if you are worried that the clip-on earrings may hurt your ears, we recommend choosing the lightweight options over the heavier ones. Also, you could think of loosening the tension bar.

Remember that in as much as your earlobes are not supplied with too many nerves and blood vessels, there are many nerve branches extending to the lobe from the Great Auricular Nerve and also the Vagus Nerve.

So, if the clip-on earrings are positioned incorrectly or if they weigh down on your ears, you may feel discomfort.


Can you wear clip-on earrings if you have pierced ears?

can you wear clip on earrings if you have pierced ears

Yes, you could wear clip-on earrings even if you have pierced ears. This is especially true if you are into versatile earring styles for everyday wear, and you don’t want to wear pierced earrings every day.

The clip-on earrings would also be a great option for you if the earrings you had on previously hurt your ears, and maybe you even suffered an earlobe split. As you wait for the earlobes to heal or if you are not ready to wear the earrings in the piercings just yet, then the clip-on earrings would be the ideal option for you.

The good news is that most of the clip-on earring designs available today have been made with a lot of consideration, meaning that they fit well and feel extra comfortable on the ears.

The only catch with this is that the earrings may fall off or slip off the ear, and you could lose them. So, be careful about this, and always check if they are still there.


Who should wear clip-on earrings?

can you wear clip on earrings if you have pierced ears

Well, anyone can wear clip-on earrings, whether you have your ears pierced or unpierced.

1. Persons with unpierced ears

If you haven’t pierced your ears and love wearing earrings and other kinds of jewelry, then the clip-on earrings would be suitable for you.

With no ear piercings, you’d still be able to rock the comfortable and very stylish clip-on earrings.


2. If the piercings closed up

You may also want to switch up to wearing the clip-on earrings if you’d previously pierced your ears, but they have since closed up.

This is also a good option if you don’t think you have it in you to commit to the new piercings.


3. Metal allergies

If you suffer metal allergies every time you wear a pair of cute earrings and you don’t want to deal with the irritation of the rash, then you may want to opt for the clip-on earrings made of allergenic materials.

Just be careful about the metal or the material that the clip-on earrings are made of. If you have ultra-sensitive ears, you should wear the clip-on earrings with the resin closure – these are 100% nickel-free and safe.

can you wear clip on earrings if you have pierced ears

4. Wearing the clip-on earring to avoid the stretching or splitting of the earlobes

This is the other consideration you need to bear in mind and also the reason why you may want to wear clip-on earrings.

These clip-ons would save your earlobes from gradual stretching or splitting.


5. Suffering from hypertrophic scarring and keloids

If you have the above, wearing the clip-on earrings might be the ideal thing for you to do.


6. Who should not wear clip-on earrings?

If your earlobes are hurting or unhealed from surgery or maybe a new piercing, then you may want to skip the clip-on earrings.



And finally, anyone who feels like they like the feel of the clip-on earrings can wear this type of earrings.

You don’t really need a big reason to wear this type of earrings.

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