Can You Wear Cartier Love Bracelet In Shower?-Expert Answer

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Although the Cartier Love bracelet is far from being an affordable piece of jewelry, many people go out of their way to buy it.

It is because of how unique it is and what it symbolizes for many people.

But considering the amount you have to put down for it, you’d expect to keep it with you for a lifetime if possible.

How you maintain your Love Bracelet is therefore very important.

Among the many concerns related to its maintenance, many people worry if it is okay to wear the bracelet to the shower.

Is it safe? Will it get damaged? Not to worry, in this article, we will address these concerns as well as tips on how to protect your love bracelet even while in the shower.  

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What Is The Metal Used In Cartier Love Bracelet?

Can you wear Cartier Love bracelet in shower

Being such an esteemed luxury brand with a great reputation to uphold, you can be sure that materials used in all Cartier pieces are of the highest quality, and the Love Bracelet is no exception.

If you’ve ever seen a Cartier Love Bracelet before then you know it is made of metal and comes in four variations, white, yellow, and rose gold as well as platinum.

Initially, there was a rumor that the bracelet used to be made of silver and coated in gold. Cartier has since moved to produce the bracelet in 18K solid gold and 950 Platinum, and because of that, there is usually some heaviness to the bracelet.

Can You Wear Cartier Love Bracelet In Shower

Some variations of the bracelet may also include authentic diamonds either in place of the screws or fully encrusted versions. That coupled with the brand is what makes the love bracelet expensive and a luxury product.

So, if you were to come across a Cartier love bracelet that is too light or appears coated or made from any other metals, then it is a fake. The same goes for counterfeits that use crystals or other fake diamonds.


Pros And Cons Of The Metal Used In Cartier Love Bracelet

While the materials used to make this lovely bracelet are of the best quality, there are some upsides and downsides to the metals used, and they are as follows:

Can you wear Cartier Love bracelet in shower


  • Both gold and platinum have a great appeal and luster which is what makes the Cartier Love bracelets the exquisite pieces they are even with their simple design.
  • Durable. Both 18K gold and platinum are strong metals that do not break easily, meaning you can keep your love bracelet for a long time even if you wear it daily.
  • Valuable. Both metals are highly valuable precious metals and gold’s value appreciates over time.
  • Good investment. Gold’s value appreciates with time and isn’t affected by inflation, so buying the Cartier love bracelet is a great future investment.
  • Unlike metals like silver, gold and platinum do not contain toxins like nickel and lead, so you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions.
  • Minimal maintenance. Gold and platinum are not reactive metals so they are not prone to tarnishing or corroding. As such Cartier Love bracelets do not require constant cleaning and polishing and excessive caution.

Can You Wear Cartier Love Bracelet In Shower


  • Costly. Because of their high value, gold and platinum are costly to acquire which is why the production of Cartier Love bracelets leads to its expensive price tag.
  • Scarce. Platinum and gold’s high value is because they are rare to come by compared to their demand in the market. This adds to the cost of the bracelet.
  • Heavy. Platinum and gold while strong are a bit on the heavier side, so the love bracelets tend to be a bit heft since they are made of solid metal. As a result, it takes time to get used to the weight of the bracelet.


Can You Wear Cartier Love Bracelet In Shower? Why?

Can you wear Cartier Love bracelet in shower

Yes, you can wear the Love Bracelet in the shower without any worries. That is because, the bracelet, as we mentioned earlier, is made of 18K gold or platinum. Both of these metals are non-reactive.

So unlike metals like silver, they are less likely to be oxidized or tarnished if you were to shower with them. Many people who have tried showering with the bracelets report that it is safe.

No damages have been reported so far, although some say the bracelet ends up losing its shine after some time. But that can be fixed easily with a quick polish.

Besides, when Aldo Cipullo, came up with the design of the Cartier Love bracelet, he wanted something that would last a lifetime. That is why the best quality of gold and platinum are used to make it.

Can You Wear Cartier Love Bracelet In Shower

To add to it, the design of the bracelet is not the kind to be taken off frequently. It was built for daily wear, so you can take it with you where ever you go including the shower.

Still, we would advise you to take the bracelet off when going to the pool. While water may not have any effects on the bracelet, chlorine is a very strong chemical and may damage the bracelet in some way.


What Would Happen If You Wear Cartier Love Bracelet In Shower For a Long Time?

Can you wear Cartier Love bracelet in shower

As we have already established, water does not have any adverse effects on gold or platinum, so your bracelet should be okay if you choose to shower with it.

But after a long time, maybe five or more years, you may begin to notice a slight change. This change is that the bracelet may have lost its shine or luster.

This is usually to the scratches on the bracelet that have built up over time. The scratches could be caused by soap, scrubs, and rubbing that may occur during showering.

Keep in mind that gold is easily scratchable. The same goes for the love bracelets with diamonds featured in their designs. Water will not affect the diamond but over time the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond will dull out.

Can You Wear Cartier Love Bracelet In Shower

Not to worry though, it is highly unlikely that these scratches would be too deep. You may be able to correct it by polishing your love bracelet to help restore its shine.


Tips For Protecting Or Storing Your Cartier Love Bracelet When You Shower

The bottom line when it comes to how long you get to keep your jewelry, even your Cartier love bracelet, is how well you care for and maintain it.

Seeing as the bracelet wasn’t designed to be taken off but worn daily, here are a few tips you can use while showering to help preserve your bracelet:

Can you wear Cartier Love bracelet in shower

1. Use mild showering products.

We’re are not saying that the chemicals in your soaps or scrubs will react with the gold or platinum in your bracelet. But it is better to be safe than sorry. Besides, milder products are safer and better for your skin and hair.


2. Avoid rubbing.

While showering there is a lot of rubbing and friction that goes on. That’s normal but avoid rubbing against your bracelet too much or at all if possible. This will reduce the scratches and as a result prevent the bracelet from dulling out faster.

Can you wear Cartier Love bracelet in shower

3. Dry it with a soft cloth.

After showering, ensure you use a soft cloth to dry the bracelet completely. Avoid using your towel or fabric especially if they are more abrasive. Also, ensure you dry the bracelet by patting and not rubbing. All this is to reduce the number of scratches on the bracelet in the long run.


4. Polish the bracelet.

Polishing your jewelry is a good practice when it comes to maintenance. It will help maintain the love bracelet’s shine and appeal for a longer period.

You should make a point of having the bracelet polished at least once a year and at most twice a year at the Cartier shop. Polishing shouldn’t be a regular thing. Otherwise, you may end up doing more harm than good.

Can You Wear Cartier Love Bracelet In Shower


Cartier Love Bracelets was meant to be a permanent love symbol.

It was designed to never be taken off, which is why it is made of quality material like solid 18K gold and platinum.

So, you can easily shower with your bracelet without any worries about it getting damaged.

But ensure you apply the tips we’ve shared with you to help maintain the luster of your love bracelet for longer.

Remember even good quality jewelry can get spoilt over time if not properly cared for.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!