Can You Wear Black Onyx Every Day? – Detailed Answer

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If you are looking for a crystal or gemstone that will give you a sense of balance and also guide you in the right direction as you get started in this new chapter in your life, black onyx would be a great idea for you.

Black onyx is known for its power to boost your inner strength while also protecting your aura, which is one of the reasons these black crystals are popular, and the crystals are known for their immense spiritual healing properties.

Black onyx is connected to your root chakra and will not only protect you but also bring you great fortune. Black onyx is also effective in shielding your aura and also absorbing negative energies around you.

So, can you wear black onyx daily to enjoy these benefits?


Can you wear black onyx every day?

Can You Wear Black Onyx Every Day

Yes, you could, but before you wear the black onyx crystals daily, it’s worth noting that black onyx has been around for years.

It is more than 3000 years old, and it’s known for its enormous protective properties with evidence of its existence found in different regions in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, where the black onyx was used in different artifacts thanks to its hardness, healing effects, and its unique design and appearance.

Black onyx gets its name from the Greek word Claw, representing its unique design and appearance. According to Greek Mythology, black onyx is associated with strength, focus, willpower, and protection; all properties that ensure you enjoy the best level of protection from this crystal.

Can You Wear Black Onyx Every Day

Thanks to its protective powers and the fact that black onyx will act as a powerful shield in your space and your aura, keeping you safe from negative energies, you can easily wear a black onyx bracelet daily.

The black bracelet is also one of the best and most effective ways of incorporating black crystals into your life.

Besides protecting you, black onyx crystals will also boost your vibrations and make you feel more positive, especially if you are meditating or looking for the best way to boost your energy levels, as well as your levels of productivity.

Can You Wear Black Onyx Every Day

You could also wear black onyx if you are looking for help in your daily mediating practice – it will help you get through the fogginess that could be holding you back, enhancing your mental clarity, meaning that you’d be able to see the big picture.

You may also opt to wear the black onyx crystals if you are looking for a black onyx crystal bracelet to protect you from bad luck and from the evil eye.

Keep in mind that thanks to the hardness of black onyx, which is a grade 7 on the Mohs scale hardness, you will comfortably wear the black onyx crystals daily.


Can you wear black onyx while sleeping? Why

Can You Wear Black Onyx Every Day

Yes, you could sleep wearing your black onyx crystal bracelet or even keep it under your pillow, and the best part is that doing this will ensure that you enjoy a calm, good night’s sleep.

Black onyx is also important in feng shui as it absorbs negative energy and will also keep you safe and protected, especially if you keep it at the corner of your bedroom or under each corner of the bed.


Can you wear black onyx in the shower?

Can You Wear Black Onyx Every Day

We recommend taking out your black onyx crystal bracelet before your shower because even with its hardness level of 7, this crystal will lose much of its luster and shine if you keep it in contact with water often.

So, to be safe, we recommend against wearing black onyx crystals in the shower.


X Tips for wearing black onyx jewelry every day

Can You Wear Black Onyx Every Day

  • The best way to wear black onyx jewelry to shield your aura and maximum protection against negativity; the best way of onyx daily would be by wearing these crystals as a necklace. Wearing the crystal bracelet will boost positive vibrations, making it a great protective solution to have on you daily. The calming and positive vibrations of the black onyx also ensure mental clarity, hence the best experience during meditations.
  • Black onyx is also a good option for you because you could wear it as part of the necklace as a pendant necklace, and this will enhance your energy levels, as well as your productivity. They also allow you to see the bigger picture.
  • You could also wear the black onyx crystal in different kinds of jewelry, and you will be happy to know that these crystals will complement your wearing black
  • outfits and also your look in general. It works best with neutral colors, including gray, so the crystals are ideal for casual and formal parties.

Other than the bracelets, you could also wear the crystals in different ways, including:

Rings – wearing it as a center stone for the ring will ensure that you always have the ring on you, especially for formal and even informal parties. This stone is also great when incorporated into a class ring.

Can You Wear Black Onyx Every Day

Bracelets – an adjustable beaded bracelet would also be an excellent option if you want something to wear daily. You could wear it set in either gold or silver or with the beads running the length of the entire bracelet.

Necklace/ Pendants – you could also wear a necklace with black onyx making up the entire length of the necklace. Alternatively, you could also have the black onyx as a pendant attached to metal chains or other materials.

Earrings – Black onyx earrings are also stylish and offer a flexible option for you to wear daily. These earrings will also complement the shape of your face and hairstyle and will make you look your very best.


How to take care of your black onyx jewelry

Can You Wear Black Onyx Every Day

  • Taking care of the black onyx jewelry often means cleansing and charging the jewelry pieces. To cleanse the jewelry, you need to eliminate the negative energies around the space you may be in. The best way to cleanse black onyx jewelry is by smudging it in sage until the sage lightens and is a little brown, then place the crystal in the smoke stream, holding it in your hand with the smoke rising from the sides – this should last for 5 minutes. A candle could also help to cleanse the crystals. Seawater can also be used to cleanse the crystals – you could also use natural rainwater.
  • Also, you should remove the bracelet, necklace, ring, or earrings before bed or bath time.


You could wear black onyx crystal jewelry daily effortlessly but avoid exposing it to water and heat.

And also, cleanse it often, and when meditating, hold it in your hand.

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