Can You Wear Anklets on Both Ankles?(Here’s Answer!)

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Can You Wear Anklets on Both Ankles?Which ankle do most people wear an ankle bracelet? What does it mean to wear an anklet on your right ankle? Find the answers in this post!

Having the freedom to express ourselves through the jewelry we wear is a liberating feeling. We can choose what we want, what looks good on us and wear it with pride.

Anklets are one such accessory, and it’s perfect when we want to adorn our feet. They come in different styles, and you’re guaranteed that you’ll get something that suits your taste.

Anklets are typically worn with casual wear, particularly in contexts where your foot is in full view. If you’re new to wearing anklets, there are some basic rules to consider so that you stand out in the right way.

Equally, if you’re big on symbolism, in this article, we’ll explore possible meanings based on the foot you wear the anklet on.


Can you wear ankle bracelets on both sides?

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There’s no hard rule about which ankle you can wear a bracelet on. Pick a side you like and fasten the anklet.

However, be careful when you do choose to wear them on both feet. Unless the event calls for it, you’ll appear as though you’re doing too much.

Select anklets that complement and not take away from the outfit. You also shouldn’t wear anklets on top of stockings as that’s a fashion no-no.

The purpose of wearing an anklet is to draw attention to your foot, so it’s favorable when you wear them with a knee-length dress or shorts and sandals.

There are, however, those who will wear them with jeans or trousers.

That’s appropriate in formal contexts, but equally acceptable if you don’t want to take the anklet off altogether.

Otherwise, there are two ways to wear an anklet; it can hang loosely over the ankle, or you can go for a snug fit.


Which ankle do most people wear an ankle bracelet?

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When it comes to which ankle to wear this piece of jewelry, the decision solely rests on you.

The hand you prefer to wear jewelry on might unconsciously dictate what you pick, but you can choose whichever you like.

Ensure that your feet are well-groomed as you don’t want to attract attention to chipped nails or polish.

If you have a foot you prefer over the other, for example, because of how the nails grow, then you might prefer that the anklet goes there.

What’s important is getting the right size. To find what accurately fits you, take a tape measure, and wrap it around your ankle.

Make it as loose or as tight as you prefer, based on how you wear anklets. From that measurement, add half an inch.

To be on the safe side, get an anklet with an extender to accommodate size changes you might experience.

The length for an average anklet is ten inches and eight inches for those on the smaller side.


Wearing anklet in one leg

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In certain circles, anklets are not innocent pieces of jewelry.

It’s, therefore, worth mentioning your relationship status could influence the general perception of why you’re wearing an anklet.

In some circles, married women wearing an anklet on their right foot means they are committed to their husbands but open to having encounters with other people with their husband’s approval.

The reason provided by those who hold this belief is that anklets are sexy, and based on what you wear, as a married woman, you could be communicating just that.

Few pockets of people think this way, but being aware of it is equally helpful.

Women don’t typically go flaunting this stance they’ve taken with their relationship, but it’s worth keeping in mind in case you have an encounter that you don’t understand.

Simply make it clear you’re not in an open relationship.

That aside, many women would be happy to know that you can stack anklets on one leg. Two or three are enough as too much of one thing ends up backfiring.

Before stacking, consider the outfit that you’re going to wear.

It will dictate whether you can wear something chunky or if delicate pieces would work better. You’re free to mix the two, as long as they add to the entire ensemble.


What does it mean to wear an anklet on your right ankle?

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Culturally, some people have placed importance on the meaning of wearing jewelry on the right or the left side of the body.

Older perceptions remain about the significance of which side you wear an anklet.

It is thought that wearing an anklet on the right foot signifies your relationship status. It communicates to people you’re in an exclusive relationship, you’re happy about it, and you’re not interested in any advances.

When worn on the left side, the opposite is the case. It, for some, indicates you are single and open to finding love or even a hookup.

It’s thought that if you have heart pendants, it signals you’re looking for something more casual. That’s reasonably counter-intuitive given hearts typically symbolize looking for or finding love.

Married women aren’t in luck when it comes to what having an anklet on this leg means, as it could be taken that you’re in an open relationship.

If you don’t believe in any of the above, then you’d be happy to know this belief is not widespread. Few think about the meaning behind the foot you adorn. If anything, they are more focused on how good it looks.

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 People’s first reaction will be to compliment you. Therefore, there is generally no meaning behind which ankle you choose to wear an anklet; that should give you the absolute freedom to choose what you want.

To figure out which you prefer, alternate wearing on each foot, and figure out what feels more natural to you.


What does it mean when a man wears an ankle bracelet?

Men generally look at anklets as women’s jewelry. However, some want to wear them, but the stigma largely dissuades them.

Still, some go against such perceptions of what is feminine and what isn’t and wear anklets anyway, either for special occasions or continuously.

That’s, in essence, to say that there’s no grand meaning behind a man wearing an ankle bracelet.

It’s merely a fashion statement. What’s more, is that ankle bracelets targeted towards men are different. They are mostly made from leather, seashells, beads, hemp, and other materials and designs considered more masculine.


Can you wear anklets as bracelets?

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While you can wear anklets are bracelets, something you’ll realize immediately is it’s likely to be an ill fit.

The simple reason is that our ankles are indeed larger than our wrists, so getting a snug fit is unlikely.

It might fit better if you have an extender as you can make the chain as small as you can. You’ll also find that bracelets rarely make for anklets because of the size difference.



There’s a lot of compelling reasons to wear anklets, including how amazing they make one’s feet look.

They bring attention to an otherwise ignored part of the body, especially if you have beautiful feet.

If you’re yet to purchase an anklet or more, consider doing it soon. You’ll more than likely fall in love.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!