Can You Wear a Wedding Ring Before the Wedding?

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It’s just a month to the wedding and your custom-made wedding bands just arrived through the post. You may wonder: Can I wear a wedding ring before the wedding day?

You and your fiancé got fitted for them three months back after you agreed on the wedding date.

Now, here they are looking ever so cute in their tiny box and you are itching to try yours on. You’ve heard lots of tales about pre-wedding do’s and don’ts and you’re uncertain about whether or not you can wear your wedding ring before the wedding.

Can You Wear a Wedding Ring Before the Wedding

As with most traditional practices that date as far back as the knowledge of human existence, weddings are riddled with superstitions, notions, opinions, and myths.

Much as it’s a day of celebration for the two people formally committing to each other, it is also a highly significant rite of passage that transforms and validates the union of two.

Can you wear a wedding ring before the wedding?

Weddings, just as the marriages that proceed them, have been the center of the society for millennia.

There are so many unwritten rules that a new bride and groom should be informed about before the big day to ensure that things go as planned.

While the union is of two people, they often employ and rely on the ideas and opinions of other people in terms of the traditional, religious, spiritual, financial expectations that are considered the norm.

The choice to wear your wedding ring before the actual wedding could be frowned upon by most people who are superstitious or those who may place a high emphasis on the ring’s significance or appearance.

Superstitious people believe that wearing the wedding band before time is bad luck because it will be sort of jumping the presumably bad gun.

The rest of the crowd either are concerned that the rings great significance will be lost if you wear it before your partner slips it on while exchanging vows or that it may get chipped or dented before the special day and you’ve got an image to protect.

Luckily, in the present day where people are more independent in their thinking and expressive in their actions, opinions about personal life events are more so a preserve of the individual than the collective.

There is a large majority of people who think that a person can and even should wear their wedding ring before the wedding for some reason.

For some, it’s all about testing out the ring to see how it fits and if it may present any problems. This is prudent because it allows the couple to plan for a resizing or to change the ring if they don’t like it.

There is another crowd who is open-minded enough and not superstitious and they believe that people should do as they please with their rings.

Weddings are an exciting time for many people and couples tend to be over-excited about their impending new status. Most of them see no harm in wearing their bands in and around the house or for short periods in a day.


Is it bad luck to wear your wedding band before getting married?

Luck is largely dependent on chance and not actions.

Wearing your wedding band before marriage should not in any way attract any bad luck towards you, your spouse, or your union.

There are tons of personal experiences and stories online that dispel the belief in the notion that wearing your band or seeing your fiancé before the wedding is bad for the union.

Some people may say that its better if you wear it in the house and only with your spouse’s knowledge.

However, if you believe in the idea, wearing the ring outside in public or inside in private is no different.


Do you wear a wedding band before the engagement ring?

Engagement rings commonly feature a large stone either on its own or decked with shiny crystals all around or partly.

Wedding rings are mostly made into plain gold, silver, platinum, or stainless-steel metal band or with diamonds encrusted around it.

Days before the wedding, the bride needs to remove and keep away her engagement ring. On the day of the wedding, the groom will slip the wedding band on his bride’s left ring finger to seal their union.

Afterward, the bride then can choose how to incorporate her engagement ring into her everyday look.

Most brides wear both rings on the same finger and this dictates that the wedding ring be worn first then the engagement ring placed over it. This is so that the wedding ring stays closest to the heart.

If they are not of the same design or if the rings do not go well together, the engagement ring could be worn on the middle or ring finger of the right hand.



Regardless of how and when you choose to wear your wedding ring, the most important thing to remember is the union between you and your fiancé.

The world is filled with opinions and people in your life will try to sway your thoughts.

You can avoid this stress by keeping focused on your couple’s goals and agreeing together about what can and cannot be done before and after the wedding.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!