Can You Wear A Tennis Bracelet Every day? – Check Our Tips

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A tennis bracelet is stunning and one of the most expensive accessories you may have in your jewelry box, which means that you may want to keep it safe, only wearing it on special occasions.

But why not make every day a special day, and every little thing happening in your life daily a special occasion worth celebrating.

We don’t know how much time we get in this life, and it’s about time to live life fully, making each waking moment the best one yet.

So, even if your tennis bracelet is a more delicate and endearing piece that you want to hold onto forever, you may wear it as much as you can.

It is as valuable as you are, but the bracelet is also one of the most flexible accessories ever made for you. And we think that you should wear that bracelet every day because you can.

Keep in mind that the best tennis bracelets are flexible and made to last, and you can wear the bracelet every day, including on hiking days, when going out, and even when playing a game of tennis.


Can You Wear Diamond Tennis Bracelet Every day? How Often Do You Wear Yours?

Yes, you could wear your tennis bracelet every day. As mentioned above, the tennis bracelet is flexible and built to last, so you get to wear this piece of jewelry daily if you desire to.

The tennis bracelet is a part of their daily wardrobe for so many people, so you don’t have a reason to keep it tucked away in the jewelry box and leave your arms bare.

Essentially, the diamond tennis bracelet is a stylish piece of jewelry made of diamonds of the same clarity, cut, color, and carat weight. There are also tennis bracelets made of other stones like blue sapphires.

The diamonds are often set on a durable and scratch-proof metal like platinum, so it is very comfortable to wear daily.

You could also wear the diamond tennis bracelet with another bracelet or your favorite watch, and you’ll not just look stylish.

Still, the added pieces would also protect your bracelet from getting scratched.

Can You Wear A Tennis Bracelet Everyday

Most owners of tennis bracelets wear this accessory on most days, and many of them note that leaving the house without the tennis bracelet makes them feel underdressed after some time.

I understand them completely. Although I have a few other bracelets that look amazing and fit very comfortably, I gravitate towards the tennis bracelet on most days.

I have had moments when I have had my beloved tennis bracelet every day, for three days straight, except on days I must stay home all day.

And this is only possible because high-quality tennis bracelets that are well-made with high clarity diamonds set on platinum last a long time; you hardly have to think about the bracelet being delicate.

It’s worth noting that the person who the bracelet is named after, or instead led to the naming of the bracelet as such, Chris Evert, had the bracelet on during every one of her matches, and it is likely that she wore the bracelet daily. So, with this level of versatility, it makes sense that you can wear your tennis bracelet daily.

Can You Wear A Tennis Bracelet Everyday

Can you wear a tennis bracelet in the shower?

You could, but you shouldn’t. When you shower with the tennis bracelet on, soaps and other body care products will form a film over the diamonds, reducing the stone’s brilliance, leaving you with a dull bracelet that looks too old and doesn’t shine anymore.

You may also lose it if it falls into and down the drain. So, it would be best if you took off your tennis bracelet before you hit the shower.

If you want to know more about what jewelry can or can not wear in the shower, this post is for you! 

Can You Wear A Tennis Bracelet Everyday

Tips for wearing a tennis bracelet

1. Comfort fit

Even if you won’t wear the tennis bracelet daily, the most important thing you should do when choosing and wearing your tennis bracelet is to make sure the bracelet fits right.

After all, the bracelet must fit comfortably for you to wear it daily. Essentially, the bracelet needs to have a loose fit but not too loose to fall off.

Here is what you should use to determine if the bracelet fits well – the bracelet should slip across your forearm’s front part, such that it falls to your wrist when it’s at rest and farther down to your forearm when you hold up your arm.

This means that the tennis bracelet is the one accessory designed to fit more loosely than any other type of jewelry you wear. Also, note that the lack of strain from the thin band means that the bracelet will not snap off your arm.

To determine if the bracelet fits right, make sure that you can slip your finger between the bracelet and the wrist. If this happens, the bracelet has a good fit.


2. Wear the tennis bracelet alone

The tennis bracelet looks more flattering when it sits by itself on your wrist, freely roaming and sliding up and down the wrist.

This is ideal when wearing a short-sleeved top or summer wear.

This is also a good styling option if you are going for a subtle, classic, and elegant look or if you don’t want to steal the attention from the rest of your jewelry.

Can You Wear A Tennis Bracelet Everyday

3. Accessorize it with other bracelets

While your tennis bracelet looks great, you may also want to accessorize it with other pieces, perhaps a bracelet or a watch with a thicker band.

This look works great, and it will feel as if the tennis bracelet is a cape for the other pieces. Consider wearing a balanced or coordinated, flexible, and thin bracelet because this will lend that perfect look of elegance.

Remember that the diamond tennis bracelet goes well with other diamond tennis bracelets – this may be a look you may want to try. Wearing it with your watch might also be ideal as it offers an excellent way to accentuate the watch while drawing attention to it.


4. Safety and flexibility

Think of the flexibility of the tennis bracelet, and consider the moment of the bracelet when you have it on. Is it moving quickly or bending? The bracelet is perfectly flexible if it moves comfortably.

The safety latch is essential, and it must fit and be latched securely. You don’t want it flying all over or just slipping off. The links of the tennis bracelet should be sturdy as well, such that the pieces are secured but not in a way that they break apart.

Can You Wear A Tennis Bracelet Everyday

Tips for Cleaning and storing Your tennis bracelet

  • Use gentle ingredients. To clean the tennis bracelet carefully and thoroughly, you need warm water, a gentle and fragrance-free detergent, a soft-bristled toothbrush or cleaning brush, a shallow bowl, and a microfiber cloth. Add some drops of the liquid soap into the shallow bowl with warm water, then stir it to make bubbles. Place the bracelet in the bowl, swirl it around gently using your finger, and sit in the soapy mixture for about 15 minutes to loosen up any stubborn stains and gunk. Now, take the bracelet from the bowl and wash it gently or scrub it with a soft brush; care for the cloth not to be stuck in the prongs. Once done, rinse the bracelet, then pat it dry on the microfiber cloth. Lastly, store it in the jewelry box safely and airtight.
  • Don’t use any fragrance-free detergents as they cause tarnishing
  • Do not wear perfume or lotion after wearing the bracelet
  • Take your jewelry off before showering or doing house chores



You can wear your tennis bracelet every day comfortably but follow the recommendations above to keep it safe and for the bracelet to last as long as possible.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!