Can You Wear a Necklace with a Tie?(Quick Tips)

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One of the best ways to complete an outfit is through jewelry. Aside from jewelry, other accessories add to the appeal of what you wear. The problem arises when you don’t know which accessories and jewelry to pair together. In as much as there are no hard rules, and what you wear is an expression of yourself, you don’t want to look like you’re overdoing it.

Among the biggest dilemmas of what to wear or not wear with is the pairing of a necklace and a tie. Is it possible? What type of tie goes well with a necklace and vice versa? How do you pull off wearing both? In this post, we cover all these questions as well as tips on how to pull off the combo.


Can You Wear a Necklace with a Tie? Is It Weird?

Can You Wear a Necklace with a Tie

There is no simple answer to this question. Fashion is about making statements and as we mentioned there are no hard rules as to what you can or can’t pair together. The bigger question what are you going for? Are you comfortable with it?

When it comes to neck accessories, a necklace and a tie are both considered individual accessories. Ideally, ties are added as accessories when wearing a closed collar. Necklaces, on the other hand, make better accessories when wearing closed collars or turtle necks. So, to wear them together may seem absurd for most people.

That’s not to say, however, that it cannot be done. Nor is it to say that people haven’t pulled it off before. The Dior Homme Fall 2015 collection, for example, featured men pulling off different ties with a variety of necklaces pieces. In Vouge’s words, the look gave a princely effect. So, it depends on you. Given that the pairing is a busy combo, you need to be comfortable with flashy looks to pull it off.


Can You Wear a Necklace with a Bow Tie?

Can You Wear a Necklace with a Tie

Once again, for most people, it may seem odd. Compared to longer ties, however, most would agree that bowties are a safer bet when it comes to this kind of pairing. Given that the cow tie is shorter, it may not look as busy with a hanging necklace. If you paired that with a blazer, it may take some of the attention from the necklace and give a more balanced look.

The whole idea is having a theme. Based on that theme, it’s a matter of mix and matching to see what fits. You want everything to blend well without anything piece being overshadowed by the rest. As we mentioned, this is a bold look that makes a strong statement about you. If you were to pull it off, you need to be comfortable with making bold statements with your clothes and accessories.


How To Wear a Necklace with a Tie?

There is a thin line between being bold and overdoing it when it comes to pairing a tie with a necklace. There is an equal chance the pairing would look odd or too much and it looks great. So, to guide you, here are some tips that will be useful when trying this combo out:

Can You Wear a Necklace with a Tie

Have a theme.

A theme guides you based on what look you are going for. It helps you decide which kind of necklace to pair with which kind of tie. Remember what we wear says something about us. It’s an expression of who we are to the world. So, take time to decide on your theme. Is it an overly bold or a subtle look?

Mix and match.

To avoid overdoing it, you have to ensure everything blends well. Match the necklace to the pattern of your tie and the rest of the outfit. You don’t want it to stand out too much, but you also don’t want it to blend into the tie completely.

Can You Wear a Necklace with a Tie

About metal necklaces.

Metal necklaces can be a great compliment, they can also be too flashy if not matched right. A black and white theme would go well with a silver necklace. You could also balance the chain with other accessories like watches, tie clips, or cufflinks. For example, if you choose a gold necklace, pairing it with a gold watch and cufflinks is a great way of balancing things out without being too much.

Think about the size and length of the necklace.

Size and length matter because the longer and thicker a necklace is, the more it stands out. As a result, it may end up being too flashy. But if that’s what you are going for, then there is no problem. For a more subtle look, it would be ideal to pair your tie with a thinner shorter chain to do that chain, so the chain lies just below the tie’s knot. With bowties, however, you may have more room to get away with a little more thickness and length but be careful not to overdo it.

Can You Wear a Necklace with a Tie

Pair with something casual.

A tie is an official touch in contrast to the necklace. For a good balance, you might want to pair the duo with casual items like a denim jacket, or sneakers, or a baseball cap. That way you’re not too official or casual to wear a necklace and tie respectively.



Pairing a tie and necklace in school or at a strictly formal workplace may not be ideal. But other than that, there aren’t any rules against pulling off the look. After all, fashion is about pushing the limits and thinking outside the box, as long as it fits your expression of yourself.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!