Can You Wear A Gold Chain With A Silver Watch?

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Accessorizing is essential in the fashion world. It is how you turn a boring old outfit into something edgy or classy, elevating your overall look from zero to one hundred in no time at all.

Accessories are also important in expressing ourselves. We use them to make a statement about ourselves and our personality. Quite frankly it is difficult to imagine a look without any accessory to pair with it.

But it is not just about wearing the accessories but also how you match them up. It is important to match not just the material but the color and design as well. You don’t want to look tacky or overdo it with the accessories.Can You Wear A Gold Chain With A Silver Watch

The biggest worry most people have when it comes to accessorizing is matching metals. While this is increasingly becoming a trend, many people aren’t sure if it works for them. Matching a silver watch and gold chain is a common concern.

But you don’t have to worry, in this article, we will explore whether or not you can pair the two. We will also share with you tips to help you dress them properly.


Can You Wear A Gold Chain With A Silver Watch?

Can You Wear A Gold Chain With A Silver Watch

There are no hard rules when it comes to accessorizing, but there are a few guidelines. Although it is mostly about being creative and standing out with your accessories, there is a thin line between being unique and looking out of place.

When it comes to accessorizing with metals, the rule of thumb is to always match the metals so you have one tone and a more refined look. That means if you are wearing a silver watch then it should match with your silver chain, belt buckle, cufflinks, earrings, and so on.

Can You Wear A Gold Chain With A Silver Watch

This can, however, be boring. Like we said there are no hard rules when accessorizing. Today there are a lot of accessories that come in two or even three tones. So, yes, it is possible to put on a silver watch and match it with a gold chain.

It adds a twist and vibrancy to your look and breaks the monotony. Given that the look is not everyone’s cup of tea, you do risk looking messy and scattered if the pairing is not done properly.


Is It Tacky To Wear Gold Chain And Silver Watch Together?

Can You Wear A Gold Chain With A Silver Watch

For the major concern people have about pairing different metals, is it tacky? There is no definite answer since accessorizing is subjective and based on personal style.

What you may find appealing may be tacky to someone else. There is, however, a consensus that if the pairing of the watch and chain is paired well then there should be no problem.

To begin with, the chain and watch are worn on different parts of the body. Unless you hold up your hand to your neck, it isn’t that easy to see the contrast between the two metals.

Can You Wear A Gold Chain With A Silver Watch

What’s more, with the trend of mixing metals, gold and silver are usually the most commonly paired. That is because they complement each other well. Silver is subtle in its appeal, while gold adds a colorful and vibrant touch. So, you can be sure neither one will be overpowering the other.

If you are still not sure about mixing the two metals, then remember gold doesn’t just come in yellow. You have the option of pairing a white gold chain with a silver watch.

Can You Wear A Gold Chain With A Silver Watch

The materials will be different but the overall appearance will be the same, with no significant contrast. Still, when it is all said and done, the best way to avoid looking tacky is to own the pairing. Your confidence prevents the look from looking accidental, random, and confused.


Tips For Wearing Gold Chain With A Silver Watch?

As we’ve emphasized throughout this article, how you accessorize the two matters in what the overall look will be. The following are some tips you can apply when pairing a gold chain and silver watch:

Can You Wear A Gold Chain With A Silver Watch

1. Opt for balance.

This is a good rule of thumb when mixing your metals. By this we mean you should balance the amount of silver and gold in your overall look. For women, you can opt to add in gold earrings and silver rings.

For men, you can go with silver cufflinks and a gold buckle. The idea is not to have one metal overpower the other. That way, you end up with a more cohesive look.


2. Consider the colors of your outfit.

Can You Wear A Gold Chain With A Silver Watch

Aside from balancing the amount of silver and gold accessories, you should also think about the colors to incorporate into your outfit.

While silver pairs well with dark and grey clothing, gold pairs well with earthly tones like brown. You can choose to incorporate these colors to help with balancing the whole look.

Can You Wear A Gold Chain With A Silver Watch

3. Own the look.

Confidence is everything in fashion and accessorizing. You can put on the most bizarre things but look cool because you are comfortable and aren’t second-guessing your choice.

Yellow gold and silver may especially be a huge contrast, but once you’ve decided to pair them, stick to your choice all the way, even if a few people throw side glances at you.



Matching silver and gold isn’t something that started recently, this is a trend that dates back to the Victorian ages.

It may not be everyone’s preferred taste but accessorizing is about personal style. You just have to own your look and make it work for you.

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