Can You Wash Your Hands with Your Wedding Ring On? – Quick Tips

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It’s finally happened. You found you a man willing to spend the rest of their life with you, and you still can’t believe it.

To be honest, though, that isn’t the only reason why you are excited about the whole wedding affair – it’s the ring. A beautiful specimen that signifies your love for each other, and what right now feels like your most valued and treasured possession.

You want to keep it safe, and in your life forever; that means that you are always fearful that you might lose the ring in the weirdest or the stupidest of ways, which is why you are not sure if you really need to keep it on or off when washing your hands.

Can You Wash Your Hands with Your Wedding Ring On

You have heard the horrors where people forget and lose their wedding rings by the sink, the frustration from rings going down the drain when washing hands, and the innumerable number of complaints concerning rings lost in pools.

And with all these horror stories, you’ve made up your mind that you will never wear your ring when washing your hands.

But don’t you think that is extreme? Won’t you get used to the ring fitting in your finger too well for you to think of removing it every time you want to wash your hands?

What about the other horrors you have been thinking, the ones telling you that you could nick it, gunk it, knock the stone on the prong setting loose, or that you could chip it?

There’s no stopping this trail of thoughts, it seems.

Well, we have been, and we know way too many individuals who have been where are, which is why we’ve come up with this article.

In it, we’ll help you learn how to best handle your wedding ring, as well as the dos and don’ts around handwashing and wedding rings.

Like anyone else in your position, it is hard to imagine a scenario where you have to take off your wedding ring all the time you want to wash your hands for the rest of your life.


Can you wash your hands with your wedding ring?

Generally, there is no harm in washing your hands with your wedding band on, and let’s be realistic here – you cannot practically remove your ring every time you wash your hands. Stay with us a while – how many times do you go to the loo at the office? Do you want to tell us that you can go, remove the ring, wash your hands, pat dry your hands, maybe warm them, then remember to wear that ring all the time; say 4-6 times a day?

What happens when you forget to put it back on, and you are left worrying if you will find it? What if someone steals it? What if you drop it and fail to notice that you dropped it? What if you misplace it? And what if you place it too close to the sink and it still goes down the drain?

The truth is that there is a lot that could happen to your ring once it’s off your ring finger, and the risk of keeping the ring on as you wash your hands is too low compared to the risk of forgetting or losing it.

The handwashing detergent is gentle, and since you are not handling any abrasives when washing your hands, the ring should be safe. We all know of people who do everything with their wedding rings (except swim), want to know the reason? this post might help you find the answer)and they aren’t really bothered by handwashing. No real damage comes to the ring from handwashing.  Well, unless the ring is made of poor-quality metals and it tarnishes if exposed to water regularly. ( you guys can read the high-quality metal list here: Top 10 Hypoallergenic Metals for Engagement Rings. 

Remember that handwashing isn’t really a risk to your ring, as long as it fits snug, and the ring could also be easily protected by your knuckles. All you need is a wedding ring that fits you perfectly. If it’s too loose, you could lose it, and we recommend resizing it.


When can you remove your ring when washing your hands?

Despite our sentiments above, there are numerous cases where you can comfortably remove your ring to wash your hands. If you are home and need to do the dishes or anything else that needs the full use of your hands or an activity that would be too rough for the ring, then you can remove it.

Note that it’s a good idea to remove the ring at least once a day to avoid the buildup of gunk, dirt, and germs, from makeup, creams, soap, lotions, etc.

Removing it before bed is also an excellent idea, and you can put back on after you’ve moisturized your hands in the morning.


Where to Put the Ring While You Wash?

  • The Ledge of the Tub or Sink

Although placing your ring on the ledge of the tub or the sink come with the risk of the ring falling down the drain, it’s an easy stop and placing it there regularly means that you won’t have to struggle with where you left it.

  • In Your Pocket

Your pocket is an excellent spot for the ring, and you and the ring will be safe and on your person at all times, even if you forget. The problem is that not all your outfits don’t have pockets, and it might be inconveniencing at other times.

  • In the Ring Safe

Of course, you need to buy a ring safe for this, and you cannot carry the safe to work. However, it’s the safest, stylish, cleanest, and easiest option.

  • Between your teeth

It might be awkward, and you might drop the ring, not to mention that uncomfortable sensation of metal against teeth and the dirt on the ring, but you cannot forget the ring. Also, you know all the places your mouth has been.


What to do if you wash your hands with a wedding ring on accidentally?

Well, dry your hands with a paper towel and if you find it absolutely necessary, remove or slide it up and down your finger to it.



Washing your hands with your wedding ring is not the end of the world, but if it bothers you, wipe the ring dry gently after contact with water and put it back on. In most cases, a high-quality ring will remain unchanged after contact with water.

For more wedding ring information, visit this page. Or go to our latest posts for more. 

Hey! I finally find the Answer!