Can You Use Neilmed Wound Wash for Piercings?(Safe or Not)

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Cleaning a new piercing is not a complicated task. But, can you use Neilmed wound wash for piercings?

Piercings are becoming cooler as time passes. No longer is getting two studs on one ear as glamorous as it was in the past.

Today, people are getting more piercings and layering hoops and studs from the lobe to the helix. Many trendy individuals have many piercings scattered around their ears, similar to a constellation, but using discrete studs or hoops to keep the style understated and sophisticated.


As much as piercings are a fun and thrilling way to add some edge to your look, piercings also require special care when handling them, especially if they are new.

No one wants infections to hinder and ruin the beautiful new jewelry on their ears. So, let us find out if you can use Neilmed wound wash for piercings.


Can I use Neilmed wound wash for piercings?

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After getting your new piercing from a professional piercer, it is crucial to maintain sanitary conditions around your new piercing.

Your piercer should recommend some useful aftercare procedures and products to use when cleaning your new piercing.

Piercing aftercare requires gentle solutions that help the body with the healing process. A solution that is too strong may irritate the piercing and further complicate the healing process.

Neilmed wound wash is one of the most effective sterile saline solutions used in cleaning new piercing as well as the upkeep of healed piercings.

Many professional piercers will recommend the use of this saline solution as it comes in the form of gentle mist saline spray with a unique mist tip, ideal for cleaning scrapes and minor wounds.

Its application process is easy to understand and does not require additional assistance. You can spray it over your wound in any direction, including when inverted.

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Is Neilmed wound wash safe for piercings?

As mentioned earlier, Neilmed wound wash is a sterile saline solution that serves as a quick cleaning fix for minor wounds and scrapes.

It consists of 0.9% USP Grade sodium chloride and USP Grade water. This solution provides a portable and convenient cleaning option ideal for surface level cleaning of your piercing.

Neilmed wound wash disinfects your piercings’ surface as its salt dehydrates and kills off the bacteria and germs.

The solution is entirely safe for use for piercings since it is preservative and drug-free, ensuring there are no stinging or burning sensations upon application. It has no additional ingredients, other than the ones mentioned, that are harmful to your piercings.

This product also provides an isotonic environment around your piercing, which is essential for the healing process.

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Not only does it provide the benefits of a natural saline solution, but it also has enzymes that home-made saline does not contain. Saline comes in varying pH levels and may be devoid of all essential trace elements crucial for healing piercings.

Neilmed wound wash provides special attention and care to the piercing to ensure quick and sanitary healing.

By spraying it on the piercing, it soothes the cell walls of the bruised area and helps fight off germs and bacteria capable of causing ear infections.

This sterile saline solution also allows natural and effective cell regeneration and nourishment. It is safe for any piercings, including nipple, navel, and micro dermal, genital, and facial piercings.


How to clean a nose piercing with Neilmed wound wash?

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Cleaning your nose piercing is a crucial piercing aftercare procedure that helps in avoiding infections arising from germs and bacteria. Neilmed wound wash is an effective commercially-made sterile saline solution that is safe for use when cleaning your nose piercing.

It is advisable to use it at least twice a day, morning and evening until it complete healing occurs.

If you clean your nose piercing too often, you may delay the healing process and cause further irritation, while cleaning it less than twice a day may result in ear piercing infections.

Before cleaning your nose piercing, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and water.

Essentially, your piercing is an open wound, and cleaning it with dirty hands may cause an infection. Many professionals recommend applying Neilmed wound wash after taking a shower as it aids in rinsing away the debris.

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 Take your Neilmed wound wash solution and spray a small amount of it in the air to clear the nozzle and test its stream.

Proceed to spray the Neilmed wound wash solution on your piercings from a distance of approximately two to four inches, whichever is more comfortable, and allow it to soak for about 5-10 minutes.

Some people may prefer saturating a paper towel or clean gauze with the solution and putting it over the piercing for five to ten minutes. Close the cap of the solution after use and rotate the stud in your nose piercing to complete the cleaning process.

It is not necessary to clean out all the debris at once.

If you notice some ‘crust’ around your piercing, you will get it next time as over-cleaning your piercing is likely to lead to irritation and delayed healing of your piercing.

Similarly, avoiding irritating the nose piercing at all costs by preventing its contact with unnecessary items.



The pH level and salinity of Neilmed wound wash are ideal for human skin and its healing process. The solution provides an isotonic environment, which is perfect for healing, and it is also free from drugs and preservatives.

As a result, even if you apply this saline solution more than necessary, you will feel no inflammation or burning sensation on your piercing.

Neilmed wound wash is one of the best saline solutions in the market for cleaning piercings.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!