Can You Use Gorilla Glue On Jewelry? (Jeweler’s Answer)

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When making or fixing jewelry, heat, and soldering is not necessarily the only option. Instant glue can also come in handy on many occasions. For example, they can be used to securely and permanently close jump rings.

You could also use them to fix broken pieces of jewelry, especially if the material is heat-sensitive. Among the most popular glue used by jewelers is Gorilla glue.

This glue is popular for its incredible strength and the fact that it’s heat resistant and waterproof. If you haven’t heard of this glue before now you must be wondering, what is gorilla glue? Is it as good as most people claim? Can you use it on jewelry? Well, not to worry, we have all the answers you need on this post.

We are going to walk you through a brief review of gorilla glue and what it is. We will also cover whether it’s a good glue to use on jewelry and some useful tips you can apply, should you decide to use it.


Gorilla Glue Introduction

Can You Use Gorilla Glue on Jewelry?

Gorilla glue has built a name for itself over the years as the go-to solution for almost any DIY project or repair. As mentioned, it is mainly known for its stronghold and the fact that it’s compatible with almost any material from wood to metal.

The glue is also waterproof and resistant to high and low temperatures, meaning it’s the best glue even for outdoor projects.

The glue is a polyutherane formula that is activated by water. It functions by expanding about three times into materials, to form a strong bond between any two surfaces.

As such it should be used sparingly. When using the glue, you first have to dampen the surfaces you’re gluing together, after ensuring they are clean and dust-free.

Can You Use Gorilla Glue on Jewelry

From there apply a bit of the glue evenly on the surfaces; be careful and use gloves while doing this. Clamp the two surfaces together for a stronger bond and let it dry.

Over time there are many types of gorilla glue have come up. Among them is the Gorilla Wood Glue, a special formula created to work on a range of different wood surfaces.

Gorilla super glue has an impact-proof formula that forms a strong bond that can take a hit without coming apart. The superglue also comes in gel form which is easier to use since it doesn’t run and also doesn’t clog.


Gorilla Glue Review

Can You Use Gorilla Glue on Jewelry?

As mentioned, gorilla glue is the go-to adhesive for many repairs whether at home or to fix jewelry. It has a short setting time but is a stronghold for long-lasting repairs.

You can also be sure that the bond it forms doesn’t wear over time, especially since it’s waterproof and temperature resistant. Gorilla glue is also versatile and can be used on different materials. The fact that it has a clear finish when it dries makes it perfect for repairing jewelry discreetly.

According to the manufacturer, the glue is not recommended on polypropylene and polyethylene plastic or any material close to it. It does, however, work best on ceramics.

The packaging of the glue also makes it easier to store. It has an anti-clop cap that’s airtight and has a metal pin on the inside. The following are some of the pros and cons of the glue:

Can You Use Gorilla Glue On Jewelry


  • Very easy to use.
  • Dries in 10-45seconds.
  • Come in gel and liquid form.
  • Is versatile and works on different surfaces.


  • Doesn’t work well on canvas.
  • It may not be entirely waterproof.


Compatible Material of Gorilla Glue

Can You Use Gorilla Glue on Jewelry?

Versatility is one of the major and popular traits of Gorilla Glue. It is useful when it comes to bonding different materials.

You can use it to bond together metal, leather, ceramics, wood, paper, rubber, and more, the least is almost endless. It’s especially said to work well when bonding ceramics.

You can also bond different materials perfectly using this glue. For example, it can bond together metal and ceramic, or leather and wood.

While gorilla glue can be used on plastic, as mentioned, it is not recommended on polyethylene and polypropylene types of plastics.

It may also not be effective on canvas material or something close. Other than that, you can count on gorilla glue to repair or make any piece of jewelry or other projects.


Can You Use Gorilla Glue on Jewelry?  

Can You Use Gorilla Glue on Jewelry?

Given gorilla glue’s compatibility with different materials and its stronghold, you can use it for almost any kind of jewelry craft or repair.

Whether you’re using metal, wood, fabric, or stone you can be sure that gorilla glue will give a long-lasting hold. Gorilla super glue is especially great for metal while gorilla wood glue is specially made for wood. Gorilla epoxy is more suitable for glasses and bonding gemstones to metals.

The fact that the glue is clear makes it better to use on jewelry since it won’t disrupt the design or appeal of the jewelry piece.

Also, considering that you may be wearing the jewelry often, it’s an advantage that gorilla glue is waterproof and its hold doesn’t wear out. So, you don’t have to keep reapplying the glue after some time.  


Is Gorilla Glue Good for Jewelry?

Can You Use Gorilla Glue On Jewelry

Because gorilla glue has an almost permanent string hold, it’s no wonder that most people are skeptical about using glue on jewelry. It may seem especially risky for luxury pieces since a mistake may damage the jewelry and it may be difficult to correct.

Still, gorilla glue is good for jewelry. You just need to be very careful when using it on your pieces. The key is to use the glue sparingly since it expands about three times. Concentrate the glue only in the areas you would like to bond.

That way you won’t have a hard time cleaning up the mess, which may sometimes require a chisel or sandpaper and that may damage the jewelry.


Tips For Using Gorilla Glue on Jewelry

Can You Use Gorilla Glue on Jewelry?

When using gorilla glue, you need to pay attention and be careful, otherwise, you may end a mess that’s too hard to clean. The following are some useful tips for you to keep in mind when you’re using the glue:


1.Always wear gloves

Can You Use Gorilla Glue On Jewelry

This is especially a precaution you should take if you have sensitive skin and/or are prone to skin reaction.

Gorilla glue can be a skin sensitizer, so, avoid getting any on your skin. In the case that you do get some on your skin, use a dry cloth to remove it first, especially if the glue isn’t fully dried.

Try washing the area with soap and cold water or scrubbing it with a gritty exfoliator if the dry cloth doesn’t work. After cleaning, moisturize your hands.

Avoid using alcohol or acetone on the skin, as this will take away the natural oils from your skin, increasing the chances of the glue sticking.


2.Use the glue sparingly

Can You Use Gorilla Glue On Jewelry

When exposed to air and/or water, gorilla glue tends to expand and may not stop for a while. If you use too much glue, you may end up with an overspill that can be difficult to clean.

In case there are spills, and the glue is still tacky, use a dry cloth to wipe and clean the material. You can also add a paint thinner to the cloth if the glue is mostly dry.

If the glue is already dry, you can use a chisel to scrape or pick out the glue. Alternatively, you can also use sandpaper to sand the glue down.


3.Pick the right type of glue for the right material

Can You Use Gorilla Glue On Jewelry

As we’ve mentioned earlier there are several types of gorilla glues that work better on certain surfaces. Using the right glue gives you better results and a stronger hold.

For example, if you’re bonding gemstones to metal, the best gorilla glue to use is the Gorilla Epoxy. If you are using any wood in the jewelry then the best glue is gorilla wood glue.



When it comes to strong long-lasting holds you can never go wrong with gorilla glue. Just ensure you keep the tips we shared with you in mind when using the glue.

You can buy gorilla glue online from their website or platforms like amazon. It could also be available in a hardware store near you.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!