Can You Sleep In A Tiffany Necklace?-My Personal Experience

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Tiffany Co. is one of the popular luxury brands in the world when it comes to jewelry.

Despite being a luxury brand, as with any piece of jewelry, the key to keeping them for a long period is in maintaining them.

Considering buying a Tiffany piece isn’t cheap, most people are always concerned with what they should do to properly maintain their Tiffany jewelry.

When it comes to necklaces, the majority of people wonder whether it is appropriate to sleep in your Tiffany necklace.

Well, that is what this post is for. We will cover whether or not sleeping with a Tiffany necklace is possible.

We will also share other useful tips when it comes to maintaining your piece.


Can You Wear Your Tiffany Thin Chained Necklace To Bed?

Can You Sleep In A Tiffany Necklace

If you are asking whether it is possible to sleep in a thin Tiffany necklace, then yes, it is possible.

After all, it is only a matter of choosing to do so. The better question to ask is, is it advisable to do so?

Then the answer is, no. While a thin necklace is light enough for you to sleep comfortably without feeling it, there are other concerns to consider.

For starters, being a thin chain makes the necklace fragile and more likely to break. Of course, being a luxury brand, Tiffany makes sure to use high-quality durable material, therefore the likelihood of the chain snapping at the slightest tag is slim.

Can You Sleep In A Tiffany Necklace

But that doesn’t mean it is impossible, so why risk it? Even if the necklace doesn’t get caught on something or tagged at and snaps, it could very well strangle you, and that’s a danger in itself.

Another thing to consider is your skin. Those with skin sensitivity may want to avoid sleeping in with their Tiffany necklace on. That’s because the longer you have the necklace on, the more the metal is exposed to sweat, oils, and cosmetics.

This may lead to rashes or at the very least the loss of the necklace’s shine. It is, therefore, wiser to consider in its blue bag to avoid rapid tarnishing or wearing of the necklace.  


Can You Wear Your Tiffany And Co Necklace In The Shower?

Can You Sleep In A Tiffany Necklace

Because the materials used to make Tiffany necklaces are of premium quality, there should be no problem with showering in them. In other words, their necklaces, including their silver ones can get wet with little to no impact.

Most people on different forums have reported showering in their Tiffany necklaces and never noted any damage to them. So, it should generally be okay to shower in your Tiffany necklaces.

We would, however, advise that you refrain from it, or at least not too often, for various reasons. One of them is because showering could induce tarnishing for the silver pieces. What’s more the water you are showering with may not be 100% pure.

There may be certain chemical components in the water of even your soap that could end up reacting with the metal. That is why, on their site, Tiffany Co. advises that while the necklaces may suffer little to no damage, it’s best to avoid wearing them while doing activities like showering.

You should, especially avoid swimming in pools, hot tubs, hot springs, or the ocean while wearing the necklace. The chlorine or salt content may end up damaging the silver pieces especially.

But if you must shower in the necklace, then always remember to pat it dry immediately after showering. Also, ensure you polish the necklace as often as needed to maintain its shine.


How Long Does Tiffany Necklace Last?

Can You Sleep In A Tiffany Necklace

All Tiffany jewelry including their necklaces is built to last a lifetime given the materials used to make them. But of course, that also depends on how well you maintain your necklaces.

That is in terms of wearing, cleaning, and polishing them. Platinum and gold pieces would require less maintenance than sterling silver pieces, that’s because silver tends to tarnish.

You may also need to replate the rhodium on your white gold pieces to maintain their shine. Either way, it’s all about the care you give to your Tiffany necklace.

Of those who have bought Tiffany necklaces, all of them report having hard theirs for a long period without any issue. They claim that the pieces still look great.

Some even state that they have had their pieces for over decades. So, you don’t have to worry about the durability of Tiffany necklaces, whether thin or thick. You’ll likely be able to pass it through generations unless you lose it.


Tips For Storing Your Thin Tiffany Necklace

Can You Sleep In A Tiffany Necklace

Throughout this article, we have emphasized the importance of proper maintenance.

The following are some of the useful tips you could use to maintain your thin Tiffany necklace:

1. Proper storage space

Where you store your necklace is very important. The place should be in a cool and dry place. A tarnish-proof flannel like the one the necklace comes in.

You could also use a good storage box lined with tarnish-proof fabric and separated sections. Also ensure that before storing away your necklace, ensure that it is clean and dry. This will reduce the chances of it tarnishing especially the silver pieces.


2. Keep the necklace separate from the rest of the jewelry

Although the thin Tiffany necklaces are durable, they are more fragile than the thicker ones. As such you should avoid any chance of the necklace breaking.

Storing them with other jewelry like earrings and other necklaces may get it tangled and that would risk breaking it. You should therefore keep the necklaces straightened and separate.

Can You Sleep In A Tiffany Necklace

3. Avoid heavy pendants

Spicing up your necklace with a cute pendant is never a bad idea. However, you may want to avoid heavy necklaces as their weight is likely to snag and even break the necklace.

Light pendants and charms may be more ideal for this kind of necklace. You could also maintain the simple minimalist style by wearing the necklace alone. After all, you’re better off safe than sorry.



Whether thin or thick, Tiffany Co. is made of top-quality material and built to last a lifetime.

While we may not advise it, it is okay to sleep with your thin Tiffany necklaces.

After all, based on what other people have reported, no one has experienced any problem doing so.

But if you notice any damage to the necklace then take off your necklace before bed.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!