Can You Shower With Your Earrings on?(The Ultimate Guide)

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I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all showered with our earrings on. But was that the smartest move? Is it generally safe to shower with your earrings? In as much as it’s recommended that you don’t shower with your earrings or any other kind of jewelry, we love jumping into the shower with the earrings on.

The primary reason why this happens for most people is that some of the smaller stud or loop earrings are quite small, lightweight, and very comfortable in the ear such that after having the earrings on throughout the day, it feels as if the earrings are part of who you are, and since you don’t get fabric or hair caught up in the earrings often, it feels almost natural to walk into the shower with the earrings on, and we also sleep with them on.

Of course, this isn’t often the case when you have bigger earrings on because you somehow know that you need to remove them, either because of the weight or because they get in the way.

Now that we’ve exposed our ways to the world, let’s look at some of the reasons why it’s not a good idea to wear earrings in the shower.

It’s important to keep in mind that in as much as water will not damage the precious metals used to carve out the earrings, water affects that metallic luster negatively, especially if the piece of jewelry is exposed to water for a long time – this happens when you keep your earrings every day and night.

There’s also the fact that steam causes silver to tarnish much faster than it would other normally, and also, exposure to water and soap when bathing would result in the wearing off of a gold plating.

As you can tell from the information above, water affects different metals differently. In the next part of this article, we take a look at the influence of water/ showers on earrings made of different materials.

Guys, we also cover a big topic: what jewelry you can wear in the shower. It is a long post! For more detailed information, read here.


1.Can you shower with diamond earrings?

Technically, you can shower with your diamond earrings, and the shower won’t cause much damage if you keep the earrings on during showers occasionally.

However, there is a risk of damage to the diamond, and you may notice some color changes after some time. The reason for this is that the soap leaves residues on the gemstone, making them less brilliant and dingier.

So, despite the resilience of diamonds, keeping the stud diamond earring on during showers is not the best thing to do. Besides soap, lotions and oils will also dull the diamond’s sparkle.

The good news is that the soap from the shower will not affect the integrity of the diamond.

2.Can you shower with gold earrings?

If we are talking about earrings made of solid, high-quality gold rather than the gold-plated earrings, you will be happy to know that you could shower with the earrings on.

This also applies to the gold-filled earrings, which contain a thick layer of gold. Such gold earrings are more durable, and they will fade too soon.

But there’s one catch – you cannot wear 18k solid gold earrings to the shower even though you can wear the 14k solid gold pieces.

This is because the 18K gold is very soft and more prone to scratching, bending, or scuffing, while 14k is more durable.


3.Can you shower with pearl earrings?

No, you cannot shower with pearl earrings on. Pearls are naturally very delicate in nature, and the pearl’s exterior surface is easily affected by environmental factors.

The delicate nature of pearls, therefore, means that you should keep the pearls away from oils, chemicals, soaps, shampoos, acidic, or alkaline products.

And just don’t shower or swim with your pearls on. You also need to wipe them gently with a soft cloth in case sweat or oils get to the pearls.

4.Can you shower with silver earrings?

Short answer: No. Sterling silver jewelry will tarnish easily when exposed to warm or hot water or even steam, meaning that if you are one to turn your bathroom into some sort of personal sauna, you might want to remove your jewelry beforehand.

Bear in mind that the humidity and steam from the hot showers will act as catalysts that force your sterling silver jewelry to tarnish much faster.

So, in as much as it is generally safe to shower with your sterling silver earrings, there is the chance of faster tarnishing, especially with waters containing salts, chlorine, or other forms of harsh chemicals.


5.Can you shower with fake earrings?

No, you shouldn’t. Most fake or fashion earrings are made of thin gold or sterling silver layers which chip off rather easily, and showering will them on will make it easier for the layer of gold or silver to come off.

6.Can you shower with titanium earrings?

Yes, titanium is a non-reactive/ inert metal that you can wear in the shower.


7.Can you shower with stainless steel earrings?

Yes. High-quality stainless steel is never affected by water, whether hot or cold.

And the best quality sterling steel earrings will not corrode or tarnish when exposed to water, meaning you can shower with these earrings on easily.


8.Can you shower with gold plated earrings?

While it’s safe to shower with solid gold or gold-filled earrings, you should not shower with gold-plated earrings because these only contain an ultra-thin layer of gold, which chips off easily when the earrings are exposed to too much moisture often.

9.Can you shower with Pandora earrings?

It’s recommended that you remove your Pandora earrings when you hop in the shower.

Exposure to water could dull the earrings, and there’s also the fact that these earrings aren’t cheap, meaning you want to protect them as much as possible, and this means keeping it from water.


10.Can you shower with Swarovski earrings?

Well, unless you have the best quality, water-resistant earrings on, it’s a good idea to take off the Swarovski earrings before hopping into the shower.

Most of the Swarovski earrings fall into the fashion jewelry category, and they easily tarnish, especially if they are made of silver or nickel plating.



So, there you have it, a list of metal that you can or can’t wear in the shower.

While some of these metals can be worn in the shower easily, it’s important to keep in mind that your earrings will last longer if you take good care of them, and this means leaving them out of the shower as much as you can.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!