Can You Shower with Ana Luisa Jewellery?(With Care Tips Explained)

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Ana Luisa is a jewellery brand that produces high-quality pieces. Although their pieces are expensive, they are not as pricey as other luxury jewellery brands.

So, you’ve probably bought a piece from Ana Luisa and you’re wondering if it is fine to shower with the jewellery on. Continue reading to find out if is okay and also learn how to care for and store your Ana Luisa jewellery.


About this brand – Ana Luisa jewellery

Can You Shower with Ana Luisa jewellery

Ana Luisa is a jewellery company that sells directly to consumers. The company was founded by Adam Bohbot and David Benayoun in 2019 who believed that high-quality jewellery shouldn’t cost the environment.

Ana Luisa is based in Brooklyn, New York, but their pieces are manufactured in Austria, South Korea and China. Where a piece will be manufactured depends on the finesse and the base metals needed for the piece.

Ana Luisa strives to produce environmentally-friendly pieces. The designs made usually have different styles, gender expressions and sizes in mind. Ana Luisa also offers a wide collection of fine jewellery and engravable jewellery. The brand is nickel-free and hypo-allergic.


Most used metals and materials in Ana Luisa jewellery

Can You Shower with Ana Luisa jewellery

The majority of the Ana Luisa jewellery is gold-plated. The major materials used in the production of their pieces are; diamonds, enamel, gemstones, pearls, solid gold and sterling silver.

Diamonds used in Ana Luisa jewellery are lab-grown but they’re still as clear and brilliant as natural diamonds. According to their website, Ana Luisa uses this kind of diamond because it is cruelty-free.

Ana Luisa has enamel jewellery whose metal has been coated colourfully. The enamel coating is achieved by applying a powder or paste on the metal surface of the jewellery and then heating it to high temperatures of more than 1500 degrees to combine the metal with the paste or powder. This fusion of the powder and the metal produces the colourful coating of the jewellery.

Ana Luisa also uses gemstones that are transparently sourced in their jewellery.

Can You Shower with Ana Luisa jewellery

Another material in Ana Luisa’s jewellery is pearls. There is a pearl jewellery collection on their website.

Gold is another material used in Ana Luisa’s production. The gold used is 100% recycled according to their official website. Recycled gold is acquired from gold that is mined and mixed with other natural materials.

Recycled gold can also be acquired by breaking down items that were made of gold and reusing the gold for jewellery. The majority of the Ana Luisa jewellery is gold-plated.


Can you shower with Ana Luisa jewellery? Why?

Can You Shower with Ana Luisa jewellery

No. You cannot shower with most of their jewellery. Showering with gold-plated jewellery is not a good choice. The jewellery will lose its lustre soon or later. Or will tarnish faster.

On the FAQ section on their website, Ana Luisa advises customers to keep their jewellery away from perfume, water, deodorants, lotions or anything wet. These substances may cause oxidization, therefore causing the pieces to tarnish.

The brand recommends not wearing your jewellery during activities that might wet them, like showering and swimming. The steam from the shower may also cause rusting on your jewellery over time.


Tips for storing your Ana Luisa jewellery

Can You Shower with Ana Luisa jewellery

For your Ana Luisa jewellery to serve you for a long time, you need to store your pieces properly. The following are tips for storing your Ana Luisa pieces;

1. Store your Ana Luisa jewellery in a cool and dry place.Keep water, cosmetics and perfume away from your pieces. This will maintain the radiance of your jewellery and prolong its life.

2. Ana Luisa jewellery comes in a pouch.Make sure you take care of it and always store your jewellery in this pouch. The storing pouch will keep dust and humidity from invading your pieces.

Can You Shower with Ana Luisa jewellery

3. Be sure to store your Ana Luisa jewellery in a spot where the piece won’t be rubbing against other items, causing friction.Friction will cause scratches on your jewellery resulting in the coat coming off.

4. Be sure to clean your Ana Luisa jewellery properly and regularly. Gently clean with a clean micro-fibre cloth or soft cotton before storing the piece.



Ana Luisa offers amazing quality jewellery. Being diligent in taking care of your pieces and storing them properly will preserve the quality and appearance of your Ana Luisa jewellery.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!