Can You Sell Used Clothes On eBay?(Quick Answer)

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When it comes to e-commerce, eBay is one of the oldest and most successful websites on the internet. If you do a lot of online shopping, you are sure to have heard of it, or come across it, or even used it. What makes eBay so popular is its auction method of operation. It allows its members to sell to other members by putting up a listing of items they want to sell and holding an auction for them. The highest bidder gets the product.

What’s more, you can get almost anything on eBay, from brand new to second-hand, branded, or generic. There are many categories on the site from electronics to clothing. The most asked question, however, is whether you can sell used or second-hand clothing on the site.

In this post, not only will we answer this question but we will also offer tips on how you can successfully sell used clothes on eBay.


Can You Sell Used Clothes on eBay?

Can You Sell Used Clothes On eBay

After electronics, clothes are the most bought category on eBay. Still, many people are skeptical about how successful it would be selling used clothes on the platform. Some believe that there is already high competition in the clothes category, with people selling new or branded clothes. Others aren’t sure whether eBay allows the seller to sell used clothes, or if there is a policy against selling them.

The truth is however, you can sell almost anything on eBay and that includes used clothes. Many people have been successfully doing it. There is also a policy that governs the selling of used clothes on eBay.

According to the policy, you can sell any used clothing apart from used undergarments and socks. These include boxer shorts, briefs, panties, and diapers. Used bras are however an exception. The policy also states that the clothes should be properly cleaned and sanitized before selling them on the platform. While selling the item, you should include a statement that the item being sold has been cleaned properly. You are also not allowed to use any image or language that would fetishize the item being sold. That includes making personal statements about the models wearing the items.

The policy is put in place to safeguard the buyers and ensure they get clean and stain-free items. If you adhere to the policy, you can sell used clothes on the platform without any problem. If you fail to follow the policy, then eBay will be forced to either close or hide your listing, demote it by reducing the selling rate, or suspend/ restrict your account.


How Much Can You Make Selling Used Clothes on eBay?

Can You Sell Used Clothes On eBay

There isn’t a simple and standard answer as to how much you can make selling clothes on eBay. Some have claimed that it’s a profitable venture, while others complain that not a lot of people buy used clothes from eBay. It all boils down to the individual seller.

As you know, eBay works on an abiding system. That means you get to dictate the minimum price you want for your item and then pick the highest bidder. How much you make will mainly depend on what your minimum asking price was. If your minimum price is higher than most sellers selling similar clothes, then it’s likely you won’t make a lot of sales. Of course, you also have to consider which items of clothing sell best. If you’re selling sweaters but buyers are mostly going for t-shirts and jeans, then you’re likely not to make that many sales.

Before deciding to start selling used clothes on this platform, you need to do your research. Find out what are the best-selling items. Look at the price ranges of the items and come up with the best price that will give you an edge over your competition while still making you a profit. Most used clothing items range from $10-$40. The price can how however go even lower than $5 and higher than $100, It all depends on the quality and demand of the item. You also need to look into the shipping policies and be careful not to underestimate how much shipping will cost for the buyer. Once you have taken all of this into consideration you should be able to make the right decisions that will allow you to make a profit on the platform.


Tips For Selling Used Clothes on eBay.

Can You Sell Used Clothes On eBay

Selling clothes in general, let alone used clothing, can be a competitive niche on eBay. You, therefore, need a strategy to help you stand out from your competition without hurting your profits. The following are some useful tips you can apply to help you sell used clothes on eBay:

1.Select the items for your listing.

Not all second-hand clothes are in good condition, so you want to be sure the items you pick for your inventory are in good condition. You can buy the clothes from a thrift store and resell them at a profit. Alternatively, you can pick out the clothes you no longer wear that are still in good condition. Avoid having high return items in your inventory. Once your items have been selected, clean them and iron them.

2.Display the clothes on a mannequin.

As you take pictures of the clothes, you can always lay them out on a surface. They, however, would look better when displayed on a mannequin. It gives the buyers a more realistic vision of what the clothing would look like them, which will convince them to buy.

Can You Sell Used Clothes On eBay

3.Take 360-degree photos.

To add the visual experience of the buy, ensure you display photos of the front, back, and sides of the clothes. It’s also advisable to include pictures of the brand and size tags. Most buyers prefer looking at pictures rather than read the description, so let the pictures carry the full story. That way, you will be protected as the seller, in that the buyer will not return the item under the context of “not as described”.

4.Include the measurements in the description.

The biggest downside of buying clothes online as opposed to in stores is that buyers don’t have the chance to try on the clothes without buying them. As a result, most buyers may be skeptical about buying clothes online if they aren’t sure about the sizes. To increase your chances of selling the clothes, ensure that you inform them clearly about the measurements of each size.

5.Describe the fabric content of each item.

This is important since some buyers may be allergic or sensitive to certain fabrics. Other buyers are very specific about what types of fabrics they put on. As such, it helps to state the fabric content of the clothes, for example, whether it’s 100% cotton or if it contains 20% polyester. Buyers will find the information useful and be more inclined to buy.

Can You Sell Used Clothes On eBay

6.Add the washing instructions.

As you may know, each fabric has a particular way of cleaning. Some are higher maintenance than others, which buyers often tend to avoid. Specifying how to care for the fabric also protects you as the seller. Although unlikely, buyers cannot blame you for selling low-quality items after damaging the fabric by not handling it incorrectly.

7.Offer a generous return policy.

As we’ve mentioned, buyers are often skeptical about buying cloth items online. There is always the risk that it may not fit or it wasn’t the correct color. Having a longer or lenient return policy will not only convince your customers but also puts you higher in a search on eBay. To be safe, however, include a disclaimer that the items must be returned with the tag and with no new damages.



Although some people might say that there is no profit selling used clothes on eBay, most would argue that it’s simply a matter of understanding the market. Also, appearance is everything. People will buy what is visually appealing to them. eBay offers a great platform that’s provided you with a vast market, you just need to know how to play your cards right.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!