Can You Mix Silver And Rose Gold Jewelry?-Check our Advice

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In a world where self-expression is key, there have been a lot of new jewelry trends that have come up in the recent century that promote this. These trends go against the old-fashioned rules, like wearing mixed metals.

Today, this trend is picking up by the day, with more and more people adopting it into their style. Gold and silver seem to be the common choice for many.

What holds some people back from this trend, however, is the concern that certain gold tones like rose gold may not pair well with silver. Well in this article we will explore how appropriate it is to wear silver with rose gold.

We will also offer you tips on how to wear the two metals appropriately.


Can You Wear Rose Gold And Silver Together?

Can You Mix Silver And Rose Gold Jewelry

In the past, the rule of thumb when dealing with metal jewelry is that you should always ensure they matched. This was so that you could have a cohesive look. Mixing the metals at the time was a big NO in the jewelry industry.

Over time a new opinion that supported mixing metals was introduced and has slowly been accepted especially in today’s fashion that is geared towards being outside the norm.

Fashion is what you make it so there are no hard rules. Also, jewelry is used to express yourself, your personality, and your sense of style. So, you can create whatever unique look you can come up with using any material you wish, and that includes mixing metals.

So, yes, you can wear silver and rose gold together. Doing so will give you room to play with more color and style, to create an amazing look.

What makes the two metals work is that both of them are subtle tones. They both work for fairer skin tones. Silver however is linked to the greyish tone, while the pinkish hue of the rose gold adds a beautiful warmth and touch of color to the mix.

Because neither of the colors is flashy you can be sure they will not overpower each other. The contrast in color will instead help them stand out more.


Can You Wear Rose Gold With White Gold?

Can You Mix Silver And Rose Gold Jewelry

As you may know, gold comes in a variety of tones. That has to do with the type of metals mixed with the gold to create the final alloy. We are all used to yellow gold which is the natural color in its pure form.

White and rose gold, however, are also common variations that we see often. White gold is specially paired with diamonds in engagement rings because it helps the stone stand out more.

Rose gold on the other hand is mainly paired with rosy-colored gems to help enhance their sparkle. But how would the two variations of gold look paired together?

White gold isn’t that different from silver. They both have that silvery white tone, on that white gold may have a bit of a yellow tinge if not plated with rhodium.

Considering this, then it shouldn’t be a problem, pairing up white gold with rose gold, The two would complement each other just as much as rose gold and silver. The value of white and rose gold would, however, obviously be more than silver and rose gold.

There have been many people who have hopped on this trend even today. Some have combined the two tones in their wedding bands. For example, the engagement ring could be made of white gold or silver, while the wedding band is made of rose gold.

There have also been those who’ve tried mixing metal when layering their necklaces or stacking their bangles. Either way, the result is always stunning, vibrant, and colorful.


7 Tips For Wearing Silver And Rose Gold Jewelry Together.

Can You Mix Silver And Rose Gold Jewelry

The following are some useful tips you can use when mixing silver and rose gold jewelry, to ensure you are accessorizing properly:

1. Start by wearing one combined piece.

The two-toned jewelry is popular today. You can find them in rings, necklaces, earrings, and many other variations. Wearing a two-toned silver and rose gold piece gives you a base to wear the different metals in other jewelry regions.

For example, you can put on two-toned necklaces and then pair them with rose gold earrings and silver bracelets or rings. The combined piece is like a bridge for the two tones. It kind of unifies the entire look.


2. Layer bracelets and necklaces.

The trend of mixing metals shine when layering and this works best with bracelets or necklaces. The whole idea of layering is to play around with different textures, colors, and lengths.

It is the perfect way to try out mixing rose gold and silver and see how you like it, especially if you are still on the fence about it. The layering makes the mixing of metals look purposeful and not just some random and confused look.

Can You Mix Silver And Rose Gold Jewelry

3. Create a balance.

This is important for achieving a cohesive look. That means that you should repeat each metal at least once.

So, if you are wearing rose gold rings you can add a silver necklace, and maybe rose gold bracelets and silver rings.

Again, this shows that there was a purpose to your style.


4. Stick to a similar style.

When mixing metal while layering, there is no need to play around with the thickness and chain design as well.

This will look overwhelming and tacky. It is better to stick to the same style and thickness and play around with the color and length.

This is simpler and more appealing to look at.


5. Think about the color of your outfit.

Can You Mix Silver And Rose Gold Jewelry

When deciding to mix metals, be clear about your aim. Do you want them to stand out or be subtle?

This will matter when choosing the color of the outfits you want to pair with them.

A white tee and jeans are the best canvas to help the two metals stand out and make a statement.

You might want to avoid loud colors and busy patterns as they may take away from the whole point of mixing your metal jewelry.


6. Consider your skin tone.

As much as you may want to pair silver with rose gold, the tones don’t always work for all skin tones.

Fairer skin tones with red undertones, for example, will not look flattering in rose gold.

Dark and olive skin tones might be able to pull off the pairing though.

Can You Mix Silver And Rose Gold Jewelry

7. Pick the right occasion.

While silver can be sophisticated and fit perfectly into a formal setting, rose gold is flirtier and more casual. You can, however, pair the two in a way that would work, you just need to be creative and own the style.



When it comes to mixing metal, be ready to think out of the box.

The whole idea is to go outside the norm. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and most importantly, own the style you create.

As they say, your style is only as good as the confidence with which you wear it.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!