Can You Just Buy A Tiffany Setting Only?-Quick Answer!

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What do you do if you only need to find a piece genuine 100% Tiffany ring setting, but not the whole ring or set? Can you find a standalone Tiffany setting, and if you do, can you trust the quality of the setting? Keep reading to learn more about the Tiffany settings.

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What is a Tiffany Setting?


A Tiffany setting, for an engagement ring, for example, is considered a design masterpiece in the jewelry world, and these settings often make the most iconic designs for engagement rings. The Tiffany setting is engineered flawlessly in an elegant and sturdy 6-prong setting.

Keep in mind that a ring’s setting refers to exactly how the gemstone is mounted or set on the metal band. The ring settings are important because they highlight the full beauty of the engagement diamond ring.


What makes Tiffany Setting special?

Can You Just Buy A Tiffany Setting Only

It’s worth noting that the Tiffany Setting is a trademarked Tiffany design element that dates back to 1886 during the brand’s earliest days. It is, therefore, considered the standard for engagement rings by Tiffany, and as we know them today, the Tiffany Setting sports an iconic design featuring brilliant round-cut round diamonds set on a 6-prong setting.

Thanks to the design of the setting, the diamond is raised beautifully above the engagement ring’s band into the light, resulting in the most brilliant stone. Note that the diamonds used also sport the best quality cuts and meet the highest industry standards.

Can You Just Buy A Tiffany Setting Only

And unlike other ring settings, the Tiffany Setting is special and unique thanks to Tiffany’s use of elegant and premium-quality Triple and exquisitely-cut diamonds, leading you with the highest grade of ring setting throughout the jewelry world.


Does Tiffany’s sell settings separately?

Well, Tiffany & Co boasts the highest set standards and requirements for their diamonds, and these standards must be met for the diamond/ ring setting to be considered as a True Tiffany diamond. To ensure that the high standards are adhered to throughout and to avoid the use of low-grade diamonds, Tiffany doesn’t encourage the sale of their settings separately.

With too many counterfeiters in the jewelry world, not selling the diamond settings separately from the real diamonds ensures that the quality of Tiffany-approved diamonds is maintained. At the end of the day, Tiffany remains invested in the quality and the highest feel for fantasy jewelry, which is why Tiffany is against selling the Tiffany Setting as a standalone piece.

So, if you want a Tiffany ring and/or setting, you should order the ring from Tiffany’s official page and know that unless you are buying a used Tiffany ring or setting from the pawnshop, the Tiffany Setting you are considering might not be a genuine piece.

But if you insist on the Tiffany Setting, that is, the diamondback with the 5 channel-set stones on each side, you may have to settle for a customized option from a different jeweler. You will have a custom set ring that looks like Tiffany’s but not an actual Tiffany ring setting.

Can You Just Buy A Tiffany Setting Only

This might be a more affordable option, but the idea would only fly if you know that what you’ll be getting is not a real Tiffany. Working with a different jeweler means sharing the ring’s or setting’s design with them for a customized setting in your size. And as mentioned above, it might be an affordable option for you if you cannot afford an actual Tiffany.

It’s a risky approach, though – and if you cannot find an actually experienced jeweler whose work is known and also for the high and desirable level of craftsmanship, this might be a bad road to go down on.



Whether you are looking for the unique and trademarked Tiffany Setting that set the company on the map after its introduction in 1886, the Solitaire, halo, or the 3-stone engagement ring setting, you will only have guarantees for quality and the authenticity of the ring by investing in an actual Tiffany’s ring/ setting.

Essentially, Tiffany has set such high standards for their rings, and despite the different settings, they are all made out into rings, and it’s almost impossible to buy the setting alone. If you come across an attractive offer, we recommend that you take your time before you make that purchase.

The good news is that Tiffany offers a wide selection of engagement rings and ring settings beyond the Tiffany Setting.

The other settings by Tiffany include the prong, pave, bead, channel, bezel, burnish, cathedral, and tension settings for the rings.

These are not sold as standalone ring settings but as actual rings, which means that it is hard to purchase a standalone ring setting by Tiffany. Read more tips here or here!

Hey! I finally find the Answer!