Can You Get A Temporary Engagement Ring? – Detailed Answer by Jeweler

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Popping the question is kind of a big deal, and for the person who decides to propose to their partner, it is one of the biggest moments of their lives.

But between knowing that you know to propose and the actual proposal, there’s always a lot to be done and financial planning to be done.

But then, what happens when you know that you are ready to propose but you don’t have the final dream engagement ring, can you have some sort of placeholder, perhaps one that is not a promise ring.

Is there something different for you to try out, perhaps a temporary engagement ring?


What is a Temporary Engagement Ring?

Can You Get A Temporary Engagement Ring

With more couples and individuals revamping the age-old marriage and wedding traditions, the whole world of engagement rings is also being overhauled, and today, more people believe that the idea of proposing, particularly with a temporary engagement ring is on the rise.

It is one of the trendiest forms of proposals, but at the same time, it might not be something for everyone. So, what is it?

Well, the idea of temporary engagement rings was created and inspired by the Gemist brand that launched their first proposal experience box package.

Can You Get A Temporary Engagement Ring

The box featured three stand-in rings designed specifically for proposals and it was designed for couples who didn’t want a final engagement ring during the proposal, instead, they wanted the actual engagement rings designed after the engagement.

The founder of Gemist, Madeline Fraser, notes that the whole idea of proposing to your partner using a stand-in or a temporary engagement ring isn’t really new, even though more people keep embracing it and have embraced it for years.

However, it has been on the rise in the past few years, especially among millennials and Gen-Zers, who are, without a doubt, changing the way we think about engagements and marriages.

Can You Get A Temporary Engagement Ring

These couples go against the grain and no longer follow the traditional rules of partnerships, and so, they are also changing consumer behavior.

In many ways, the new generation couples are taking a more natural and realistic approach to things, because we can all agree that at the end of the day, very few of couples that get engaged actually get married, and even if they do, most marriages end up in divorce.

At the same time, there is the high cost of engagement rings, and buying a temporary engagement ring offers a nice financial and emotional buffer should things go sideways.

Can You Get A Temporary Engagement Ring

And even if things work out, the temporary engagement ring gives couples time to find, customize, and buy the right engagement for them.

Since the idea of surprising someone you love is grand,  but also risky because you may get the wrong ring, the temporary engagement ring means that couples get to go out together to buy the engagement ring together, choosing the ring that that they can afford and also the ring they love.

In other words, the temporary engagement ring allows couples to choose the ring that they love. Because of the finality of the final engagement ring, a temporary engagement ring gives couples time to decide if they really want to move things along or not.

Can You Get A Temporary Engagement Ring

So, you could think of the temporary engagement ring as a stand-in ring meant to be used only during the proposal, and it’s to be replaced later on by the real/ authentic engagement ring.

In most cases, the temporary rings are not as valuable as the traditional engagement ring, and in most cases, the ring is made of cheaper, diamond alternatives.

The temporary engagement rings do, however, look as good as the real diamonds, meaning you could think of the temporary engagement rings as replicas.

Can You Get A Temporary Engagement Ring

The common materials used to make the temporary engagement rings include rhodium plated or sterling silver temporary rings set with Swarovski crystals or even Cubic zirconia.

You could, however, repurpose the temporary engagement ring or you could also keep it after you get the real engagement ring. The temporary engagement ring also makes a great travel ring for safekeeping.


Is it ok to propose with a temporary ring?

Can You Get A Temporary Engagement Ring

Yes, there is no problem or harm in proposing to someone you love with a temporary engagement ring.

As the name suggests, the ring serves as a stand-in ring which gives you time to find the dream/ final engagement ring.

And after getting the final ring, you can use the stand-in ring as a travel ring because it is cheaper and much more affordable.


Why temporary rings are getting more popular?

Can You Get A Temporary Engagement Ring

The temporary engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular today and there are many reasons for this, including financial and social reasons.

For most millennials and gen-Zers, the temporary rings are stand-in rings designed to be given to partners during the proposal as one works on buying the final engagement ring to give their partner.

According to the creator of the ring, Gemist Madeline Fraser, the ring is ideal for individuals that hope to go through the whole proposal thing in a different way, focusing on the partnership rather than putting too much time and effort on the engagement process.

This innovated approach is ideally followed by couples not interested in following the normal and the traditional rules when it comes to marriage and engagements. The temporary rings are also popular because the couple gets time to look for the right ring together.


Why is this trend getting more popular?

Some of the many reasons for the popularity of the temporary engagement rings are as follows:


I. Time

Can You Get A Temporary Engagement Ring

The temporary ring gives couples time to design the final engagement ring.

After the proposal with the temporary ring, couples have the opportunity to choose a final engagement ring that they can afford, and one whose settings, center stone shape, and other design features match their unique style.

The process doesn’t have to be rushed, and there isn’t too much pressure on getting the right final engagement ring.

For the most part, the engagement ring allows couples to ease into everything and to buy the engagement ring at their own time.

Designing the ring together also reduces thee risk of getting the wrong ring, and makes everyone happy at the end of the day.


II. Financial Gains

Can You Get A Temporary Engagement Ring

The temporary engagement ring is also a great option that comes with great gains financially. In the long run, it saves money because if you have to propose with a ring that your partner ends up hating, you will lose a great deal of money.

There is also the anxiety and the stress that come with choosing the wrong engagement ring, especially when you are cash-strapped.

But if you give it time with a stand-in ring, you may end up finding a cheaper ring later, and also, the ring you find will be the perfect option for you if you want to avoid nay kind of uncertainty around the engagement ring.


III. Preservation of the element of surprise and perfect photo op sessions

Can You Get A Temporary Engagement Ring

The temporary engagement ring is also a great proposal prop that preserves the element of surprise for the proposal, and it also ensures that there is a ring for the proposal photos.

This works quite well for couples that are not settled on the final engagement ring yet, and they need time, so the proposal allows for preparation time.

Can You Get A Temporary Engagement Ring

  • Also, the ring alleviates all the stress that comes with shopping for a new engagement ring. Understanding things like the 4Cs of diamonds often take time, but the process shouldn’t be rushed. And thanks to the temporary engagement rings, the stress is reduced.
  • And finally, the stand-in engagement ring idea offers an empowering way to revamp traditions. The ring offers a special and a practical way of demonstrating your love for each other, and setting up new traditions.

Tips for Proposing with a Temporary Ring

Can You Get A Temporary Engagement Ring

  • Choose one of the most beautiful rings you can find
  • Have the right words to explain why you’re buying the stand-in ring while proposing, and weave the words into the proposal
  • After the proposal, go with your partner to buy the forever engagement ring


You can get a temporary engagement ring for your partner if you are not sure or if you are looking for a cheaper option before you invest in something more valuable and final.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!