Can You Get A Class Ring After You Graduate?(Quick Answer)

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When is the ideal time to buy a class ring? Would you still need a class ring after you’ve graduated?

If you are into the all-American idea of wearing class rings to celebrate your graduation and to commemorate your life in high school, the class ring is an awfully great idea for you.

However, there are times when you’d have to reconsider the thought of keeping the ring on or buying it after your graduation.

To learn more about class rings and the most appropriate time to wear them, this article is just for you.


When do you get a class ring in college?

Can You Get A Class Ring After You Graduate

In most cases, the ideal time for you to order your class ring is after going through at least 70 hours of your college coursework towards your degree.

Essentially, the class ring signifies the nearing end of your college career, and it allows you to celebrate your years of hard work in school.

So, if you are planning in advance and you need to make sure that you will have your class ring in time for graduation, you should think about getting your class ring a few weeks or months before your graduation.

During this time – the minimum of 70 hours of coursework done, you can get the ring’s details taken – that is, the size of the ring, the school name, and your preferred personalization details. Since the class rings are often meant to look different but with some common features for all the rings, make sure that you order your class ring on time.


Can you get a class ring after you graduate?

Can You Get A Class Ring After You Graduate

Although most dealers of class rings prefer getting their orders for class rings before graduation for all students, there is a chance that you order your class ring after graduating.

However, you could get the ring made only if the supplier or the retailer still has the rings in stock, especially for the rings from specific schools where a specific ring model would be preferred.

In case the supplier or source is out of the ring model, and you need to get the ring after graduation, you may have to order the ring from a different supplier. In such cases, you’d want to find the picture of the class ring that they’d have to make the copy from.

In most cases, the ring will cost much more if you get the custom piece made from one of the top retailers. Some of the retailers can reproduce the class ring designs, but it’s not always the case.

Also, it might cost a little more to get the class ring made after graduation, especially if they have to mold just one class ring.


Is it too late to get a class ring?

Can You Get A Class Ring After You Graduate

Well, it’s never really that late for you to order the class ring. Most of the companies that make class rings would still take late orders for class rings. You only need to place your order online then email them your order.

For the late ordering, however, you’d have to pay a little more than you would if you placed the order for the class ring before your graduation. If you are ordering the class ring from a big company like Jostens, you will be happy to know that they would be willing to reproduce the ring. They may have to contact the school for the original ring, but they’d make the ring for you.


Is it weird to wear your class ring after you graduate?

Can You Get A Class Ring After You Graduate

Well, it might come off as a little weird to some to wear your class ring after graduation, but if you treasure your class ring and need to replace it, then it really isn’t weird to replace the ring.

The class ring is a piece of jewelry just like any other kind of jewelry, and there is nothing weird about wearing your class ring after graduation. In fact, the class ring would be an important accessory for you if you hold your college years close. The class ring will also be a good option for you if you are attending an interview or a networking event where the class ring would move things in a different direction for you.

If the ring is made of high-quality metals, for example, then wearing the class ring wouldn’t be the worst idea.


Can I get a replacement class ring?

You could replace your class ring in these simple steps:

Can You Get A Class Ring After You Graduate

  1. First, identify where you bought the class ring from, and then make contact with the retailer. If you got the ring from school, you’d have to contact the school first, then determine if the retailer offers warranties on some ring styles and whether replacing it would be an affordable option for you.
  2. Look for the pictures of the class ring you’d lost. You could look it up online or ask your friends for a picture of the class ring. These details of the class rings will help the retailer to create your replica.
  3. Look for the ring’s interior lining to look for the hallmark. The hallmark is common with class rings by top brands like Jostens and Herff Jones. The hallmark imprint in the ring allows the retailer or the manufacturer to recreate the ring correctly.
  4. Next, reach out to the manufacturer of the ring and check with them for the name of your class ring and if the ring is still in their system. Check the ring’s warranty details from the manufacturer, and determine if the ring looks like the one you had on originally.
  5. If you still cannot find the ring, it might be time to look up the ring on the top online stores for class rings for a ring that resembles your old ring.


How do you wear your class ring after you graduate?

The class ring is ideally worn on the ring finger on your right hand. Generally, the school insignia will be facing inwards, facing you before graduation, and after graduation, the insignia faces outwards for the world to see.



You could get your class ring after graduation, whether because you lose the ring or if you were late in placing your order for the class ring. There is nothing really weird about getting and wearing the class ring after you graduate.

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