Can You Add Length To A Gold Rope Chain?-Quick Tips

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If you have a gold rope chain but don’t feel comfortable with the length of the chain or just want more of a long rope chain for the perfect casual look, you will be happy to know that you don’t have to buy a new gold rope chain necklace and that you can actually add length to the existing rope chain.

While the design of the rope chain makes it particularly hard to change or add to the chain’s length in between the bands, there is a simpler way for you to make the chain longer. In this article, we’ll share an effective solution on how to extend the length of your rope chain. So, let’s get to it!


Can a jeweler make a chain longer?

can you add length to a gold rope chain

Yes. Experienced professional jewelers would be able to make your rope chain longer with much ease, often by splitting and then soldering the added sections to make it longer. Unfortunately, this might not be the most effective remedy, which is why we recommend the use of a chain extender.

The extender attaches to the ends of the rope chain, making it longer. So, thanks to the chain extender, the structural integrity and the design of the initial rope chain are maintained, and when you need to wear the chain necklace at a shorter length, then you still would be able to.


Can you add length to a gold rope chain?

can you add length to a gold rope chain

Yes, you could add length to your gold rope chain, but only if you add an extender to it through the clasps at the ends. This is the easiest and perhaps the most practical way for you to add length to your rope chain.


Tips for making your rope chain longer at home

  1. Use the extendable chain

To add to the length of your gold rope chain by, say, 2”, you could use the extendable chain. Thanks to this extendable chain, you add an extra two inches to the hanging length of the chain, and the best part is that you add the extender to the back of the neck of the chain.

can you add length to a gold rope chain

This not only adds the length of the chain but is also an attractive feature that you get to add to the chain. It may have a tag or a charm. Most of the extendable chains are for the 16-18” chains, and there also are 20-22” length chains.

Keep in mind that the extendable chain or the extender/extension chain is between 4 and 8cm in length, and it’s just like any other chain but with a shorter length. You will attach it to your existing chain using a jump ring, then increase its overall measurements for the kind of length that suits you.

If you want to make the chain longer, permanently, you may want to get it soldered up by the jeweler. This soldering will be done on one end, and the other end has a clasp that you join to the other end of the necklace.


  1. Use jump rings

To ensure that the clasp is well secured to the body of the extender chain, especially if there are smaller links along with a larger clasp, you may want to add an additional jump ring to add to its length. This ensures the right length of the chain and a more comfortable fit.

can you add length to a gold rope chain

  1. Add some decorative elements.

You may want to add some decorative elements to the extender chain if you are looking to make it less obvious that you added the extender chain.

Most of the extender chains feature a variety of droppers that create the perfect decorative feel.

Some droppers come with large and also loose curb chains that are linked to the chain and can house any type of clasp.

Thanks to the dropper, you won’t have to add any additional jump rings.


  1. Solder or attach the jump ring to the chain

Depending on your preference, you could either attach the extender chain to the existing chain either with the jump ring or solder it for permanence.

can you add length to a gold rope chain

  1. Seamless extension

If you are looking for an extendable chain for your standard gold rope chain, especially one with definable limits, then you could add a seamless extender.


  1. Opt for the adjustable chains

Based on the design or the type of the rope chain, you could take it to the jeweler, who would help in accommodating a design request to make adjustments to the length of the chain.

You could lengthen it by adding an add-on extension if the chain allows.

Thanks to this option, you can easily open or close the chain’s clasp, and this would make the chain longer and more versatile.



If you are looking for a simple way to extend the length of the rope chain necklace, we hope that this guide gives you the answers and enhances the versatility of the chain.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!