Can Wearing Rings Cause Arthritis?(Detailed Answers in 2024)

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Rings are great jewelry pieces that add an edgy touch to your overall look. There many reasons people wear rings. It could be their preferred piece of jewelry, the meaning behind the ring or they simply like the design.

When it comes to the relation between rings and arthritis, some studies show certain rings help in treating arthritic fingers. But have you ever wondered whether rings could also be responsible for the condition?

In this post, we’ll be discussing the relationship between rings and arthritis, especially gold rings. We will also look at tips to help with wearing rings on arthritic fingers.


Can Wearing Rings Cause Arthritis? Why?

Can Wearing Rings Cause Arthritis

Arthritis is a painful condition known to attack the joints including those in your fingers. Its normally characterized by swelling, stiffness, and pain and can sometimes even limit mobility.

According to research, the condition is known to be caused by problems in the metabolic or immune system. It is also considered to be genetic and promoted by an unhealthy lifestyle. That means improper diets, lack of exercise, and other actions like wearing stilettos for women.

When it comes to wearing rings, however, there are no known studies that show the role worn rings play in causing arthritis. There are, however, various studies that demonstrate the therapeutic power certain rings have in treating arthritis. Such rings include metal rings, sing splits, and magnetic rings. According to some studies, it was observed that arthritic patients who wore rings most or all the time, experienced less damage to the knuckle joints of their ring fingers.

Magnetic rings for example are said to relieve pain and inflammation of the finger joint, by improving blood circulation. This is said to be possible due to the natural magnetic field of the body as well as, the ions in the blood. Ring splints are also helpful in limiting stress applied to the joint hence reducing the damage. This is because their oval-eight loop design made with flexible metal material helps in supporting the joints.

Therefore, wearing rings will not cause Arthritis. Although wearing rings on swollen fingers can be painful. That is why arthritic individuals are advised to wear expandable or adjustable rings.

That way the rings can easily fit without inflicting pain. There are also magnetic rings that have been said to relieve pain through improved blood circulation leading to reduce inflammation.


Does Wearing Gold Rings Help Arthritis? Why?

Can Wearing Rings Cause Arthritis

Various metals have been noted to aid in the treatment of arthritis, whether it’s through magnetic therapy or other therapeutic treatments. Copper, for example, is mostly used to make magnetic rings and is known to help with arthritis. Sterling silver is another notable metal mentioned in helping with arthritis. It is used in making expandable rings. Aside from copper and silver, gold is widely believed to help in preventing arthritis, especially rheumatoid arthritis.

A study that observed a 49-year-old lady suffering from internment arthritis of the hand, noted that the left ring finger of the lady was not affected. Out of all her 10 fingers, only the proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint of the left finger was left unaffected. It was also noted that the lady wore a gold ring on that finger. Based on that, it was concluded that the gold ring played a role in aiding arthritis.

The study was since replicated by other researchers and the results found were the same. Gold ring wearers with arthritis experienced less erosion on the joints of the finger the ring is worn. The conclusion was that while the gold rings did not cure arthritis, they helped protect against or stall articular erosion.

While there are no specific explanations for this, there are certain speculations as to how this is possible. Those speculations are as follows:

Can Wearing Rings Cause Arthritis

  • Seeping of the gold into the skin. Researchers believe that by wearing the gold ring, the skin can absorb sufficient amounts of gold from the ring. The gold is transported to the lymphatic system near the joints where it stalls articular erosion.
  • Constriction of the ring. Researchers also believe that the constricting effect of the ring is a plausible explanation. They believe that the constriction on the finger helps reduce the inflammatory response in the joints beyond the constricted point.
  • Magnetic effect. Considering that studies show the blood has magnetic properties, it is believed that a magnetic effect could be responsible. That means that the gold ring could be generating a magnetic field that improves blood circulation and other biological processes hence reducing inflammation. This in turn relieves pain.
  • Neuronal factor. For stoke patients, researchers believe that they have been they may have developed skin vasculitis on the side that’s non paralyzed. As a result, and with the metal ring present, the deep nerves of the finger release neuropeptides that prevent inflammation.


Tips for Wearing Rings with Arthritic Fingers.

Wearing rings over swollen knuckles can be extremely painful and uncomfortable as an arthritic patient. It doesn’t mean, however, that you should sacrifice wearing rings altogether.

Luckily, there are tips to help you keep wearing rings without immense pain or discomfort. The tips are as follows:

Can Wearing Rings Cause Arthritis

1.Exercise your fingers as often as possible.

Finger exercises help relax the joints making them more flexible.

This can help reduce stiffness, pain, and swelling, making it possible to wear your rings.

Ask a physician for suitable exercises you can do like squeezing a form ball now and then.


2.Use hot and cold treatment.

Hot treatment involves you placing a warm towel or heating pad on your fingers to reduce the pain and relax your muscles hence reducing stiffness.

You could also use cold treatment which involves using cold compresses or an ice pack on the swollen fingers to reduce inflammation and pain.

It is possible to interchange between hot and cold treatment until you find the one that’s most effective for you.


3.Avoid unnecessary pressure on your fingers.

The undue stress stimulates pain and swelling. So, if possible, employ accessories or gadgets that make it possible to perform everyday tasks with is.

Examples are doorknob accessories to help turn the do or lamp switches that require a simple soft touch to turn on.


4.Try ring splits.

These are decorative therapeutic rings in the oval-eight shape. They are designed to reduce pain by naturally controlling the movement of your joint.

They also prevent deformity by holding the finger in its natural position.

The shape helps support the lower part of your finger just below the joints.


5.Consider wearing magnetic rings or expandable rings.

Can Wearing Rings Cause Arthritis

You can always swap out your rings for more expandable ones, that can stretch over the swelling but still fit the base of the finger.

Magnetic rings are also great for offering pain relief through magnetic therapy while still being stylish.



While rings do not cure arthritis, they most certainly do not cause it. Certain rings in fact, like those made from gold, have been proven to help with arthritis.

Still, it’s a fact that wearing normal rings with swollen arthritic fingers can be painful. Luckily there are specially designed rings for arthritic fingers today.

Ensure you discuss with medical personnel, however, before including gold rings, magnetic rings, or others in your treatment.

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