Can Wearing Earrings Cause Headaches?(Quick Expert Answer)

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Anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that wearing earrings causes headaches, which is quite surprising given how long most of us have had earrings on for? But this begs the question, is there a relationship between headaches and earrings? Can earrings cause migraine in any way?

While we are mostly aware of things like candles, household cleaners, room sprays, perfumes, beauty products, bright lights, computer/TV/ smartphone screen causing headaches, even hair accessories, is there a chance that your beloved earrings are the reason for your constant headaches and migraines? Will the pressure on your earlobes have a long-term effect on your health by increasing or causing nerve sensitivity, which results in head tension? Keep reading to find out more:

Can Wearing Earrings Cause Headaches

Can earrings give you a headache?

There is a high likelihood that your earrings will give you headaches. The earrings might contribute to the headaches, but it’s worth noting that the earrings will not cause headaches on their own.

Some people have argued that ear piercings are a common cause of headaches, but there is no evidence to prove this. However, piercings are uncomfortable, especially the newly pierced ones, and the pain in the piercing site, the bleeding, and irritation, or in other cases, headaches are the common things expected after getting a new piercing. However, there is no evidence that points to headaches resulting from the earrings. The only issue seen often has to do with the pierced flesh, and the resultant headache would heal faster and a lot easier if the jewelry worn is safe on the skin.

Note, however, that if you have a severe headache for at least 48 hours after getting the piercing, you should seek medical advice.

Can Wearing Earrings Cause Headaches

Why wearing earrings cause headaches?

The primary reason why earrings are often associated with headaches has to do with the effects of the earrings on the ear. It’s not caused by the earrings, though.

The reason why the earrings could potentially cause headaches is associated with the fact that the earrings would pull on connective tissues on your ear.

But according to other studies, the earrings would cause the headache if you have a skin sensitivity issue around your face, scalp, and ears. In such cases, the sensitivity would result in migraines. It should also be noted that earring hypersensitivities are often a sign of an oncoming migraine but not an actual cause of the headache or migraine.

It’s worth noting that there are beliefs that point to the possibility of earrings for the daith piercings not causing headaches but actually helping with relieving the pain. The evidence around this is, however, as mentioned above, anecdotal, and research hasn’t confirmed these allegations. Alternative medicine, specifically acupressure and acupuncture, however, point to the helix, which is the point that the daith piercing goes, actually helps in treating and managing headaches and migraines.

Can Wearing Earrings Cause Headaches

What to do if your earrings cause headaches?

In case of skin sensitivities or pulling on the connective tissues, dealing with the headaches is as easy as removing the problematic earrings, albeit temporarily. Or long enough for you to determine if the earrings are the problem or not. Know that in the way that a tight ponytail, loosening it would offer great relief.

In case of a headache from the piercing or maybe a complication with the piercing, you can do the following:

Can Wearing Earrings Cause Headaches

  • Take antibiotics to fight off the infection. You could also use an ointment to soothe and relieve the pain.
  • If the pain persists for more than 48 hours or if it’s just too much for you to handle, go to the doctor and take the medication given, as directed. Also, tell the physician if you are allergic or experience an allergic reaction to any of the medications.
  • Also, you should care for the new ailing piercing appropriately. This means that you should consider cleaning the earlobes as frequently as directed with saline water. Don’t use rubbing alcohol, though. You could also wash the infected lobe with soapy, warm water twice daily.
  • Apply heat to the affected areas about 20-30 days for every 2 hours, as directed
  • Ice the pierced areas to reduce swelling and the pain
  • Work on preventing further infections by applying an ointment or lotion, and avoid wearing earrings made of nickel
  • In case of bleeding, don’t take any medication that contains aspirin, for example, naproxen, ibuprofen (Motrin, or Advil) – aspirin is a blood thinner, and it would only increase the bleeding from your ears’ piercing sites.
  • Remove the piercing earrings.
  • Try aromatherapy, for example, lavender, eucalyptus, or peppermint.

Can Wearing Earrings Cause Headaches


There is little evidence that points to headaches resulting from earrings, but if you think that your earrings are causing headaches, especially if you recently got your ears pierced, then the tips above will come in handy in reducing the pain.

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