Can Stainless Steel Rings be Cut off?(In a Right Way)

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Can Stainless Steel Rings be Cut off? Is your ring snug and you can’t take it off? Then is article is for you.


Why stainless steel rings can be cut off?

Stainless steel rings can be cut off during an emergency. That could be if you’re in an accident, and the medical staff is treating you. Usually, they can just slide it off, but if your arm is swollen and they cannot remove it, they will have to cut or crush it.

The reason this should be done promptly is that if you lose total circulation in your finger, you might end up losing it; you could also end up causing further complications with your hand.

The other case where you can cut off your ring is when your hand swells, and it is cutting off circulation. There are also times where your finger becomes bigger, and you’re not quite aware.

When it comes time to take off the ring, you find that you can’t. In these cases, you’ll have to part ways with the ring and let a professional cut it off, or you can use some household tools. Remember, before you attempt to cut it, be sure that you’ve run out of options.


Can stainless steel rings be cut off?

Yes, you can cut stainless steel rings off. During an emergency, you can use regular cutting equipment tools. The other good thing is that they are poor conductors of electricity. They only transmit about 16v. That’s important to know in the even that medics have to use a defibrillator. But even then, the physicians will have been able to cut off the ring to avoid any issues in the long run.


What tool is used to cut off a ring?

If you’re at home and are looking for tools to cut off your stainless steel ring, you can look at the following alternatives. We will then recommend one that you can purchase and keep in your home for emergencies. Also, the type that you go for depends on the ring’s thickness, bandwidth, and the type of metal. It helps to know what your ring is made out of before making the purchase.

Steel cutter

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The steel cutter is best for you to have silver, gold, or platinum rings. That is because they are relatively soft and thus comfortable to cut. The other good thing about these metals is that one can repair them after cutting through them.

To cut the ring in one swift move, opt for a high-speed steel ring cutter. Once the cut has been made, you can take it to the jeweler to resize it for you. They might need to weld in extra metal so that it fits your finger again.


Diamond blade cutter

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If you have a titanium ring, then you’ll have to use something stronger. Titanium is a lot stronger than gold, silver, or platinum and thus requires a harder blade. That is why you’ll need a diamond blade cutter. As you’re cutting through, it is essential to know that it is not instant. It will take a while, depending on the strength that you apply.

Even with an electric diamond cutter, it will take around 2-3 minutes. That is your best bet if your ring is thick. Otherwise, you might take quite a long time to cut the titanium. When using the electric diamond blade cutter, you have to keep lubricating with water. The reason for this is to prevent overheating.


Bolt cutters

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 A tool to have around that works on all types of metals, including titanium, is a bolt cutter. It can slice through most metals like butter. However, if your titanium ring is about ¼ inch wide, you’ll have a harder time preying it from your finger. Otherwise, you don’t need to spend tons of cash if you already have a bolt cutter around.


Ring cracker

For ceramic, stone, or tungsten rings, you can use a ring cracker. With these, the bolt cutter, or the other tools, will not work best. In this case, it is best to crack or crush the material instead. The things you can use are a vice grip or locking pliers. Alternatively, you can get a ring cracker tool that is designed for that job.

When using it, you want to tighten it in small increments to prevent crushing your finger. When done correctly, this method is fast and also safe. It will take about 30 seconds to break the material, and even then, your finger will not experience any pressure.


Our pick:

ALL PROFESSIONAL TOOLS (APT) Jewelers Emergency Finger Ring Cutter Tool

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The APT has come up with a finger-ring cutter tool. It cuts rings with minimum discomfort and effort. The blade is made from hardened alloy, and it is completely enclosed. There is a safety lever that can protect the finger while cutting the ring. Equally, there is a twisting thumbscrew that allows the razor-sharp saw to cut various sized rings. When you look at this ring cutter, it resembles a small can opener. There is a finger guard that goes between the ring and your finger, so there’s no chance of the saw cutting your finger accidentally.

It can cut rings that measure up to 6 3/8” or 161 mm long. There are two types of such cutters. There is a manual one and an electric one. In this case, you’re getting the manual one. The only drawback with this stool is that people find it hard to use, and there are other easier ways that you can get the same result. It is, however, worth having around for when you need it. Once the cut has been made, you’ll need to spread the ring apart using some heavy-duty paperclips. That way, you’re able to finally take off the ring and take it to the jeweler for resizing.



You should get a professional to help you take off the ring. Otherwise, it is best to do it yourself if you know your way around tools. Above all, let your safety be first.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!