Can Schools Ban Earrings?-Check Our Detailed Answer

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Whether school-going children can wear earrings to school or not is one of the most contentious subjects in the progressive world we live in today.

And with some schools allowing their students to wear earrings while others have banned their students from wearing earrings, it makes you wonder if there are or if there should be rules for or against children wearing earrings.

In this article, we take a look at everything you need to know about earrings in schools. So, let’s get into it!


Can schools ban earrings?

Can Schools Ban Earrings

Well, schools have different dress codes that stipulate and guide what their students may or may not wear, including jewelry. In most of these schools across the country, there are significant rules regarding jewelry and whether or not the students can wear earrings and other forms of jewelry.

Generally, most schools do not allow their students to wear any kind of jewelry but especially rings and extra earrings. In most cases, students are allowed to wear very small stud earrings, but even this varies depending on the school rules and dress codes.

Unfortunately, most people, students, in particular, think that these rules are unfair and that they should only be required to take off the earrings for PE and other forms of physical activities, but not during class. Essentially, the jewelry does nothing to distract them from learning, and so they should be allowed to wear them.

Can Schools Ban Earrings

Even in the world we live in today, some schools still ban earrings. And though not everyone agrees with such decisions, the unfortunate truth is that schools can still ban earrings, and this has to do with the safety and the health of the pupils.

And the schools that ban the wearing of earrings, among other kinds of jewelry, do this because of the belief that students and pupils need to focus on their education and not their appearance.

It’s worth noting, however, that with the COVID-19 pandemic, homeschooling, and virtual learning, wearing earrings to school might no longer be an issue because it’s obvious that such minimalist jewelry doesn’t really deter students from their studies.

But then again, every school is entitled to its rules and regulations where school uniforms and code of conduct are concerned.


What type of earrings can you wear to school?

Can Schools Ban Earrings

While you may want to wear some stunning statement pieces of jewelry to school, most schools that allow their students to wear jewelry to school recommend that the students wear very small stud earrings that don’t cause distractions.

Besides the stud earrings, most students can also wear small huggie hoop earrings, heart-shaped hoop earrings, pearl stud earrings, and classic stud earrings in silver, yellow gold, or rose gold.


Are you allowed to wear piercings in school visibly?

Can Schools Ban Earrings

It depends on the dress code of the school. So, if a school’s dress code forbids any kind of jewelry or piercings and that students cannot wear or have the piercings, for whatever reason, the students or pupils wouldn’t be allowed to wear the jewelry.

That said, the jewelry worn is what would be considered illegal. The actual piercings aren’t and shouldn’t be illegal –which makes sense, really, because most children have their ears pierced when they are babies, and making the piercings themselves illegal would be an illogical and unreasonable thing to do.

The other thing to note is that most schools today are not against their students visibly wearing piercings and other forms of body piercings visibly, as long as the jewelry is not a distraction to the rest of the class, and if they will not be a cause of harm.

An increasing number of teachers and tutors in schools are also now seen with visible tattoos and piercings, which is often the case with progressive schools. This is not acceptable conduct in most other schools, though.


Can you have piercings in college?

Can Schools Ban Earrings

Yes, anyone can have piercings in college if it is what they desire. College students are practically adults who get to decide what they would love to do and wear and what not to, depending on their style.

In college, there’s really no school uniform, and as long as you attend classes and make good grades, then you can do whatever you wish to. College students can have not just piercings, but also tattoos, and loud/bold and multiple pieces of jewelry if that is what they like.

Just be careful about the piercings you get in college because they may affect your job life later on after you graduate. The decisions you make in college will affect your life after school, and you want to make sure that you never have regrets over the things you did in college.


Why are some other piercings not allowed in school?

Can Schools Ban Earrings

The main reason why some piercings are allowed in school and others disallowed is because some of the piercings are just against the school rules. These piercings may be fun for the students and even their parents, but the rings worn are not ideal for wearing in school.

Some other piercings and types of jewelry are not an idea to be worn in school because they are too distracting. In such cases, even when students can get away with wearing earrings, they are only to wear small stud earrings that would be almost invisible and not at all a cause of distraction.

And other schools consider it inappropriate to have multiple piercings or certain types of piercings. So you’d want to think twice before getting a helix or a tragus piercing.



If you are unsure about the kind of earrings to wear to school, you could wear the sleeper earrings like Huggies, or small stud earrings, which are safe and will not be distracting.

But, some schools have laws that ban wearing of earrings and other kinds of jewelry among the students and even teachers.

It all depends on the rules and the school’s code of conduct.

Some schools are quite progressive but others are run by more conservative rules.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!