Can Men Also Wear Diamond Jewelry?-Quick Guide

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Our society has imposed certain expectations on men but also placed restrictions on what men can and cannot do. Take jewelry, for instance; while society is becoming more welcoming of the idea, men still get some kind of look when they have jewelry on, with some people still associating men wearing jewelry like earrings to belonging to a specific group or being of a certain sexual orientation.

Of course, this is hardly the case. But that is not all, and men who wear diamonds may not receive the same kind of reception as women donning the big stone.

In this article, we’ll take a look at all you need to know about men wearing diamond jewelry and if it’s a thing!


Can men also wear diamond jewelry?

Can Men Also Wear Diamond Jewelry

If you go through the history books and cultural changes across the world, you will learn that even in the most ancient societies, men always wore jewelry. In fact, men not only wore more jewelry than women but also had on the more expensive jewelry options available then. Men, especially royalty, used jewelry to flaunt their wealth, and this meant wearing the most expensive kinds of jewelry from the time, which often included more gemstones and diamonds. Today, men have taken a backseat on the whole jewelry thing, which would explain why men wearing diamonds and other kinds of jewelry would somewhat raise eyebrows.

But when it’s all said and done, men can also wear diamond jewelry if they wish to. Men wear diamond rings and earrings all the time, and though you may not see them wearing diamond-studded engagement and wedding rings, they still wear gemstone jewelry all the time. The signet ring is the most classic example of diamond jewelry for men. Men also wear stylish diamond necklaces and bracelets, not just earrings. So, if you have been thinking of wearing diamond jewelry but are unsure about the whole sexualization of jewelry thing, we are happy to tell you that you have the green light to wear diamond jewelry if you wish to.

Can Men Also Wear Diamond Jewelry

In other words, society seems to be past the gender specificity of jewelry, which means that as long as the jewelry blends with your style, outfit, and occasion, you are good to go and can enjoy the best of diamond jewelry if you want to. So, it doesn’t matter whether the jewelry is made of diamond, platinum, silver, or gold jewelry; men get to wear any kind of jewelry that they like.


Do men enjoy wearing diamond jewelry?

Of course, men who wear jewelry (diamonds or any other kind of jewelry) do enjoy having the jewelry on. At the end of the day, jewelry is all about self-expression, and if a man feels the most comfortable in diamond earrings, a signet diamond ring, one diamond earring, or a diamond charm necklace or bracelet, then there is no need to judge or wonder.

Can Men Also Wear Diamond Jewelry

As mentioned above, men popularized jewelry and wore them more than women, as seen in ancient cultures. Notably, men seem to have enjoyed wearing diamond jewelry from before the 15th century when diamonds were worn primarily by men; and it wasn’t until the Mistress of the King of France, Agnes Sorel, then Charles VII started to show up in the courts adorned in the most magnificent diamond pieces of jewelry.

Agnes Sorel changed things in an instant, starting a spark in the fashion scene that resulted in the diamonds that were previously meant for the select few high-status men in society to be embraced and worn by more women. Men started to give their women diamond jewelry but also, women who could afford the diamonds started to buy the diamonds for themselves.

Away from France, Indian men were also known for wearing diamond jewelry. In fact, only men would wear diamonds in ancient Indians times, and at the time, women were prohibited from wearing diamonds because of the belief that the stone possessed mystic virtues, and if women wore them, they would be unhappy and be sterile. The diamonds were then believed to hold a lot of magical power, and only men would wear them, something we can only assume gave men great pleasure.

Can Men Also Wear Diamond Jewelry

Today, men are wearing more jewelry, and when they do, the diamonds adorn cufflinks, rings, and even tie pins.

Interestingly, there hasn’t ever been any kind of prohibition put to stop men from wearing diamonds, and the diamonds have always been regarded as one of the most powerful statement stones.


What diamond jewelry can men wear?

Well, men who enjoy or don’t mind wearing diamonds can wear any kind of diamond jewelry that they love and can afford. The jewelry may be made of gold, platinum, or silver and have diamonds on them, which means that there is no limitation to the kinds of diamond jewelry that men can wear.

Can Men Also Wear Diamond Jewelry

Whether you like diamond earrings, rings, chains, bracelets, or necklaces, any man can always find a jewelry option that they love, and no one would stop them from wearing the diamond pieces just because they are men.

In terms of necklaces, for example, most men prefer necklaces with thicker chains and the simplest patterns. These necklaces could have circles, squares, or any other kinds of geometric patterns, and not the fancy or bold styles or shapes. And even with diamonds incorporated, the ideal necklaces preferred by men often feature thick and smooth lines, with little to no carvings or exquisite features, as is the case for women’s jewelry.

Bracelets, signet rings, and stud diamond earrings are all the most common versions of jewelry preferred by men.

Can Men Also Wear Diamond Jewelry

Bear in mind that at the end of the day, diamonds are exquisite and versatile gemstones that suit men and women equally, regardless of individual style preferences.



Men can wear diamond jewelry that matches their style, and in most cases, the men who wear the best of diamond jewelry are often referred to as elegant, classy, or stylish.

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