Can I Sleep With Tiger Eye Under Pillow? – Quick Guide

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While some people think of crystals as just another fad, many others, especially anyone reading this article, knows that crystals actually have some benefits and even life-changing powers.

Can I Sleep With Tiger Eye Under Pillow

But to experience the benefits or powers of the crystals, first, you must pick the right crystals, and you’d also have to know how to use them.

In this article, we take a look at the Tiger’s Eye, its benefits, how to use it, and whether you should sleep with it under your pillow.

So, let’s get into it!


Is Tiger’s Eye dangerous?

Tiger’s Eye is not dangerous, and it is regarded as the safest gemstone that is purely good. It is strongly affiliated with the Sun, Earth, and the elements Fire and Air.

Can I Sleep With Tiger Eye Under Pillow

The Tiger’s Eye comes in different colors, in hues of red, brown, or blue, but the color of the stones notwithstanding, you should know that all these Tiger’s Eye crystals are known for being some of the most powerful varieties of grounding stones.

This means that the Tiger’s Eye crystals will above any excess energies in a space. It is also known for multiple virtues like courage, decision making, self-confidence, prosperity, increased activity, creativity, as well as strengthening your bones.

All these mean that the Tiger’s Eye is not really dangerous. And to experience its benefits, you only need to pick the right color for the stone.

The stone is generally a honey-brown gemstone with swirls and stripes that can be black, orange, red, or any other shade.

Can I Sleep With Tiger Eye Under Pillow

It has a very organic look, and on occasion, it appears fibrous, with a smooth, waxy, or fury appearance. Note that the brown color of the Tiger Eye is a stable color that is a symbol of strength and dependability and also makes you feel grounded/ safe.

The yellow and gold colors represent an overall cheerful outlook on life, prosperity, passion, love, and wealth.

 To enjoy the stone’s maximum effects, consider placing it by your front door or even in your children’s room. Essentially, the stone should be at a place where you would be in constant contact with it, particularly when you need to touch or hold it for reassurance.


Is Tiger Eye Stone Magnetic?

Can I Sleep With Tiger Eye Under Pillow

The Tiger’s Eye Quartz is a stunning translucent-to-opaque kind of quartz stone, and sometimes it shows and proves to have a rather strong magnetic attraction thanks to the presence of Hematite inclusions.


Can you sleep with Tiger’s Eye under the pillow?

Can I Sleep With Tiger Eye Under Pillow

Thanks to our busy and very stressful lives, we often end up sacrificing sleep, then make up for it by drinking a lot of coffee.

At the end of the day, however, we need as much sleep as possible, not just to be able to function during the day but for the overall good health of our bodies.

When sleeping, the body releases all manner of hormones, including the sleep pattern regulating hormone – melatonin that’s released from and by the pituitary gland.

Sleep also reduces cortisol levels, lowering your stress levels and making it possible for you to sleep well and wake up well-rested and energized.

Can I Sleep With Tiger Eye Under Pillow

The other important component affected by or influenced by sleep is a cytokine, a substance from the immune system that works best when you are sleeping, ensuring major body repairs from injuries and sickness. We are bringing all these to light for you to know that you need sleep to be healthy.

Unfortunately, knowing the benefits of sleep is not enough, and many of us still end up struggling to fall asleep, which is where the crystals come in. Crystals have been shown to help alleviate symptoms of insomnia, helping you sleep better.

The reasoning behind this is that some of these crystals will emit strong frequencies during the night, and the energy systems created to allow you to sleep better.

Can I Sleep With Tiger Eye Under Pillow

Tiger’s Eye is one of the crystals that would help you sleep better, and you should start sleeping with it under your pillow. Essentially, this crystal cuts down on the noise in your mind by calming your mind and helping you sleep better.

But that is not all – the Tiger’s Eye could also enhance your sex life because it enhances energy and makes you more motivated, increasing your low sex drive, especially if you are stressed by your work schedule.

Overall, the Tiger’s Eye enhances metabolism, reinforces your reproductive system, encourages tissue function, and it will also stimulate growth and development and the functions of the immune system.


What happens when you sleep with Tiger’s Eye?

Can I Sleep With Tiger Eye Under Pillow

The associated benefits of crystals come from the fact that the minerals in Tiger’s Eye and other crystals sport potent and specific abilities that relate to healing, balance, and the fortification of our existence thanks to the fact that they vibrate at specific frequencies and patterns that receive, amplify, and transmit energy.

They also absorb any energy excesses you may be harboring, resulting in a calm mind and better sleep. The red Tiger’s Eye also helps in anxiety management by calming your nervous system, resulting in a relaxed body and mind.


Tips for sleeping with tiger eye under the pillow

Can I Sleep With Tiger Eye Under Pillow

  • Keep the crystal within reach or in contact with your skin as jewelry
  • If you are worried about the crystal falling and disappearing, you could place it under the bed, but not in your bed.
  • Ensure that it will not fall off



Thanks to the grounding effects of the Tiger’s Eye and the fact that the stone will calm your nervous system, making you less anxious, you should sleep with this crystal nearby.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!