Can Fake Gold Chains Stamped 14k?-Detailed Answer by Jeweler

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Gold chains have remained a favorite for many people. Not only are they gender-neutral, but they are also the easiest to style. 18K and 14K gold chains are especially the most popular.

The only issue is that acquiring gold can be costly, which is why gold chains tend to be expensive. As such, many fake gold chains have been introduced to the market to cater to the demand.

Over time, people have mastered mimicking real gold chains so it is difficult to differentiate them from fake ones. That is why hallmarks are important.

Thanks to hallmarks, you can easily differentiate a 10K gold chain from a 14K gold chain based on the stamp put on them. But is it possible that fake gold chains can also contain the 14K stamp? If so, then how do you differentiate the genuine and fake 14K chains?

Not to worry, in this article, we will explore what 14K stamps means and whether fake gold chains have it too.


What Does 14k Stamped On Gold Chains Mean?

fake gold chains stamped 14k

As you may know, natural gold is too soft to make jewelry, as such it has to be mixed with other metal alloys to make it harder.

A system was therefore developed to determine the amount of gold in the resulting gold allow. This was measured in terms of karats (K).

Pure gold is indicated by 24K (24-karat). 14Kor 14-karat, therefore, means that the gold contained in the metal is 14 out of the 24.

That means the gold is 58.3% pure. So, when you see a 14K stamp on a gold chain, it means that the gold is made using 14-karat gold.


Can Fake Gold Chains Stamped 14k?

fake gold chains stamped 14k

The simple answer to this question is, no, fake gold chains generally do not contain the 14K stamp.

This stamp is put on solid gold chains made of 14-karat gold, as required by law.

Normally, the fake gold chains would have markings like 925, which indicates that the chain is made of silver and not gold.


What Does 14kgp Mean On Gold Chains?

14K is not the only hallmark you will find on gold chains. That’s because this only indicates the type of gold used on the chain.

fake gold chains stamped 14k

There are normally more letters that follow to further explain how the gold was used.

These letters include GF, meaning gold-filled, and GP meaning gold-plated. Both of these indicate that the chain is made of different base metals and covered with a layer of gold.

So, if you were to see a 14KGP mark on a gold chain, it means that the chain is made of base metal and plated using 14K gold.


Can Fake Gold Chains Stamped 14kgp?

fake gold chains stamped 14k

Yes, fake gold chains can be stamped with 14KGP. Let’s explain. You see, the term fake gold chain can be subjective to each individual.

To some, it means any chain that is not made of solid chain. But that does not mean that gold hasn’t been used on the chain.

So, if a chain has been plated with 14K gold, the manufacturer is required to indicate this on the stamp, by adding 14KGP.

That way buyers will know that although the chain appears to be gold, it is actually gold plated.


14k VS 14KGPWhich One You Should Buy?

fake gold chains stamped 14k

So which type of chain is worth buying between 14K and 14KGP? The simplest answer is that it depends on various factors. With 14K gold chains, you can be sure that it is made of solid gold.

It is both durable and hypoallergenic, because the content of gold is more than the metal alloy, but not too much that it is too soft. What’s more, the chain is highly valuable and would make a good investment for the future.

The 14KGP chain, on the other hand, may not be as valuable but it is more affordable because it is mostly made of cheap base metal. This may, however, not be suitable for individuals with metal sensitivity.

That’s because only a thin layer of gold is used. The layer can easily fade over time, exposing the base metal underneath, which may have traces of nickel or lead. What’s more, the chain would require high maintenance and will have no resell value.

fake gold chains stamped 14k

Whichever one you choose will depend on whether you prioritize cost over quality or vice versa. If you want to invest in a valuable gold chain, go for the one with the 14K stamp. If you are looking for something cheaper without losing gold’s appealing luster, then the 14KGP chain will be a better choice.



When buying your gold chain always be sure to check the hallmark. It is usually on the clasp of the chain.

The mark will give you a lot of the needed information, to make a sound decision. That way you can avoid buying fake jewelry under the pretext of it being genuine.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!