Can a Necklace Choke You in Your Sleep?(2024 Updated)

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Can a necklace choke you in your sleep? Can you sleep with a gold necklace on?

You forgot to take off your chain and you’ve woken up to find it around your neck. Or, you have noticed your friend or partner sleeps with their necklace on.

Is that a cause for panic? Read on to find out.


Can a necklace choke you in your sleep?

Generally, it is okay to sleep with a necklace. The problem comes in if you have a charm.

The movement that is, tossing and turning will cause the link between the chain and the charm to wear off.

Therefore, if you sleep with a necklace with a pendant and it is not made with a secure link, don’t be surprised to wake up and find it missing.

If you believe in having a necklace on all the time and don’t want to take it off when you sleep, keep an eye on the link, especially if it is special to you.

The other problem that might arise from wearing a necklace for a long time, including when you sleep, is that it may irritate your skin.

It could be that your skin doesn’t take exposure to the material the necklace is made off very well.

Can a Necklace Choke You in Your Sleep

It could also be that the buildup from the bacteria may cause a reaction as well, especially if you don’t clean your necklace. Do remember to take it off and clean it when necessary, especially if you’ve sweat from various activities.

Some necklaces turn your skin green, specifically those that are made with a copper alloy. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but if you have this problem, then you’ll end up waking up with an unsightly green mark around your neck.

Though harmless, it does take some time to clean it out in the shower.

That is extra work for you to do every morning, so it is indeed more comfortable to take the necklace off.

Also, there are materials that, when you wear for long periods, they tarnish. An example is silver.

Even though the necklace cannot chock you in your sleep, you don’t want to wear it all the time, especially in your sleep.

Can a Necklace Choke You in Your Sleep

If it is special to you, you don’t want to risk you weakening the links and causing it to snap after continuous strain as you sleep.

If you want it in your life for a long time, you should take it off when you sleep. It only takes a few seconds to take it off and put it back on.

Even if you don’t feel like it, think of the good that you’re doing your necklace.


Has anyone ever died from wearing a necklace to bed? Is it possible to choke to death by a necklace in your sleep?

There are people with concerns about a necklace choking you when you sleep. If you’re new to it, then this is a legit question.

However, some people have done so for years, and it has not crossed their minds. You can rest assured that, for a fact, a necklace will never choke you.

Why? Once you realize you’re unable to breathe, you will wake up.

Unless you are intoxicated beyond measure, there is no reason for that to happen.

The other reality is that you will have to have done something for the chain to be tied around you to the point of choking you.

It doesn’t matter how you sleep, but that chances of that happening are improbable.

Can a Necklace Choke You in Your Sleep

Think of how you sleep and if there is any time where you would wrap something so hard around your neck that you begin to choke. If you can’t think of any, then you’re safe to sleep with your necklace on.

You have to trust the power of the brain. If you’re unable to breathe, you will automatically wake up and take a deep breath. By now, you have figured that because the chances of choking to death from a necklace are close to nil.

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There are no reports of anyone having chocked to death by sleeping with a necklace on.

Some people are paranoid about it, but thus far, there have been no cases.

If there were, the media would be all over it and teaching us the dangers of sleeping with a necklace on.

It would also be something that jewelers give a disclaimer to so that they keep you safe.

Can a Necklace Choke You in Your Sleep

Should I take my necklace off when I sleep?

Unless the jewelry irritates your skin, you’re in the clear to wear your jewelry when you sleep.

You also have to decide on the material the necklace is made of can withstand being tagged on when you turn from one side to another.

If it is durable, then you’re good.

However, you have to clean the necklace regularly as it can harbor germs and bacteria that might erode the material and also irritate your skin.

You also have to be aware that if your necklace is not made of real silver or gold, or if it is plated, when it wears off, you’ll have an unsightly black mark around your neck.

If you miss it in the mirror, you’re likely to walk around with a black mark around your neck for the whole day, and that will raise some concerns from those around you. Again, as mentioned, the same happens with copper jewelry or copper alloyed jewelry.

Can a Necklace Choke You in Your Sleep

To avoid these skin reactions, take your necklace off before you sleep. It is for the best.


Wrap up

A lot of things when it comes to jewelry you can do as long as you’re comfortable. It shouldn’t frighten you if you forget to take off your necklace when you sleep.

Equally, you don’t have to give other people grief when they do the same. You do care, and that is wonderful, but it shouldn’t scare you when your friend or partner sleeps with their necklace off. What they should be worrying about is the durability of the chain after wearing it to bed for a long time.

Otherwise, you’re in the clear- you won’t choke on your necklace in your sleep.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!