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Jewelry is universal, and anyone can wear jewelry if they like. If you are a lady reading this, you will agree with us that some of the best jewelry options you own were tagged “men’s” when you bought them. So, does this mean that the same applies to men and that their best jewelry options are the ones meant for women? And with cross-dressing becoming a thing, should men wear women’s jewelry?

Keep reading to learn all about men wearing women’s jewelry here, what it means, and if it should be an option or not.


Can a man wear women’s jewelry?

Can a man wear women's jewelry

Well, the liberal modern world we live in today seems to be demystifying all that we know about fashion and gender roles, which is why cross-dressing is now becoming a thing that is not frowned upon. As a result, it appears that there is really nothing wrong with men wanting to wear women’s or feminine jewelry.

If you think about it, however, you will agree with us that there is nothing like feminine jewelry. All there is jewelry that is worn by women (and men). This means that the jewelry options on the market today are meant to be worn by anyone, and if you come across jewelry that you like, you can buy and wear it without worrying about who it’s meant for – as long as you are comfortable wearing the jewelry.

Men who are into jewelry love and wear stud, hoop, and drop-dangle earrings just as much as women who love to wear jewelry do, which means that you wouldn’t have to worry about being perceived as inappropriate or profiled just because you love wearing jewelry.

It’s also worth noting that some women are against jewelry while others love jewelry, and this could be the same for men too. So, a man could wear a woman’s jewelry if they love to.


Why do some guys believe they can wear women’s jewelry?

Can a man wear women's jewelry

Now that we’ve established that men can wear women’s jewelry let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why men will choose to wear certain kinds of jewelry, even when they are considered to be women’s.

  • Jewelry is not really gendered  

Well, not really. Perhaps we have to blame societal and gender conditioning, but the truth is that anyone can wear whatever type of jewelry they wish to.

Jewelry dates back to the times of the Ancient Greek and Ancient Egyptians and was also present during the Mayan times.

And the thing that stands out throughout history is the fact that jewelry was always worn by men and women, and even then, more men wore jewelry than women to celebrate rank or status in society. This means that anyone, male or female, can wear jewelry without worrying about wearing women’s jewelry.

The other thing to note is that jewelry is just that – jewelry, and we (society), are the ones that have chosen to gender the jewelry.

This gendering of jewelry was fuelled by the fact that from the 1920s, women started to embrace jewelry, and they would buy the most extravagant designs they could find if only to show their stance in being independent.

This movement led to an increased demand for jewelry, and because more women than men purchased jewelry, jewelry would soon be marketed as largely female, with males seen wearing jewelry considered gay.

Can a man wear women's jewelry

  • Cross-Dressing is a thing

The world is becoming increasingly liberal, and one thing that stands out today is the fact that more men are into cross-dressing.

For these guys, wearing “women’s” jewelry is the only thing left for them to have a complete look.

And with an increase in acceptance in communities all around, many men now believe that they can wear the kinds of jewelry that women have worn for a long time.


  • Personal preference

Some men will wear the ‘women’s jewelry because they want to, and not to make any kind of statement, but just because they love the jewelry, feel good in it, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

For these men, the jewelry tries into their fashion choices, and they are not apologizing for it.


  • Comfort

Here is something that most people will not willingly share, but the truth is that most of the jewelry options that are supposed to be women’s tend to be more comfortable than men’s. Take wedding bands, for example. Most of the rings meant for men are quite bulky and thick, unlike women’s, and not all men like the bulky rings.

With this in mind, wearing a “woman’s” ring in your size and for a higher level of comfort is definitely more ideal and preferable than the discomfort from the bulky rings for men.

Essentially, the fashion world and society, in general, has made it such that it is almost impossible for men to show off their creativity in the fashion world, which has led to a contorted view of how men are meant to behave, how they should do certain things and not others. This applies to jewelry, too, with women allowed to wear pretty much anything they like, while men have to dress in a particular way that is deemed fit by society.

But as men are growing into their skins more, getting comfortable with dressing in ways that express and match their individuality, it is commonplace to spot men wearing outfits and accessories that were traditionally deemed to be women’s, but these are options that they are comfortable in.

Can a man wear women's jewelry

Tips for guys who wants to wear women’s jewelry

  1. Wear your jewelry with confidence

This is the first rule that you have to live by when it comes to wearing jewelry, regardless of the societal beliefs around the jewelry – you have to be confident in the jewelry you wear.

Yes, it will not feel easy the first time, but after some time, it will, and that’s what matters. Not sure where to start?

Go talk to that overzealous salesperson in the jewelry store who is dressed to the nines, and you will have exactly what you need to pull off any look.


  1. Aim for a balanced look

Though complicated when starting out, this is one of those things that you learn over time. But you don’t want to miss a beat.

So, start slow, building on the existing jewelry options and making sure that you have the very best accessories for a balanced look. Your jewelry needs to be balanced. Otherwise, it will look like you’re trying to over-accessorize. So, don’t stack two or even three necklaces over each other because they will overcrowd your neck.

And if you prefer smaller watches, avoid wearing the bulky bracelets that will create an uneven or a lopsided and uneven look.

It’s all about balance at the end of the day, and a plain watch is always a better option than multiple pieces that will throw things off balance.

Also, you should not mix metals – stick to the same metal color family, and if you need contrast, opt for two-toned color options.

Can a man wear women's jewelry

  1. Stop assuming that all jewelry is feminine.

We can see why you’d think that all jewelry is feminine –societal conditioning and all, but the truth is that you can actually find and wear the different jewelry styles you come across if you like them and feel comfortable in them.

Note that despite some kinds of jewelry being considered masculine and others feminine, the truth is that some of the jewelry you may be interested in are softer than others, but not specifically for males or females.

As mentioned above, men have worn jewelry as seen in historical recordings, but also, the pope wears rings, many organizations gift watches to guys, military men wear dog tag necklaces, and also, bracelets date back to 3000BC or even earlier.



Any man can wear jewelry, even the kind that is perceived as “women’s”. This is because jewelry is more about your self-expression, and if you feel more comfortable in jewelry that looks perfect for females because of the comfort and softness, then you should wear them.

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