Can a Gold Ring be Dipped in Platinum?(Quick Answer)

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Gold and platinum are a sign of prestige. Even so, there is somewhat of a competition between them.

It is about the tradition and the contemporary, and in some cases, some want a combination of the two.

Here we look at what “dipping” involves and if indeed a gold ring can be dipped in platinum.


Can a gold ring be dipped in platinum?

People do like gold, but they would want it to resemble silver as much as possible, and that’s why they go for the platting option. It doesn’t have to be rhodium; it can also be platinum as it is durable.

However, the latter option is not practical, given how expensive platinum is. The other aspect is that rhodium is softer and thus more mailable with regards to what you can do to it in decorative terms. That’s why you’ll rarely if at all, see that a gold ring has gotten dipped in platinum.

What most people do is they sway their white gold ring with platinum. That’s because, over time, the rhodium plating will fade, and you’re left with a gold ring.

Whether it is yellow gold or white gold, it will show, and if you’re looking to regain that silver color, you’ll have to take it to the jeweler to electroplate it again.

For that reason, most people, after the first few times they re-plate their ring, they will opt for a platinum ring. That way, they are assured that the color will last them a lifetime.


What does having your ring dipped mean?

When a person talks about having the ring dipped, they are talking about it being plated. It is more of a layman’s way of talking about the same thing.

For the most part, when one is talking about gold getting dipped, they are talking about it getting dipped in rhodium.

That is because it is the standard metal in which white gold is electroplated on. While gold does have a mixture of yellow gold and it benefits from having an extra layer so that it’s silver.

The reason jewelry needs plating varies. One of the reasons is to increase the aesthetic value of a piece, making it more wearable.

What you’ll find is that jewelers will apply a thin layer of palladium on the surface so that there is better bonding between the jewelry itself and the metal to be added on top through electroplating.

Apart from how something looks, the other reason why electroplating or dipping gets done is to increase the value of something.

It is a commonplace to find jewelry that, for example, has a later of gold on top of the base material.

Gold is something that’s valued, but not everyone can part with the cost of the same. Therefore, they are willing to settle to having a base metal with a layer of gold.

The fantastic thing about that is no one can tell from looking of the pieces is not pure gold.


Does platinum need to be dipped?

Platinum does not need to get dipped. The reason for that is the metal is incredibly dense, and this extremely durable as well.

It can withstand daily wear and what comes with it, including scratches and knocks. It essentially means that a platinum ring will remain to look new for a very long time.

The reality is that platinum is a metal that is excellent at retaining its natural beauty for decades at a time.

Some of the reasons some metals need to get dipped are because the base metal can cause a reaction to someone who does have sensitive skin. When it comes to platinum, that is not the case.

The reason for that is that platinum does not contain nickel, which is a common allergen. The reason why it’s an excellent alternative to white gold is that in some cases, what makes gold, which is yellow, white is adding alloys.

One of those alloy metals can be nickel, which means that some people cannot wear it.

The only drawback that platinum does have, even though it doesn’t need dipping is that it comes at a cost.

While platinum is an abundant metal on earth, the issue comes with the extraction of the same. That aspect makes it scares, and with how dense a ring is, platinum rings are on the higher end of the scale.

Not everyone can afford that price tag, and that’s why it remains as one of the symbols for elites and the fortunate few.


How much does it cost to dip a ring in platinum?

The cost of getting your ring dipped in platinum depends on the size. The setting is also a factor as to what the total price will be.

As per estimates, it will cost you between $35 and $40 to have it plated with platinum. You do have to give the jeweler a few days or weeks to deliver.


How often should you have your ring dipped?

The frequency in which you wear our ring will dictate how often your ring ought to get dipped.

On average, assuming that you wear the ring daily, you’ll need to get the ring dipped at least once a year. That’s because the layer tends to wear off.

Also, you can look at your ring to determine when it is due. If it begins to lose its shine, then it’s time for it to get dipped.

Ensure that you go to a jeweler that will remove any scratches and the like before dipping for a brand-new look.


Pros and cons of getting your rings dipped

Let’s look at factors to consider with dipping


  • It makes the ring look new despite the age
  • You get to have a brand-new looking ring for half the price
  • It is a great way to preserve valuable pieces
  • You can get something inexpensive, but it still has a precious metal


  • You have to do it after a few months or a year



While it is not commonplace for gold to get dipped in platinum because of the price, you can still get your ring dipped to achieve the look you want.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!