3 Actionable Tips for Buying Fine Jewelry for Yourself

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Buying fine jewelry for yourself can be a hard task. Jewelry made from precious metals and gemstones is something fashionable women would love to have in their jewelry box.

Many never actualize this dream, and the only piece of fine jewelry they end up having is their wedding ring.

However, that doesn’t have to be your narrative. Fine jewelry speaks of elegance and sophistication, and if you want to achieve just that, you may have to take it upon yourself and expand your jewelry collection.

Here, we are going to explore why purchasing fine jewelry is worthwhile and offer you practical tips to getting jewelry that you love and will appreciate for decades to come.


Is fine jewelry a good investment?

Fine jewelry is the phrase used to describe jewelry made from precious metals. What’s more, such jewelry would typically have precious gemstones.

These metals we’re referring to include solid gold, platinum, and sterling silver, among others. A characteristic of these kinds of jewelry is they are strong and are loved for their ability to outlast other metals.

With proper care and storage, you can still be wearing fine jewelry for decades to come.

With that reality in mind, you’ll find such pieces attract a much higher price compared to fashion jewelry.

Fashion items refer to jewelry made from base metals and simulated stones. They are much cheaper and don’t last long, especially with prolonged wear.

The result is usually fading or losing crystals from a piece. With these descriptions, the merit of purchasing fine jewelry is quite evident.

Whether or not it’s a good investment is based on what you’re looking go gain. If you want to enhance your fashion sense or simply love wearing a piece made from, for example, gold and diamonds, then getting it is worthwhile.

However, if you’re purchasing fine jewelry to resell, then you’re likely going to be disappointed. Precious metals, once alloyed, tend to lose value, and all the more when worn for a long time.

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The only items worth purchasing are collectibles, something unique, made by a famous designer, or once owned by a notable public figure.

And that’s only for the metal. The gemstones do need to be rare and sourced from well-known mines. Other factors, such as whether the stone is treated or not, does matter, as it reduces the value of a natural stone.

Knowing if a piece will be worth much after a period requires expertise that very few have. It would mean recognizing the ins and outs of the jewelry industry, and the understanding of what a certified jeweler would look for and much more.

It’s, therefore, best to leave this aspect of investing in professionals or enthusiasts. Acquiring fine jewelry merely because you love it and how it looks on you is more than enough reason to invest in it.

Here, of course, investment is used loosely as the piece will not bring you financial profit. The gain here would perhaps be in your confidence and happiness.

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Those interested in finding wealth from owning precious metals and gemstones are better off getting pure gold or silver coins and diamonds. These tend to increase in value over time, even with fluctuations in the market.

It’s a safer bet since the markup on jewelry tends to be extremely high. Jewelers charge you two to three times more the value of the actual piece.

Getting back two-thirds of what the item cost when reselling is indeed an overly optimistic outlook.

Thus, buy precious metal if you want to make money and not jewelry- that’s unless you’re guaranteed a handsome return.


Tips for buying fine jewelry for yourself

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Now that we’ve established that getting fine jewelry is about treating yourself and not so much making a financial investment, let’s look at some tips on purchasing them.

What’s fantastic is you don’t have to wait for someone to buy jewelry for you; you’re more than capable of getting it yourself.

Newbies are typically at lost of where to start, but with these tips, you’re well on your way to owning pieces that suit your lifestyle and budget.


1.Know your style

That multicolored diamond tennis bracelet might have caught your eye and tugged at your heartstrings, but does it go with your wardrobe?

Someone who’s closet speaks boldly of their femininity will likely not purchase similar jewelry with someone sporty. What are we saying?

Look at your closet- what does it say about you? One can tell a lot about someone’s taste and lifestyle by looking at their wardrobe.

When a high percentage of clothes on your closet are suits, then you’d want to lean toward getting fine jewelry that works well with many of them.

That would be your recommended priority instead of getting something that only works with your casual wear. However, if that’s what you’re looking for, then, by all means, go for it. Whatever the case, have a mental picture of when and how you’ll be wearing your fine jewelry once you get it.

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2.Consider your taste

There’s fine jewelry that you can wear every day, and there are those that are best left for special occasions.

A delicate gold chain with a small pendant is more appropriate for office wear as opposed to a long gold chain with a large diamond pendant.

Consequently, ask yourself if you’re looking for minimalist pieces that you can wear all week or something that will turn heads during special occasions.

For those starting their collection ought to first choose classic jewelry that goes with just about anything. A diamond stud is minimalistic yet elegant.

You can wear it with everything; suit, sundress, dinner gown, leather jacket, loose shirt- you name it.

A simple gold chain with a set diamond will also work with many outfits, too, along with a tennis bracelet.

Watches are timeless, and they too can be fine jewelry depending on how it’s made. They do transition from formal to casual seamlessly and also make fantastic everyday wear.

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3.Work your way up

Once you have the essential jewelry down, venture out to more out-there pieces.

Play around with colors, opting for sapphire, emerald, colored diamonds, and such. You don’t have to go with transparent gemstones given the point is standing out.

Size here hardly matters as bigger and bolder is encouraged. Go for items that instantly add spark and sizzle to your outfit, but still maintain an air of elegance and class.

There’s equally more freedom design-wise once you step away from classic minimalist jewelry.

Those on a budget would benefit from purchasing fine jewelry that goes well with several outfits.

You can look at the color scheme of your clothes and get something that compliments them. As you increase your collection, you’re more at liberty to buy unique jewelry that would otherwise work well with just one or two outfits.



Fine jewelry is open to every woman. They vary in price, and there’s always something for everyone.

If you’re worried about the cost, it’s best to save up over a long period for what you want. For example, get jewelry you love every birthday or Christmas.

With a desire, determination, and planning, you too can own and enjoy the finer things in life.

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