Brass Jewelry Pros and Cons(You Need to Know 2024 Updated)

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Nowadays, everyone has a piece of brass jewelry. From online retailers to jewel designers to piercing studios, brass jewelry has definitely made a name for itself. However, what are the pros and cons of brass jewelry?

Brass has been in use throughout history. Famous for its unique yellow and warm tones, brass is a versatile metal with several applications in diverse industries. Whether it is making household items, musical instruments, jewelry, or industrial machinery, this metal has proved its durability and high tensile strength.

In the jewel industry, brass has evolved in the making of attractive jewel designs mainly because of its resemblance to gold but at a cheaper price tag. Due to its appearance, workability, and strength, it is gaining more popularity in the jewel world.

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Brass jewelry pros and cons

Brass is an alloy made from zinc and copper. (If you want to read more about zinc alloy jewelry: is zinc alloy safe for jewelry?)This metal has been creating beautiful and decorative ornaments since the middle ages. Its warm and yellowish tones tend to show sophistication, value, and a particular prestigious class. To date, brass continues to be one of the leading and affordable metals for use in the making of jewelry.


The pros of brass jewelry

Affordable Brass Jewelry on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check the Price

It has a gold-like appearance

One of the primary reasons why brass jewelry has grown in popularity is because of its stunning resemblance to yellow gold and costs a fraction of the price of yellow gold.

Consumers can readily find pieces of brass jewelry that look like yellow gold pieces without much hassle.


1.Affordable price tag

Brass metal is one of the most abundant and inexpensive materials found on earth. As such, there is no much effort put into finding this metal; thus, reducing overall production costs.

Buyers can easily find brass jewelry at an affordable price from jewelers. Similarly, jewel makers can mold it easily to make various innovative and sleek designs.



Affordable Brass Jewelry on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check the Price

 Brass metal is known for its high tensile strength and durability. Its weight and general heft add to its durability feature, ensuring it will last long after your lifetime.

As such, it does not break, bend, or fold easily. However, its workability is excellent due to its malleability.

Brass tends to stretch when exposed to high temperatures; thus, it is ideal for casting. It can be cut, repaired, and soldered by a qualified jeweler to make various modern and vintage designs, depending on your preference.


3.Resistant to corrosion

Brass jewelry does not rust with regular use, as it is corrosion-resistant. However, depending on the amount of copper used, it may turn green after some time.

As such, many jewelers apply a clear lacquer to prevent this over time.


4.Easy to clean and maintain

Cleaning brass jewelry is not a complicated task. By using some warm water with a little soap and a damp cloth, your brass pieces will remain in new condition, just like how you bought it.

Some experts also recommend using ketchup as their tomato ingredient aids in removing tarnish buildup on unfinished brass without damaging the brass metal itself.


The cons of brass jewelry

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1. It is not a hypoallergenic metal

People with sensitive skin may opt not to war brass jewelry as it may cause some skin discoloration or irritation.

Brass jewelry may turn your skin green after some time due to its copper content. Similarly, some jewel makers include other metals in the making of brass jewelry, like lead and nickel, which are known to cause allergic reactions among those with sensitive skin.

It is best to test brass jewelry before purchasing to ensure it does not react with your skin. Simply, put it against your skin and wait to see if there is a reaction.

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2. It may change color

After constant use, brass jewelry may change its color due to regular cleaning. The change in color is mainly due to its copper content. As such, you may not like how your piece of brass jewelry looks ten or twenty years from now.


Is it safe to wear brass jewelry? Is brass jewelry toxic?

Affordable Brass Jewelry on Amazon-Click the Picture to Check the Price

Some jewel makers may also add nickel and lead when making brass jewelry. As a result, these metals may cause your allergic reactions to flare up, leading you to think that brass jewelry is toxic. Far from the case, it is only the nickel or lead content that reacts with your skin.

It is essential to ascertain the types of metals in your brass jewelry. Consult your jeweler before purchasing any brass jewelry or the complete list of metals in it. More so, you can buy a testing kit or simply put it against your skin to see if it causes any skin irritation, itching, redness, or rash.

Brass metal is not hypoallergenic. Therefore, some people may be truly allergic to it, making brass jewelry toxic to them. As such, if you find that your metal allergy is towards brass metal, rub a little cortisone on the affected area and avoid touching it for a while.

Furthermore, the brass metal may also cause the flaring up of any pre-existing breathing or lung issues you may have had in the past. Therefore, it may be a good idea to keep away from brass jewelry if you are allergic to brass itself.


Is brass jewelry good or bad?

Brass jewelry has gained worldwide popularity due to its affordability, durability, and versatile designs.

People who do not have metal allergies can safely wear brass jewelry without any worries.

However, those with sensitive skin should avoid such jewelry, especially if they do not know the specific metal contents they have.

Alternatively, they may opt to use hypoallergenic jewel metals, such as 925 sterling silver, ceramic, or platinum.


Where to buy Brass jewelry?

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Brass jewelry offers its owners a gold-like resemblance that does not tarnish quickly and with a cheaper price tag.

You should ensure that you purchase finished brass since it is easier to clean and manage, unlike sterling silver or unfinished brass.

However, for those who do not have sensitive skin, choosing brass jewelry is an excellent option for your jewelry collection.

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