Body Language Removing Wedding Ring – You Should Know

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Even in movies, someone will randomly mention how a lady or man spinning or holding their wedding ring in a certain way is a form of communicating.

And body language is one of the strongest forms of communication; holding or spinning your wedding is believed to carry specific meaning. But what does it all mean when the man or woman in your life starts spinning their wedding ring, even if and especially when it happens inadvertently or unconsciously?

Are there deep meanings that are associated with removing or spinning wedding rings? If you’ve had these questions in your mind in the past, then this article is precisely what you need to learn about all that!


Spinning wedding ring meaning?

Body language removing wedding ring

You may have done this too in the past. It could be the thing that you do all the time, unconsciously, but it turns out that just like tapping your foot when you feel anxious, spinning the wedding ring might be the other thing that you do unconsciously for a reason.  

It is believed that spinning your ring has calming effects on your body and mind. This also points to the fact that you may be anxious or unsettled about something, so spinning the ring is your way of calming yourself down.

This thing you do that is now a habit you are associated with is not, however, a new phenomenon and is believed to originate from the ancient meditation traditions of Tibetans.

Body language removing wedding ring

The spinner ring, also called the worry ring, has always been spun around between fingers because the spinning action is believed to have calming effects on the body and mind. And so, every time you spin the ring, you are calming yourself down while also communicating that you are not at ease.

That aside, it is also possible that someone may be spinning the ring because it is slightly oversized and keeps spinning. Or, it may be feeling uncomfortable, so spinning is the body’s natural reaction to making sure that balance and comfort are restored.


Why do some women slide wedding rings on and off?

Body language removing wedding ring

Although the first thing that comes to the minds of people to whom this question is posed is that women (or men) are cheaters, there are many other non-contentious reasons why women slide their wedding rings on and off. And for the most part, this happens when the wearer of the ring is nervous and fidgeting.

It could also be that the ring doesn’t fit right, or maybe, the ring irritates the skin, which may be a sign of an allergic reaction. She could be just bored!

We are all primed to move things around or hold something to distract us when we are nervous, bored, or uncomfortable; it has nothing to do with ulterior motives, not always, anyway.

So, before you jump to conclusions, how about we all keep an open mind and not judge people for subtle things they may be doing because they are trying to deal with a particular situation.

Many people, men, and women, often tap their feet when anxious, stressed, scared, etc. Does this mean that they are cheating? Not always!

Body language removing wedding ring

With that settled, here are the other reasons a woman may slide their ring on and off.

Reminiscing – most women report that they will unconsciously touch their wedding ring when thinking about their partner. Often, this happens when they express their feelings about their partner or even just think about it – so they will touch or slide the ring off to express their love and gratitude.

Worry – when you’re worried about your partner because of their health or feel nervous because of something you need to talk about and decide on, sliding the ring on and off expresses these emotions while also calming you down.

Discomfort – if the ring fits too tightly or sits over very dry skin, it will cause itching and discomfort, and in such situations, you have to slide the ring on and off for relief.

Rift/ Infidelity – however much we may not want to admit it, sliding the ring on and off could signal a rift in the relationship, potential divorce, or infidelity.


Why do some men slide wedding rings on and off?

Body language removing wedding ring

Is the narrative the same for men too?

Like women, men are often seen sliding and fiddling with their wedding rings. Again, this may be misconstrued to mean that these men are cheating on their partners. Although this holds some truth in some situations, there are many cases where it is far from the truth.

Instead, men sliding their rings on and off could mean several things, including:

Missing their partner – yes, this is one of those things that men and women do unconsciously but still, do it.

Self-comfort also happens because it is a ritual for self-comfort, either because one is lonely or feeling under pressure.

Rift – even when this unconscious action means some tension when a man slides their wedding ring on and off, it often signals a rift in the relationship and the potential for divorce. It also signals confusion and being at crossroads regarding which step to take in the relationship.

Micro-cheating – as a follow-up to the last point, men sliding off their wedding rings on and off may be a sign of cheating.

Body language removing wedding ring


There are many reasons why men and women slide their wedding rings on and off. In most cases, it is nothing to worry about.

Still, there are many other cases where this action symbolizes a rift in the marriage, looming separation or divorce, or even cheating.

So, without insights into their lives and feelings, you wouldn’t know why they are doing what they are doing.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!