Black Thread On Right Or Left Ankle? Here’s Our Suggestions

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What is the proper way of wearing the black thread on your ankle?

Does it go on the left or the right ankle, and why are there rules governing how the black thread should be worn?


Why do people wear black thread?

Black Thread On Right Or Left Ankle

1. The black thread is one of the more popular accessories worn often to prevent bad luck and the effects of the evil eye. Besides being functional, the black thread worn around your ankle is also quite stylish and maybe something you have been missing in your life. According to Vedic Astrology, the black color common with the black thread signifies the planet, Shani or Saturn. When it is worn across the ankle, Shani dev becomes the wearer’s protector.

2. Wearing the black thread on your ankle also protects you from malice from Ketu and Rahu, making you more at peace, and you may also be safe from agitation and restlessness. The black thread on the left leg would protect you from the malicious effects of the shadow planet.

Black Thread On Right Or Left Ankle

3. It also protects you from the evil eye, as mentioned above, which also means that it will protect you from any kind of negativity, especially from the people that may wish you harm. You may also feel happier and become much more prosperous after you wear the black thread. It cancels out your life’s adverse energy effects while protecting you from black magic and its nasty effects.

4. The black thread on your ankle also carries health benefits. Some of these benefits include reducing pain from hernias, also called navel dislocation. It also heals wounds and increases the recovery speed for anyone with a leg injury. The black thread is believed to have the power to trigger and speed up the healing process. It may also reduce leg pain resulting from arthritis and other illnesses.

Black Thread On Right Or Left Ankle

5. Also, people wear the black thread because it is believed to have the power to bring wealth and good luck to the wearer, thanks to the fact that Saturn is a powerful planet, which, when pleased, brings fortune, good luck, and wealth to the person wearing it. So, thanks to the black thread on your leg, you may get a promotion at work, and financial disputes could be easily settled in a way that favors you.

6. It may also reduce ill effects from Saturn, and for children, it improves their immunity, especially if they fall sick often.

Black Thread On Right Or Left Ankle

7. The black thread is also believed to improve the good health of the wearer. This black thread often encourages positivity, enhances metabolism, and reduces disease risk.

8. Finally, the black thread also signifies all the blessings from Shani Dev, who offers protection from evil spirits and bad luck.


Black thread on the right or left ankle

Black Thread On Right Or Left Ankle

So, which leg should you wear the black thread? The right or left?

Traditionally and astrologically, the black thread goes on the left leg for women, and men who wear the black thread wear it on the right leg.

Wearing the black thread on the left or the right ankle is important because it offers the best protection from the evil eye effect.

However, it is often encouraged that men and women wear the black thread on the left ankle.


Tips for wearing your black thread on the ankle

Black Thread On Right Or Left Ankle

1. Before wearing the black thread, you need to ensure that the cord to be used is actually Holy; you can’t use just any thread. You have to get the black thread from a temple because the thread will be cleansed and blessed. Offering it up also means that the black thread will bring you positive energy and good health.  

2. Wear the black thread alone. This means that you shouldn’t wear threads in any other color, especially not in red or in yellow.

3. The best day to wear black thread is Saturday, the Day of Shani Dev. But it could also be worn on other auspicious days, such as the Brahma Muhurta.

Black Thread On Right Or Left Ankle

4. The black thread must have 9 knots in before you wear it.

5. Immediately you wear your black thread; you should chant the Shani mantra 22 times to appease the planet Saturn. And throughout the day after, and whenever you wear the black thread, you should make the Gayatri mantra recitations to maintain the black thread’s holiness and sanctity.

6. When tying the black thread on the ankle, you’d want to make sure that you tie it around your ankle 2, 4, 6, or even 8 times/ circles.

7. If you are wearing the red, yellow, or saffron-colored thread, say on the neck or the wrist, you shouldn’t have the black thread on your ankle or wrist.

Black Thread On Right Or Left Ankle

8. To use the black thread on your ankle and also in your home’s entrance, you should tie the black thread alongside a lemon in your home entrance. This will ward off the malevolent powers of the evil eye.

9. You should always wear the black thread on your kids’ ankles to protect you from diseases and illness.



The black thread is an important symbol that is believed to offer the best level of protection against the evil eye and all the effects of getting that evil gaze.

It is also worn as the Black Tika, although a black cloth could be used too. What matters is the black thread’s role and the fact that it will bring you good luck, good fortune, happiness, clarity of mind, harmony in your life and in relationships, as well as your business’ success.

The black thread also encourages good health and helps deal with pain. So, to get these benefits, you’d want to wear the black thread on your left ankle because that ensures maximum benefits.

Wearing it on the left ankle is also considered auspicious. Men can wear them on Tuesday; for most women, the black thread is ideally worn on Saturdays.

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