Black String Bracelet Meaning(You Really Should Know)

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There are numerous reasons why people wear black string bracelets, but the primary reason why a number of people wear black string bracelets and anklets is that it is a stylish option. But that isn’t the only reason why the black string bracelet is popular.

The other reasons include the fact that the black thread is a holy thread that is believed to offer protection to the wearer – protection from any and all negative energies that surround them.  

Black String Bracelet Meaning

It is also believed that the black thread brings good luck.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the reasons why people wear black thread or black string bracelets.


Black string bracelet meanings

1. Astrology/ Indian Cultures

According to Astrology, the black color of the strings is believed to be associated with the planet Saturn; rather, they believe that it is actually a symbol of the planet Saturn. Astrology considers the black color a color that is associated with Rahu Ketu, which is believed to be the reason behind evil powers, as well as sight.

Black String Bracelet Meaning

It is believed that the black thread offers protection from Rahu Ketu’s inauspicious effects. So, if you choose to wear that obligatory thread, it means that you believe in and worship Shani Dev for protection against the evil eye. It is believed that one has to chant the Shani Dev’s Mantra exactly 21 times after they wear the black thread.

You’d also have to place nine knots into the black thread before you wear it. And with the black thread on, you also need to keep in mind the auspicious times – all these require that the black thread is worn when one is chanting mantras, depending on the condition and also during transit.

Black String Bracelet Meaning

 Also, while tying the black thread around your wrist, you need to keep in mind that you’d have to twist it 2, 4, 6, or 8 times. And also, you shouldn’t have any other colored thread tied to your hand with the black thread tied on the same wrist.

Besides tying it to the wrist, the black thread which symbolizes Saturn could also be tied to the door with a lemon, keeping away negative forces from your house.

Finally, to increase the effects of the black thread, you’d have to chant the Rudra Gayatri Mantra each day.

Black String Bracelet Meaning

2. Spirituality and Personality

The black thread/ string bracelet is believed to hold immense spiritual power, and while the white threads represent the heavens, the black thread bracelets represent evil and sin.

The black strands are also believed to represent stability and self-control.

Black String Bracelet Meaning

3. Health Benefits

The black thread, when dipped in ‘Mai’ (Mai’s alternatives are Kunkuman and turmeric), is often used to control blood flow through your veins. However, you shouldn’t tie the black bracelet threads too tightly.

The thread is also believed to absorb the extra warmth from the sun while also keeping your nerves warm.

Warm and calm nerves are important because they will make you courageous, and you won’t be afraid of the dark.

Black String Bracelet Meaning

4. Warding off evil spirits

For anyone who is spiritual or religious, the black string bracelets are believed to ward away evil spirits and evil. Often, the black thread would be tied on the wrist after the priest prays over it and after specific mantras are recited, often for specific reasons and purposes.

Black String Bracelet Meaning

Note, that according to some individuals, the threads would have to be disposed of in due time, especially because these things are believed that they have expiry dates/ periods within which they may only end up doing more harm than good. Keep in mind, however, that it is all about faith, and the black strings would only do what you hope they’ll do if you believe that they will.

In Hinduism, the black color is associated with Lord Shani, who is the God of Justice and Punishment. Lord Shani is also believed to be the one that will either reward or punish people based on their deeds.

Black String Bracelet Meaning

Generally, however, Lord Shani is believed to ward off negative vibes, blessing the wearer with enthusiasm, hope, as well as positive energy. Therefore, the decision to wear the black thread around your wrist would keep you from evil and negative energies. It is also believed to keep away black magic and evil intentions.


5. Black thread bracelets for kids

You may have seen Hindu children wearing the black string bracelets. The black thread bracelets are believed to keep children away from evil (eye), specifically, Buri Nazar.

Also, it is believed that the thread is believed to keep away evil spirits, as well as the unwanted tantra mantras or evil spirits.

Black String Bracelet Meaning


The black string/ thread bracelet is believed to be a powerful tool that wards off negative energy and evil spirits. It is also sacred and holds spiritual power, and you must only wear it if you believe in the powers of the black thread bracelet.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!