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Onyx is one of the precious and most treasured gems across the world, especially in Asia as well as North and South America.

Although the gem comes in a wide variety of colors including red, white, the most popular type known is the black onyx. It is the one mostly used in making jewelry, so much that people assume that all onyx is generally black.

Aside from its beauty and versatility, the black onyx also carries deep symbolism. Many people, however, wear black onyx jewelry because of their beauty, without understanding the meaning behind them. If you are one of these people then this post is for you.

Here we will focus on discussing the meaning of different forms of black onyx jewelry.


What Does Black Onyx Symbolize In Jewelry Making?

What Does Black Onyx Jewelry Mean

Like we mentioned before, the black onyx is a popular gem option when it comes to jewelry making. People love it for its versatility, beauty, and affordability. Most importantly, people love it for what it represents.  

Black onyx jewelry carries numerous meanings, both astrological and symbolic. All these meanings come from various cultures and their ancient legends. That means the black onyx has been around for centuries until now.

To begin with, the black onyx is said to be a protective charm. It is believed to protect the wearer from conflict or danger. The gem is said to also defend the wearer against any negative energy.

It is believed that the more negative energy the stone absorbed the blacker it became. In Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra is reported to have only worn black onyx jewelry.

She did this for its protective power and because any time there was any danger or negative energy, the stone would vibrate, alerting the queen.

The Chinese also believed in the stone’s grounding power and specially used in Feng Shui. The black onyx is said to give the wearer stamina and strong support, through its energy.

It is believed that whoever wears the stone will gain determination to persevere through any situation. It teaches the wearer to be self-reliant and enhances their self-confidence.


Black Onyx Necklace Meaning

What Does Black Onyx Jewelry Mean

The black onyx can be used to make different forms of jewelry. The most common type is necklaces.

That is because of the stone’s protective properties, which is why man people wear the black onyx necklace as an amulet to protect against negative energy and instead bring about good fortune. It is believed to create a shield around you against any form of harm.

What’s more, the stone is great at absorbing and transforming negative energy, hence maintaining your energy.

The black onyx also activates certain chakras in the body, especially the root chakra and helps in grounding your mind, body, and soul. Being worn as a necklace places the black onyx close to the heart.

This helps its calming powers work more efficiently in dealing with challenging emotions. It is also believed to have healing properties and especially helps with issues to do with the nerves, bone marrow, and feet.

The black onyx is also associated as a birthstone for Leos and Capricorns. That is because the stone is believed to offer the wearer power and courage.

Since the two zodiacs are the most ambitious of the twelve, the stone’s powers work optimally for them. The stone is also believed to work for other signs as well apart from the Geminis.

It is believed that the stones will have the opposite effect for this zodiac sign and so they should avoid wearing them.


Black Onyx Masonic Ring Meaning

What Does Black Onyx Jewelry Mean

To understand the meaning of a masonic ring, you must have an understanding of who a mason is. To be a mason pr freemason means that you are a part of one of the oldest male fraternities in the world known as Freemasonry or Masonry.

The mission of this fraternity is that each of its members strives to improve themselves and remain dedicated to their faith, family, fraternity, and country.

Masonic rings are therefore a seal of distinction and a symbol of loyalty to Freemasonry, along with its values and mission.

The ring is how Masons recognize one another in public, think of it as a discreet handshake. Ideally, there are three levels of Freemasonry, that is, apprentice, journeyman, and master mason.

Only master masons are allowed to wear the ring after successful completion of their third degree, and they should wear it on their third finger.

The masonic ring comes in many different designs and customized styles today. They are, however, mostly made of gold and silver.

The common stones used on the rings include the black onyx, blue spinel, and rubies. Each stone has its meaning, but since this article is about the black onyx, we will focus on that.

Considering the symbolic meaning of the black onyx and what the masonic ring represents, a black onyx masonic ring is seen as a symbol of strength, self-control, and discipline.


Black Onyx Signet Ring Meaning

What Does Black Onyx Jewelry Mean

Today a signet ring is more of a popular fashion accessory or family heirloom. In the past, the signet ring used to contain an engraving of a family’s emblem or court of arms.

The rings were a form of identification or status. They were used for creating seals of authentication by imprinting the engraved emblem on hot wax. Most men would wear the ring back then as they were the ones in the positions of power. Today, signet rings have also become popular among women.   

The signet ring today comes in various designs to suit your style, they are mostly made with precious metal and stone settings. Women prefer to have the flat plain stone settings without any engraving on them. The types of stones used vary, but black onyx is one of the popular choices.

Combining the meaning of the signet ring and that of the black onyx, you could say the black onyx signet ring is a symbol of belonging, power, and courage.

Not only can you use the ring as a form of identification but also you get to enjoy the beneficial properties of the stone such as protection and healing. The black color of the stone also makes it gender neutral and suitable for both men and women to wear.


Black Onyx Engagement Ring Meaning

What Does Black Onyx Jewelry Mean

Engagement rings are an important symbol of commitment for couples.

They are a representation of the intention to commit to one another for all eternity. There is a legend about the black onyx told by the Greeks.

They named the stone onyx meaning ‘finger nails’. They believe that the onyx came from the nail clippings of the goddess, Venus, which were cut by Cupid while she was asleep. The nail clippings were turned to the stone onyx by Fates to prevent any part of the nails from clipping.

That is why, when it comes to love, the black onyx is seen as a symbol of balance, harmony, romance, and intimacy in a relationship.

Indians believe that the stone is a protector of harmonious relationships and the representation of the love between two people, thanks to its black and white layers.

Hence black onyx is a perfect option for an engagement ring. It is the perfect symbol of love for a couple intending to spend their lives together.

It is also an edgy and sophisticated choice for the non-traditional bride and a great representation of her daring and adventurous personality. What’s more, the black onyx will add a mysterious charm to the ring.

What Does Black Onyx Jewelry Mean

Black Onyx Pinky Ring Meaning

Today the pinky ring has a myriad of meanings. Initially, the were signet rings worn by men on their left pinky fingers.

Then, they were used as symbols of identity, wealth, and status. Today men wear pinky rings as an expression of their personality and also to make a statement. Not just men, but women can also be seen adorning pinky rings.

Other than status and wealth, the pinky ring today also represents self-love, sexual independence, and status as well as a good luck charm for some.

With that in mind and considering the meaning of a black onyx ring, we can say that a black onyx ring is a symbol of self-confidence, power, and perseverance as well as identity. The rings come in various designs to suit both men and women. They are an edgy style and the perfect way to make a bold statement.



The black onyx carries a lot of benefits and meaning. We have done our best to highlight and summarize the most important ones.

So now, when buying black onyx jewelry, you won’t just be buying it for its captivating beauty and unique style.

You’ll also have a better understanding of what each form of that kind of jewelry represents and what it will say about you.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!