Biker Ring Shop Reviews – 10 Websites You Can Trust

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If you are into the bike riding lifestyle – yes, riding is more than a hobby; you need to make sure that you do everything else to fit into this lifestyle.

For most riders, this will mean investing in a little accessory that stamps your association with the bikers’ club – this is the biker ring.

You are always in a great mood knowing that your motorcycle is about to hit the open road, but in addition to your biker jackets, pants, helmet, toolkit, and boots, you will feel like you really belong to the biking world with the right kind of biker ring.

The biker ring is the most common and popular kind of biker jewelry, but there is not just one kind of biker jewelry/ ring.

There are numerous styles and designs of biker rings, although the skull ring is quite popular, which means that you want to buy the right ring from the right seller of biker rings.

While wearing the biker ring like the skull ring represents your loyalty and equity, it is important to buy a good quality ring that doesn’t just look good but is a good use of your money.

To ensure that you have the best biker ring in terms of quality, design, and meaning, we’ll take you through a list of the top 10 websites/ online stores where you can buy your biker ring from.

Biker Ring Shop Reviews

bike rings shop

1.Biker Ring Shop

First on our list is the Biker Ring Shop, a market leader when it comes to the provision of the best possible biker jewelry on the market.

Established in 2004 by a group of rock buffs and bikers, Bikerringshop offers some of the best accessories made of solid 925 sterling silver.

The rest of their accessories are made of the best leather, which means that you can find all kinds of biker accessories from this store that allows you to enjoy great biker accessories prices.

This brand is committed to its customers from around the globe, and it does this through the delivery of the best quality accessories for bikers, along with all other clients looking for the kind of spellbinding jewelry offered by Biker Ring Shop.

This store is based in Thailand, and it is considered the ultimate go-to store for all kinds of edgy biker jewelry, whether you are going for that bold biker look or wish to bring out the inner rebel in you.

In addition to biker rings, the store also offers the best of necklaces, pendants, bracelets, wallet chains, cuffs, money clips, and belt buckles, among others.

Regardless of the biker accessories you get from the BikerRingShop, you will be happy to know and see that all their biker accessories are a true reflection of the cool attitude behind true bikers. The ring designs suit the badass biker while also oozing just the right dose of dynamism, flamboyance, masculinity, and boldness.

To pass this message across, the signature biker rings by this brand are symbolic, and they feature elements like skeletons, skulls, crosses, dragons, and there are others with unique Gothic patterns.

If you are passionate about motorcycles, the community, and the adrenaline rush from riding your motorcycle, the rings sold on this website will give you the best possible form of self-expression you’re looking for.

Materials used to make the biker rings.

To ensure that all the passionate bikers enjoy the feel and look of the best quality biker rings, Biker Ring Shop makes their biker rings from authentic, high-quality materials, specifically, high-quality 925 sterling silver.

The reason for the use of the best quality sterling silver has to do with the brand’s belief that there is nothing better to use to define the biker’s inner essence as perfectly as the use of raw and dazzling feel of a pristine metal like sterling silver.

And to complete the biker look, the rings feature a characteristic black finish that comes from oxidation. This dark oxidation embellishes and oxidizes the rings, adding to their wild beauty.

In addition to sterling silver, there are a few biker rings made of gold, and you may also find some with gemstones like diamond eyes or amethyst, among others.

Other materials used include gold plating, ruthenium plating, and rhodium plating, in addition to the blackened and oxidized solid silver rings. But these are not the only materials used. Enamel is also used for some of the rings.

Regarding the features of the biker rings, it’s worth mentioning that the most common design features of the rings include skulls, skeletons, the number 13, Jesus Crucifix, crosses, Octopus, dragons, werewolves, owls, octopus, and other designs.

The rings are generally affordable, and the ring could be as low as $30 or $300+, depending on the material used and the details of the ring.


Pros of BikerRingShop

  • Great variety of biker rings styles.
  • The rings are crafted primarily out of the best quality 925 sterling silver
  • Some of the rings are embellished with valuable stones like rubies, amethyst, turquoise
  • Competitively priced
  • Excellent craftsmanship for all the ring designs
  • High-quality rings that offer great value for money
  • Payments made through Paypal acceptable

Cons of BikerRingShop

  • The shop is based in Thailand, meaning that it might take longer for your order to be shipped, and you have to pay more for faster delivery.



BigBoyJewellery is a leading jewelry brand based in the UK, specifically in Scotland.

This brand prides itself in the delivery of the best quality biker rings and other jewelry options and accessories.

This shop was established in 2014.

The inspiration behind the brand is bringing metal and some level of backbone back to the streets and the biking world through the creation of a large variety of biker, steampunk, gothic, as well as a variety of alternative jewelry that includes some of the simplest jewelry designs to what would be considered insane.

With a wide array of biker rings and jewelry along with the low prices to boot, this store remains dedicated to the delivery of high-quality jewelry.

They offer a 15-day refund policy upon delivery and dissatisfaction with the purchase and a 30-days exchange policy.

You can pay for your biker ring from this store using PayPal, Visa Debit, Mastercard, Visa, or Visa Electron.

So, what are the biker rings sold by the brand made of? Well, BadBoyJewellery offers formidable and menacing skull rings in large, high-quality, and unique designs.

They are made primarily of sterling silver and stainless steel, as well as gold-plated stainless steel.

The rings also come in various unique styles that stand out in the biker rings world, for example, the sugar skull, Vikings, pirates, grim reaper, eagle, and even dragon ring styles.

And though these are the basic ring designs, they are all styled differently, which is why you get to enjoy more than 5 skull biker rings styles.

The pricing of the rings depends on the material used to make the ring, and the solid sterling silver rings cost more than the stainless steel rings. Overall, the biker ring prices start from £9.00 GBP to £130.00 GBP.



  • Affordable rings
  • Durable biker ring options
  • Ring styles are available for everyone
  • The site offers other kinds of biker accessories
  • The bike rings are safe on the skin
  • There are dainty options for female riders looking for feminine options.


  • There aren’t too many options to choose from



Established in 2006 in California, JustMenRings is a reliable online store offering some of the best ring designs for men, among them the best of biker rings.

Having been in the market for over 15 years, this brand offers uniquely designed and durable biker rings in addition to men’s wedding rings, among other types of jewelry.

Although this store is known for its high-quality wedding rings for men, they also offer a wide array of biker rings in different styles and designs.

The biker rings are available in three main colors, black, silver, and gold, and they are made of different metals, including stainless steel, sterling silver, platinum, silicone, and there are others that are gold-plated with 10K, 14K, or 18K gold.

Some of the things you get to enjoy when you shop from this brand include a 30-day guarantee on returns, a 2-year warranty for the non-designer rings, and a limited warranty for the designer rings.

Regarding the prices, you will come across a few biker rings under $50 and others going for more than $300.


  • Excellent rings variety
  • Great sales and discounts running throughout
  • Multiple ring designs to choose from
  • The rings are made of durable and high-quality materials
  • Different materials and finishes ensure that there is a unique biker ring for everyone


  • The biker rings are not well-organized on the website



The Silverzone77 brand is one of the leading jewelry manufacturing brands that boasts a number of manufacturing processes across Europe.

This brand, as the name suggests, specializes in the production and sale of high-quality jewelry options, including biker rings that are made of sterling silver and gold, as well as natural gemstones that are used as embellishments.

SilverZone77 also offers one-of-a-kind biker rings and other kinds of jewelry options not sold anywhere else.

In addition to the biker rings, they also offer the best of classic jewelry options, including earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces, among other accessories.

The sterling silver rings feature the 925 Hallmark, while the 14k gold pieces have the 585 hallmark stamp, all for authenticity purposes.

Having been in the jewelry industry for at least 20 years, this brand prides itself in the delivery of the best, unique, and high-quality jewelry options. The best part is that Silverzone77’s biker rings are handmade, which makes the pieces even more special.

The biker rings are also made of 925 sterling silver and gold, with prices ranging from about $50 to about $1800, with most of the biker ring options made of 925 sterling silver falling in the $100-$200 price range.

The brand also offers a great style variety, and you will find skull biker rings, cross/crucifix, Blackjack Ace of Spades, Roman Spartan Warrior Rings, and the Indian Biker rings, among others.


  • A good selection of ring styles is available for you to choose from
  • The rings are made of high-quality sterling silver
  • Easy identification of the rings thanks to the 925 Hallmark sign
  • Competitively priced
  • A highly intuitive website that is easy to navigate
  • Prices listed in Euros and USD
  • 30-days return period


  • The prices might be high for some people


5.The Bearded Biker

The Bearded Biker runs under is the other store you could visit if you are looking for a store for biker rings, among other motorcycle accessories and apparel.

This brand was founded by a Harley lover, a father, and a husband who started the business as a passion project out of something he loved thanks to his experiences in the military, fast food, security, and all other forms of ‘manual labor.’

This brand offers reasonably priced and generally low-priced biker rings thanks to the use of stainless steel for the rings’ construction.

These rings come in all styles and designs, and there is something for everyone, and they are largely a reflection of every hardworking and badass biker.

The biker rings and accessories have a vintage/ classic feel. The skull biker rings, for example, come in varied styles such as the Terminator Skull Face options, Acid Head, Sugar Cane, Lion Mask, Handheld Skull, Crown Head, 3RD Eye, Brain Saw, etc.

You will be happy to know that the style of the biker ring notwithstanding, you will spend about or less than $20 on the rings say they all go for $19.99.



  • The rings are made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Good array of ring designs/ styles to choose from
  • The rings are affordable, and they all go for under $20
  • Durable biker rings


  • There isn’t a large variety that you could choose from
  • No sterling silver rings


6.Biker Jewelry

If you are looking for a store dealing in the best of Harley-Davidson trademarked jewelry, Biker Jewelry would be the best place for you to start shopping.

This brand offers unique custom biker rings options at friendly prices, with design options for just about everyone.

Biker Jewelry is based in Florida, and they have been in the jewelry manufacturing business since 1979.

This brand carries the official license to sell Harley-Davidson jewelry that is manufactured by The Franklin Mint and MOD.

So, if you are looking for biker jewelry from Harley-Davidson, Biker Jewelry is a great place for you to start your search.

The biker rings offered are made of 14k gold and 925 sterling silver, quality guaranteed.

They also offer other rings made of surgical-grade 316L stainless steel, which is rust and tarnish-resistant and also capable of retaining their original color for long. A few of these rings are made of brass.

Note that the design of the biker ring notwithstanding, all these rings feature the Harley-Davidson logo on them in one form or the other, but they are also designed to capture the elements seen in biker rings, for example, the skulls, crosses, skeletons, and others.

Harley’s emblem is also quite popular. Generally, the prices of the rings range from about $49.95 to $200.


Pros and Cons of Biker Jewelry


  • Dealers in authentic Harley-Davidson biker jewelry
  • Affordable biker rings
  • Rings are made of durable, skin-safe materials
  • Wide style variety for the rings
  • Ring designs are available for men and women


  • No free shipping is offered for the Harley-Davidson biker rings



Etsy offers the widest selection of biker rings. As one of the biggest online marketplaces that is ranked highly, like Amazon or eBay, Etsy is a big marketplace that gives you access to the widest variety of biker rings.

You can find unique ring designs on Etsy at some of the lowest prices, which makes this a great marketplace if you don’t want to break the bank.

Most of the biker rings sold on Etsy are made of sterling silver, but there are many others made of stainless steel, brass, tungsten, gold, titanium, among other metals.

The best part about shopping on Etsy has to be the large array of unique biker rings designs allowing you to easily find that unique biker rings that represent your beliefs and personality.

The rings are available from as little as $20 or less to as much as $1000 or more. Free shipping is offered for some of the rings too, and you may also enjoy great discounts thanks to the wide array of sellers wishing to give you as many incentives as possible.


  • Great collections of biker rings
  • Great prices with a wide range to suit any budget
  • Unique ring styles and designs
  • You may enjoy free shipping from some of the sellers
  • Great discounts offered


  • Risk of mismatched or poor quality rings than advertised


8.That Ring Shop (TRS)

This is the other store you could visit for the best biker rings. That Ring Sop was founded by two best friends, Han and Lennard, in 2015.

Their inspiration was to bring beauty and some extra inspiration to your daily life, things that led them to come up with the idea of handcrafted one-of-a-kind accessories.

All this was fuelled by an exotic trip to Thailand’s most exotic areas and the need to come up with unique and artful accessories.

Their rings are made of sterling silver and stainless steel at largely discounted prices.

The rings are available in pretty much all designs you may be dreaming of and different themes meaning you can easily find the biker ring of your dreams.

They also offer biker rings for men and women, making shopping a lot easier.

Most of their biker rings are priced at under $20, but you can find others priced at over $100.

It all depends on the material used to make the rings and their designs. In addition to the rings, you can also find bracelets and bangles that are uniquely designed.


Pros and cons of TRS


  • Variety of ring styles to choose from
  • Competitively priced rings
  • Great discounts offered
  • Unique designs are available for the rings
  • Durable and strong rings


  • The variety of biker rings offered is not as wide as expected
  • The website not as intuitive, rings and bracelets listed under the same category


9.The Great Frog London

Registered in Wales and England, The Great Frog London is the leading brand of custom biker rings in the UK.

It offers a wide array of rings in different designs, and you will be happy to know that you can enjoy free shipping Internationally and in the UK for orders above £250.

The biker rings are primarily crafted out of sterling silver, and they bear the 925 Sterling Silver Hallmark.

These rings are also made in England/ Wales. Most of these biker rings are skull rings. Other rings are made of gold or are gold plated.

All the skull rings are priced from about £100 – £300 price range.


Pros and Cons of The Great Frog London


  • Free shipping for orders above £250
  • Great variety of biker skull rings
  • Great sizing options are available
  • Rings are made of hallmarked 925 sterling silver


  • The biker rings may be expensive for you


10.Big Joe’s Biker Rings

Big Joe’s Biker Rings is the other top-rated store that deals in the best of biker rings, among other kinds of jewelry.

It was established in 1981, and the brand prides itself in the ability to manufacture some of the best quality handcrafted biker rings and other kinds of biker jewelry.

It’s also worth noting that Big Joe’s is the official seller of the Trailer Park Boys’ Jewelry.

They offer the widest variety of biker rings, which come in different collections such as the Animal Rings collection, Famous Face, Fantasy Rings, Historical, Folklore, Zodiac, Skull, Muscle Car, and other Great Biker ring designs.

They also offer number and Letter biker ring designs for their customers.

Their rings are mainly made of sterling silver, stainless steel, and bronze, and the ring come in variable sizing options, which means that there is a ring for everyone.

The rings are reasonably priced from about $20, but others cost more at $110+.


  • Many ring collections featured
  • The rings are largely affordable
  • Durable rings
  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Free resizing/ replacement of the rings since the rings have no seams


  • The casting of the rings may take longer than the specified 15 days



If you have been looking for biker rings and didn’t know where to buy some of the unique biker rings or the official brands, the 10 stores recommended above are some of the best places for you to buy your preferred biker rings from.

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