Best Way to Store Jewelry to Prevent Tarnish (2024 Updated)

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Are you searching for the best way to store jewelry to Prevent Tarnish?

If you’ve come across this article and the current state of your jewelry storage system is in disarray, then you’ve come to the right place and at the right time. Why? It is about time that your jewelry gets the shine and also the spot that they deserve in your life.

The thing with most people is that they have a place on their dresser where they throw their jewelry, whether rings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets, and every other piece of ornament they own. What tends to happen is that things get tangled.

It is why every time you want to accessories your outfit, you end up spending so much time untangling the jewelry. At best, you will finally get what you want after a few minutes of frustration. Worse, you’ll break something.

If your jewelry is in this state, you will begin to notice that some pieces are tarnishing. That is to say; they are losing their luster. Jewelry that was once brilliant begins to look less shiny, and in some cases, you will find that the colors are fading.

That is not to say you did not purchase excellent quality ornaments. Instead, it is the contact and even friction that is between these different pieces that are causing your jewelry to begin to look dated.

What then is the solution? In this article, we are going to look at the best ways to store your jewelry pieces to prevent tarnish.


Get rid of what you don’t wear

Before you venture into organizing your jewelry, lay every piece you have out on the floor, bed, or table. Whatever you choose to use makes sure that every piece of jewelry is visible. After, go piece by piece, keeping what you like and still wear, and put aside what is gathering dust or it outdated.

If you have pieces that you still love but have one fault or another, such as a missing pearl or a broken clasp, you can put those aside. You can turn them into your DIY project or take them to the local jeweler to have them fixed. Now, in the end, you should only have the jewelry that you still wear in front of you.

Now, let’s get to organizing!


Why is organizing your jewelry for storage necessary?

There are a couple of reasons that you want to store your jewelry correctly. The first one is to protect them from tarnish. That tends to happen when pieces are exposed to extreme light, heat, or moisture.

For example, if you put your jewelry on the dresser and the sun shines on that very spot, then your jewelry is going to react with the light and heat and cause it to tarnish. Therefore, the primary reason to store your jewelry well is so that you can keep them looking newer for longer.

The other reason to organize your jewelry is so that you know what you do have. If everything is not arranged and in its place, you might end up not wearing some pieces that would indeed complete your outfit better. There is no point in having a lot of jewelry that you don’t wear.

However, when they are all in plain view, then you can wear a variety of pieces you have. Also, when you everything is plainly displayed, you know what pieces of jewelry you can purchase next and avoid duplication.


Tips for storing your jewelry

You have everything laid out in front of you; now, it’s time to organize them for storage.


Clean every piece of jewelry before storage

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This first step will take you quite a while. It’s thus best to do this job when you have some free time. To stop it from feeling like a chore, you can catch up on podcasts, audiobooks, or new music to keep you motivated, especially if you have a lot of jewelry.

Before you get cleaning, research what the best remedies for cleaning each piece of jewelry are. For the most part, you will find that mild soap and warm water along with a soft cloth or brush gets the job done. Raise off each piece and dry it with a soft towel.

The reason you want to clean each ornament is to remove sweat, lotion, makeup, water residue, and other elements.

It is these very things that are causing a reaction with the material and causing it to tarnish. For precious pieces, you can get jewelry cloth or a polisher. Do ensure that the latter doesn’t have harsh chemicals that can cause more harm than good.

Tip: remember to clean each piece before storage.


Separate by metal

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The first thing you should do if you don’t want to tarnish your metal is to divide them up into the different metals.

Precious metals should be on one side, custom jewelry on another side.

Even with the precious metals, separate the gold from the silver, and for custom jewelry, put copper pieces separate from those made from stainless steel, for example.

When you don’t, and the metals interact with each other, they will ruin the luster on the pieces.


Get concealed boxes

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Some jewelry that you have will look fantastic on display, while others are best put in a dark and airtight space.

Invest in concealed boxes that you can get anywhere online or on your local crafts store. When we refer to a box that could be an airtight container with a lining or felt or an anti-tarnish wooden box that has a soft interior.

When you’re storing your jewelry, put ample space between the jewelry. If they are made of expensive material, then consider putting them separately or with adequate space in-between.  For example, with pearls, put them in a box with felt lining. Don’t let it interact with plastic as it will cause detrition.


Use anti-tarnish cloth or paper

When you’re storing jewelry made from precious metals, consider wrapping them in anti-tarnish cloth or paper. An example of such a fabric is muslin.

These help the piece retain the shine and overall not lose its color. Anti-tarnish paper that you can get online or soft tissues is alternatively what you can use when storing these ornaments.

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 The reason for that is to protect them from coming into contact with other elements. Also, put diamond pieces separately as diamond tends to scratch other materials it comes into contact with.

Do not use newspaper as an alternative as they tend to be rough, and the chemicals from the paper and the ink will end up reacting with the metal.


Put silica gel or activated charcoal in the box

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 Silica gel and activated charcoal are also handy when it comes to storing your jewelry to prevent tarnish. You can put them in the box along with the jewelry.

Their purpose is to absorb any moisture that might be within the box, which is often a course of tarnish. If you live in a humid area or the weather is humid, remember to put these in to preserve your jewelry.


Store them in a dark, dry place

You ought to put fine jewelry in a secure location in the event of a burglary. That said, it should be put away from direct sunlight as the UV rays do case fine jewelry to tarnish over time. That is why you might find that at the end of summer, your jewelry always appears to require its annual polish.

That said, put them in a secure location that is dark and dry when not in use, making sure you’ve followed the proper storage protocol.


Warp up

There are a ton of accessories that you can purchase to store your jewelry in a manner that avoids tarnishing.

Overall, when it comes to pieces that you wear every day, those you can put then in plain sight so that you have easy access to them in the morning.

Remember to wear them when you’re done getting dressed to avoid them coming into contact with lotion, makeup or perfume.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!