What is the Best Way to Store Jewelry in a Safe?

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Are you searching for the best way to store jewelry in a safe?Due to its intrinsic value and weight ratio, jewelry is one of the most popular items to store in a vault or safe. 

As such, it is crucial to find out the best ways to store your jewelry in a safe to prevent it from being damaged.Having a collection of beautiful pieces of jewelry is a sense of joy and pride. 

Jewelry possesses exquisite beauty and has a way of having sentimental value to its owners. Whether it is your grandmother’s necklace, the bracelet you got from your loved one on Christmas, or your engagement ring, jewelry tends to have a lot of personal significance behind them.

As such, many people want their precious pieces of jewelry to stay in good condition and safe for a long time. It is vital to ensure that your jewelry is stored properly at all times.

Failure to store your jewelry safely and properly may result in damage over time, or they may even get lost or stolen.  So, what is the best way to store jewelry in a safe?

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Is it a great idea to store your jewelry in a safe?

Your rarely-worn heirloom pieces of jewelry require a cool, dry, and clean place for proper storage.

If they contain precious gemstones and sensitive metals, exposure to direct sunlight or excessive heat may cause irreparable damage. Humidity and moisture also damage jewelry by weakening the clasp or harming the gemstones.

As a result, a safety deposit box or a jewelry case or box may be the best place to store your precious jewels. You may also opt to use an ordinary box, as long as you take the proper precautions to ensure they remain free from moisture or humidity.

Usually, when you purchase jewelry, you also get a pouch or case designed with quality fabric lining to protect your jewelry.

Some fabric lining will have anti-tarnishing properties, while others will have ultra-soft fabric ideal for ensuring that your piece looks newer for a longer duration of time. These special cases or pouches are the best to store your jewelry in as they are made with that piece of jewelry in mind.


Safety-Deposit Box Basics

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A safety-deposit box at your local bank is one of the safest and most practical storage choices for safely storing your precious jewels.

Often, most credit unions and banks offer these mini-safe like boxes for rent, and one can access them only during business hours. Generally, safety deposit boxes are best for things that you do not require in a moment’s notice or during an emergency.

When setting up a safety deposit box, it is vital to consider who has access to the contents in it, in case you are unable to do so yourself.

 Whether it is your spouse, designated power of attorney, or heirs, you should carefully consider who you allow having such ability to access your safe deposit box, other than you.

Unlike the money deposited in bank accounts, items stored in safety-deposit boxes are not covered by the bank’s insurance or the government.

As such, it is advisable to purchase a separate insurance cover from an insurance company that specializes in insurance policies for the contents in a safety-deposit box.

You may also opt to consult with your home insurance agent to add a personal article floater or a rider for specific valuable items stored in your safe deposit box in your home insurance policy.


How to store jewelry in a safety deposit box?


Storing your rarely-worn heirloom pieces in a safety-deposit box does not guarantee the absolute safety of your valuables; thus, the need to insure them.

For instance, 1,300 safe deposit boxes were collateral damage in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. However, safe deposit boxes are the most reliable storage options for your valuables as they have protection from burglaries, fires, and flooding, among other home disasters.

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Different types of jewelry are susceptible to various forms of damage from temperature and humidity. As such, store your valuables in a jewelry box with soft fabric lining to ensure the metal and gemstones are safe.

It is also crucial to clean your jewelry and safe deposit box to prevent your items from tarnishing or corroding.

Another essential tip for storing your jewelry in a safe deposit box is to store your jewelry by its type. Consider what their construction material and precious gemstones are.

Jewelry with diamonds and sapphires may scratch your other valuables due to its hardness; hence, it is best to store them separately in individual zip lock bags or trays. Ensure you store your diamonds and sapphires separately as they have different levels of hardness.

Loosely wrap your silver jewelry in cotton to ensure there is airflow, and it is dry to prevent it from tarnishing. Store it neatly in a drawer with a couple of silica packets for a completely dry environment.

It is also helpful if you keep your safe deposit box organized. You can choose to hang your necklaces vertically to avoid knotting and kinking.


What about a Home Safe?

A home safe is definitely a more secure option than an open jewelry box and cheaper than a safety-deposit box in a bank. However, they can easily be carried away by home intruders since most of them weigh less than 100 pounds.

They are also easier to access than a bank’s safe deposit box as they can crack, and the average non-fireproof safe only holds out for about an hour before it completely burns out. As such, it is best to invest in a fireproof home safe if you choose to store your valuables in a home safe.


3 Affordable home safes for jewelry (Our Recommendations)

1.TIGERKING Security Home Safe

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TIGERKING security home safe consists of thick and highly durable steel material for reliable and long-lasting protection.

It contains a removable shelf and a soft inner layer for your valuables, like jewelry, protecting them from damages and scratches. The safe has a digital lock plus key setting, and its password can be changed indefinitely.

In case you lock yourself out of the safe, you can use the emergency key or master key available.

Three incorrect password entries activate a violent vibration and the alarm system with a ‘beeping sound,’ which lasts for 60 seconds.


2.AmazonBasics Home Keypad Safe

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Perfect for storing jewelry, important documents, and other valuables, the AmazonBasics Home Keypad Safe consists of heavy-duty carbon-steel construction, pry-resistant concealed hinges, and two live-door bolts for maximum security.

It also contains an electronic keypad that is easy to operate and secure and also comes with a back-up key for emergency use.


3.Nakey Digital Electronic Safe Security Box

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With this safe deposit box from Nakey that consists of solid steel construction, your valuables will be safely tucked away from any prying eyes and hands.

The box contains a stain-resistant powder coat finish and dual security steel door locking bolts for maximum security of your items.

It also has a digital pin code and emergency override keys, where you can set up 3-8 password combinations.

When the box is on low battery, you can use the key to open it. The box has a carpeted floor and removable shelves for added organization and protection.



If you view your pieces of jewelry as unique and workable pieces of art, it is ideal to find a safe and secure storage solution for them.

When you are not wearing your elegant pieces of jewelry, storing them away in a safe protects them from theft and damage.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!