5 Best Types of Belly Button Ring for Sensitive Skin in 2024

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You want to get a belly button ring, but you’re unsure what material would be safest on your skin. In this article, we’re going to look at the best types of belly button ring for sensitive skin. The reason it is crucial to be mindful of what you get is that you don’t want to end up with a nasty reaction.

There are instances where the body can reject the material, leading to a rash, or worse, an infection that leaves a scar. Thus, you must get the right belly button ring that won’t bring issues later.


The best type of belly button ring for sensitive skin

The thing about belly button piercings is that they take longer to heal. In most cases, it takes anywhere between six to twelve months. There are many reasons for that, one of them being that you tend to move around a lot, so the belly button ring moves, causing the healing process to take a longer time.

Let’s now look at the materials that are best for your navel piercing.


Titanium and Niobium

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So, when you’re getting a piercing, you want a metal that will not react. The best one to go for is titanium because it is hypoallergenic. Titanium is both light and durable, and it is what gets used for medical implants.

That makes it ideal for the job. Another metal to look for is niobium. It has similar advantages to titanium, and it is also affordable. The reason why people like titanium and niobium is because you can wither anodized or heat-treated to produce different colors.

You, therefore, have the choice of having colors such as purple, pink, blue, or green and not worry about there being a reaction. The only disadvantage with that is the colors do not last long, and you’re back to having the silver-grey color of both metals.


Surgical stainless steel

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The other metal that you can opt for is 316LVM surgical stainless steel. Overall, surgical stainless steel is best for navel piercings because they are inexpensive and quite durable.

It is heavier than other choices but still the best for the job. The other aspect to know about surgical stainless steel is that it gets used for medical procedures because of its unlikelihood to cause a reaction on the patient’s skin or flesh.



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The other metal is gold, but you have to be super careful with the type that you get. The best ones are 14k and 18k gold- if you get anything higher, it will be too soft and likely to react with the exposed flesh. Also, ensure that it is nickel-free because that is the top allergen when it comes to metals. Be sure that you go to a legit piercing parlor to avoid getting fake gold rings getting used.

You also don’t want to opt for anything gold plated because once the gold layer comes off, and it will, you will experience a reaction. The only drawback when it comes to gold is that it is expensive compared to other alternatives.



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 Another fantastic material you can use for piercings is BioFlex. It is a transparent plastic that is known for versatility and the sterility and healing factor of it. It is commonly used both in the medical field and also by piercers.

The reason why it works well for piercings is that it is hypoallergenic and bio-compatible as well despite being plastic. The reason to get this plastic is that it is ultralight and flexible. It is also adjustable, allowing you to get a perfect fit.

That means it minimizes irritation and thus helps the piercing heal even faster. Overall, it also reduces the chances of irritation next to nil so that you can wear it with comfort during the healing process. Keeping it clean is also easy because it is highly polished. Hiding it is too simple because it is transparent.


Caring for the piercing

You never want to go for sterling silver because it will react with the body, causing a delay in the healing process. For the first year or so, you should stick to the piercing ring that you’ve gotten from the piercer. You should clean the area twice daily with a solution given to you after the piercing or with non-iodized sea salt for about 5-10 minutes.

You should also keep an eye on the healing process. If, when you clean it, you still feel pain or the area is raw, it means that it is not healing well. In that case, you should have it checked out. Don’t delay because that area, as it is healing, it is a perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria, and that is the last thing you want in your piercing.



Navel piercings are sensitive, and they need you to use the right material. For you, it might be an expensive affair, especially if you’re working with someone legitimate. Don’t spare costs on the piercer or the belly button ring they recommend that you wear.

Also remember, for the first year or so during the healing process, you shouldn’t take off the ring. Don’t so might disturb the yet to be healed part of the flesh. It won’t be surprising if you notice some blood.

Also, don’t spare costs on the subsequent rings that you get. Just because you’re healed doesn’t mean that custom jewelry is best for you. A

telling sign of what doesn’t work is that if you have an ear piercing and you find that you’re allergic to a particular metal. The chances are that the same will happen with your navel piercing.

That said, choose functionality over what is pretty, at least until you’re healed. It is for the best.

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