Best Time to Buy Wedding Bands(With 7 Shopping Tips)

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Yes, there is a right and a wrong time to buy wedding bands. In this article, we share insights into the best time for buying wedding bands and why the recommended times are the best. Remember that buying your wedding band shouldn’t be treated as an afterthought, and it should be one of the things you do after your proposal and as you set the wedding date.

So, when is the best time for you to buy your wedding bands?


When to buy wedding bands?

Even before you start shopping, you need to keep in mind that the wedding bands you settle on will represent your undying love for each other, a precious representation of that moment you choose to be together until eternity, that ‘frozen in time’ moment, which means that the wedding bands you settle on shouldn’t be an afterthought. It needs to be something that you both absolutely love.

Think through the ring designs carefully and be sure that you will still love the wedding bands after a few months or many years to come.

One mistake most couples make is to buy or choose their wedding bands at the same time they shop for their engagement ring. Now, you might argue that it makes sense to get it all done at the same time, but you should never buy the wedding bands at the same time as the engagement ring.

You could think that you are absolutely in love with the wedding band at the time of choosing the engagement ring, but you will change your mind after some time, which is why you need to wait.

To be on the safest side and to choose the best wedding bands, wait until a few months before the wedding. The best recommended time to buy the wedding band is between 3 and 4 months to the wedding date, and in case of a short engagement period, wait up to 6-8 weeks to the wedding.


Few months to the wedding? Why wait this long?

Best Time to Buy Wedding Bands

Well, the main reason why you shouldn’t make the purchase too soon is that the salesperson you meet when shopping for the engagement ring will push you to buy the engagement ring plus the wedding band because they need to make that sale, and two more pieces are better than one.

There’s also the fact that we are human, and just like you, your fiancé could change her mind about the kind of wedding band she ultimately needs.

So, in as much as your fiancé is into that diamond engagement ring right now and she swears to never wear anything other than a diamond, you will be surprised to hear her complete change of preferences and a new love for a plain, classic platinum wedding band.

And you know what, you really can’t blame her for changing her mind. We all change our minds all the time, and the best part about being human is that we are allowed to change our minds.

So, why confine yourself to the idea of something you may or may not like after a few weeks when you can wait?

In addition to that, the wait of up to 2 – 4 months to the wedding is ideal because it gives you both sufficient time for you to gain more insights into wedding band choices, and you also get to make more educated decisions.


Best time to buy wedding bands?

As mentioned above, the best time to buy your wedding band is at least 3 – 4 months before the wedding day, but not during the holidays. Here are two reasons why this is the best time for you to buy your wedding bands.

First, there is the unpredictability of the many variables that come up weeks to the wedding.

With such uncertainties, it is important to have things like wedding bands settled in those last weeks. Doing this will also give you ample time to select the best wedding bands for you, and you will also have the wedding bands in your possession as your big day draws close.

The other reason for this time has to do with design customizations. If you need your wedding bands customized, you must give the jewelers some extra time, which makes the 3-4 months’ purchase window more ideal.

Keep in mind that after the design process is completed, you must be available for pickup and sizing confirmation.

You also need to confirm that the workmanship meets your expectations. This is also the time when the rings will be resized if necessary.  


When not to buy wedding bands?

Don’t buy the ring during the holidays.

You might be looking at this in disbelief, given the ‘huge’ discounts in jewelry stores, but the truth is that all the wondrous discounts you see all around are actually not discounted prices, and you won’t be saving much.

You may end up paying more during the holidays that you would during the off-season sales. To be safe, always keep in mind that the jewelry/ wedding bands prices are the highest during the holidays.

The holiday sales are ruses where the prices of the ‘discounted’ products are first marked up before a percentage of that is offered as a discount.


Little known wedding band shopping tips

  • Choose the right time– depending on how far apart the wedding day is from the engagement day, give yourselves about 3 months to choose the wedding bands. However, you shouldn’t buy the wedding bands at the same time as the engagement ring. Gentlemen, it may seem like the best idea for you to buy the wedding bands as you get the engagement ring because you know, and she knows that you are meant for each other, but you must give it time, talk over your options and budget with your partner, then buy when you are both certain.
  • Choose the right metal– by right metal, we mean the metal that each of you prefers (one that suits their personality and skin tone best). Beyond the traditional bright yellows, your other options include white gold, rose gold, and platinum. White gold and platinum are quite popular today because of their neutrality and the fact that they blend well with pretty much any cut or color.

  • Choose the correct size– the size of the wedding band is extremely important even among the ‘flat’ wedding band wearers, as there is a wide variety for you to choose from. Some of your sizing considerations include the band’s width from top to the bottom and the band’s thickness. These sizing considerations are determined by the shape and length of your fingers and even your bone structure. The thick band wedding bands, for example, call for more space between the fingers, and some people find them to be uncomfortable. You need to consider the bevel on the band’s width and how it affects the fit.
  • Also, regarding size, you may want to think of things like your partner. If they are expecting, you may want to consider the sizing of the ring and when she will be due. If she walks down the aisle a few weeks or months before her due date, you have to think about the ring’s sizing to be done closer to the date.
  • The other design considerations include the stone’s origin, type of stone, and the engraving.
  • If you are wearing the wedding band on its own, a simple, more classic ring design may be ideal. But ideally, your choice of wedding band will depend on your lifestyle.
  • Buy the ring from a physical store rather than an online store. You could shop online for wedding band ideas.



If you weren’t sure about the best time to buy your wedding bands, we hope that this article clears the air and helps you make a more informed choice. For more useful tips, please visit this page or this page for more.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!