5 Best Ring Shape for Chubby Fingers(No.2 is Good)

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Are you looking for the best ring shape for chubby fingers? Not everyone has long, slender fingers with perfectly shaped nails, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot find that gorgeous ring for your fingers.

Now, if you have chubby fingers, you may have to look a little harder for the kind of jewelry that will flatter your fingers and hands. Unfortunately, we are not all fashionistas or the best in design, and we may get some things wrong from time to time, but with our help, you will find the perfect ring shape for your chubby fingers.

Specific ring styles will make your chubby fingers appear and slimmer, and they may also have an elongating effect on your hands, meaning that you rock specific ring designs better than others without having to worry about the ring designs/ shapes overwhelming your tiny fingers.

In this article, we take a look at some of the best ring shapes to create a visual effect of slim and elongated fingers.


Best ring shape for chubby fingers

1.Get a ring with a larger focal gem


Wouldn’t you want to show off your big ring’s center stone while making your chubby fingers look a lot slimmer? Well, the first thing you need to make your thicker fingers slimmer is to find a ring with a larger stone.

A larger stone or gemstone on your finger will not only look “literally” at home, but it will also visually make your fingers slimmer.

Whether the gem in question is a diamond, an emerald, sapphire, or any other stone, even the multi-carat diamond, these stone designs will make your chubby fingers look slimmer and elongated. Note that the alternative stones to diamonds are preferable because they are cheaper than the large and the multi-carat diamonds.

You could also attain the large focal point gem slimming effects by going for the rings with the halo setting. The halo setting naturally adds a visual impact to the center stone, drawing attention from your chubby fingers while creating a more elongated look for your fingers.

The best halo-set rings will have the center stone surrounded by a couple of smaller gemstones, specifically diamonds. Note, however, that if you are going for a simpler look for your wedding/ engagement ring, you don’t necessarily have to buy a ring with a center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds.

 For that simple ring design, you’d want to opt for a single bezel setting or even a ring with an accent designed with contrasting metal colors.

The contrast will leave you with a small or even an average-sized stone that looks much bigger than it is.


2.Opt for a thicker band ring

One of the things that you might not know is that besides the shape and the size of the gemstone, the perfect ring for chubby fingers is influenced by the size of the ring’s band, specifically, a thicker band.

The thick band works well for chubby fingers because unlike the thinner bands, which only overemphasize the size/ girth of your finger, a thicker band creates a slimmer appearance for your fingers, which is why it is a good idea to choose the ring with a wider band.

Note that the wide band rings work well, whether you are into the more elaborate modern designs or, the simpler designs. There are many other options for you to consider.

For instance, you should look out for a ring whose width is not less than 3mm for the substantially wider feel. A ring with a width of 5mm or more will be a good fit for you.

If you are going for a modern look, it would be a good idea for you to choose a ring whose band width is the same as the width of the chosen gemstone. This balanced ring width design will leave you with a sleek, more low-profile look.

And if you are one to opt for rings with more graceful designs, for example, the accent and filigree gems, it would be a good idea for you to choose a ring with a wider band.

Since such bands already come with a lot of space in them and they can be embellished differently, such a ring will make your fingers look less chubby.


3.Statement Rings

A large statement ring will make chubby fingers look slimmer. Think of colored gems, asymmetric ring designs, and cluster-rings in floral designs for more beautiful and feminine looks.


4.Wider Ring Settings

Besides the larger stones and the large center-stone, you’d want to choose a ring with a wider setting. The wider-setting rings, just like the rings with wider bands, will create a visual effect of more slender fingers.

Basically, the wide setting for the ring means that there will be less skin showing on either side of the ring, and this makes your finger appear slimmer. The best part is that you get a good number of options to choose from. The best wide ring setting designs include:

The 3-stone ring design for the classic engagement ring design. This ring design has a slimming visual effect on your chubby finger, and this timeless and elegant design will work perfectly for you.

You might also want to choose the antique-style rings that feature either the rectangular or the elongated oval motifs. Keep in mind that the width of these settings is essential and also the perfect form for elongating and slimming your chubby fingers. You might also like the sparkle of the filigree setting or the micro-paved diamonds because they offer more style.

The other wide-ring setting option for chubby fingers is opting for the 5-stone rings. Opt for the ring designs with a tapered stone design from the larger center stone to the smaller stones on each side of the center stone. The tapering creates a slimming effect on your chubby fingers.


5.Ring’s Sizing

While most of the ring options on the market come in standard sizes, you can make your fingers look less chubby by ordering a larger ring size. You may have to pay a little more for the ring, but it’s worth it in the end.



There are many ring options, shapes, and designs for chubby and thick fingers, and you can easily make your fingers look slender and longer with the ideas shared above. For more useful tips, please visit this page for more or visit our home page for more posts like this. 

Hey! I finally find the Answer!